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"General Syndulla, you have a transmission coming through. I took the liberty of patching it through to your quarters," Kallus informed the boots of the woman currently working under the Ghost.

The boots moved and a viridescent woman rolled forward into full view.

"Thanks, Kallus. I'll be there in a minute," Hera said distractedly as she tried to figure out a way off the floor. But an extended pale hand beat her to it.

Hera smirked after Kallus expertly helped her stand, not letting go until her balance was fully restored.

"Thank you," she said before starting her trek up the Ghost's ramp.

"Anytime, General."

Hera turned back to face the man. "Alexander, it's Hera. You know you are allowed to call me, Hera, especially after everything we've been through."

Kallus sputtered for a moment, "Yes, of course. Sorry, Gen-" a raised tattooed eyebrow had him catch himself, "Hera. Sorry, Hera. Force of habit," he smiled.

When Hera entered her quarters, she was met with a welcome sight.


The hologram version of Mandalorian girl turned away from the wall. Her arms were crossed and a joyful smile appeared briefly on her face before being quickly replaced by a pensive expression.

"Hi, Hera."

"What a lovely surprise! You don't usually call for another couple of days. How's-" Hera's excitement died the moment she finally got a good look at the young girl's serious face.

"Sabine, what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong per se." Sabine took a breath before continuing, "Hera, are you sitting down? Because I think you need to sit down."

"Why? What's going on?" Worry was starting to invade Hera at Sabine's odd behavior, and her patience was wearing thin.

"Sabine, tell me."

The girl looked unsure for a moment, but Sabine knew that stance - Hera meant business. Rip it off like a bacta patch, Sabine thought.

"We found him."

Hera's heart leapt in her chest, "Ezra?!"

Sabine shook her head, "No, not Ezra. We found … Kanan.

The world suddenly stopped.

"What? That can't be. . . he's . . . but . . . how-" was all Hera could manage to get out. A million thoughts ran through Hera's mind as she unconsciously sat down on the bunk behind her.

"It's a long story," Sabine started, running a hand through her hair like Kanan and Ezra used to do, "But, he's here with me on Lothal. I contacted Senator Mon Mothma and got you cleared of any missions for the next few days. Hera, everything will be okay. I've got everything sorted. You just worry about getting here. We'll be here waiting for you."

And just like that Sabine was gone. No words could adequately describe what Hera was feeling. Her mind raced with confusion, skepticism, and . . . hope. She couldn't handle any more tricks from the Empire or the Force. She couldn't afford anymore tragedies, not at a time like this when she had another life to protect. But what if he was alive? As afraid as Hera was, she never backed down from a fight. And if it went bad, she had her family there with her. She would face her fears, and there was only one way to do that.

Hera pulled out her comm, "Chopper, get the Ghost ready to fly."

They landed in the grassy plains just outside of Capital City.

Hera stood alone in the cargo bay. She placed a hand on her distended middle, trying to soothe herself and the babe within. She couldn't decipher if the flutterings were from nerves or the baby somehow sensing what was about to happen.

Zeb interrupted her thoughts.

"Chopper says Sabine's ship is a click away," he said as he slid down the ladder. He noticed Hera's expression and the hand on her stomach. Zeb approached her slowly, gently placing his hand on her thin shoulder.

"You okay? Do you need anything?"

Hera gave Zeb a small smile. He'd been so attentive and supportive to her since they found out about her pregnancy.

"I'm fine," she replied, and she knew he didn't buy it so she added, "The baby's just restless."

Zeb nodded, accepting her answer for now. A throat being cleared from above caught their attention.

"They're here," Rex announced, making his way down followed by Kallus.

The cargo bay door opened as a small ship was landing a few meters away.

Hera saw Sabine's colorful figure exit first, but when the second figure came out her breath hitched.

It was him. Standing right there. Kanan. He looked the same since the last time she'd seem him. The scar across his eyes is still there and his teal eyes are cloudy, but his hair is shaggy and long - not as long as before, but better than that horrid haircut. Thank the Force, she thinks.

"Hera." He says in that breathless way of his; his voice curling around her name like a hug. Stars, how she's missed him say her name. His signature crooked smile came next.

Hera's vision blurred and her knees felt weak as she took a step off the ramp onto the grass. She faltered slightly and the three men behind her simultaneous jumped a step closer to her, but she waved them off. She could do this. Her feet crunched the grass underfoot.

"Kanan," she whispered, but he heard her and his body visibly relaxed.

Together, they closed the distance between each other step by step. When he's about five steps away from her though, she suddenly stopped and he instantly frowned. He could sense a fear and tension rolling off of her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, clearly concerned.

Hera quietly brushed the tears that decided to start slipping down her face. "I . . . I just need a minute."

He's tense again, but he doesn't push her. Instead, he patiently waits for her. Typical Kanan.

"I . . . did Sabine tell you?"

"Tell me what?" Confusion permeates his voice.

"I'm pregnant," she blurts out.

Silence settles in like a thick fog. Hera sees a flash of something on Kanan's face, but it is quickly replaced by an expression she can't read.

"Oh, congratulations," he offers as he rubs the back of his neck in his usual nervous habit.

"How far along are you?" He asks with all the confidence he can muster.

Hera watches the man in front of her closely as she responds, "About six months."

It takes a beat for his face to change as realization dawns.

"Oh, so . . . I-"

Hera closes the last of the distance between them, grabbing both of his hands and squeezing them.

"Yes, you did this," she huffs, amused.

"This is ours," Hera says as she guides his hands from the top of her rounded middle to the bottom of it. Kanan beams.

Leaving one hand on her stomach, he cups her face with his other. Hera's tears spill down his fingers, but he doesn't care: he just wants to kiss her.

The kiss is slow and filled with longing; mouths savoring the rediscovery of each other. When air becomes a necessity, they pull apart just enough so that their foreheads touch.

"I thought I'd never see you again. I'm so sorry it took me so long to-" Hera's voice cracks at the last part as her sobs overtake her.

Kanan gathers her in his arms, engulfing her in the safety of him. When her sobbing subsides to mere sniffles and hiccups, he pulls himself to face her and his cloudy eyes manage to focus directly into her eyes.

"Hera," he utters firmly, "I love you too."

A/N: And then Zeb yells, "Group hug!" And everyone converges on the couple. Then Sabine says, "All we're missing is Ezra." There's a moment of sad silence until Zeb breaks it with a threat that once they find him, he's going to kill him for missing this. And they all live happily ever after (once Ezra is found, of course).

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. It's been a while since I've written anything, but this helped me to dip my toes in again. I hope the ending wasn't anti-climatic because I had no idea how to end this.

For the purpose of this story, Kanan didn't sense Jacen, but I like to think he did know that Hera was pregnant. I also refuse to believe that Kanan is dead so in my headcanon the wolves somehow took him right before the massive explosion, hid him in a cave while they were licking/healing his wounds for a few months, and the Force somehow gave Sabine a nudge in the direction of where he was at one day.

Anyways, thanks for listening and reading. Stay safe out there!