Zazu sighed with relief after seeing Mufasa appeared. "Impeccable timing, Your Majesty!"

Scar abided the order for Mufasa was the sheriff around this part of the African wasteland.

"Why, if it isn't my big bulged brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners," Announced Scar in a mocking tone. He despised his brother for imprisoning him in his mother's uterus, during a race for the eldest status, so that he can escape the cooch first and be crowned king.

Mufasa raised his head up to display his kingly demeanor "I didn't see your scabious ass during the birthing scene"

"Oh that was today?" inquired Scar as he left scratch marks on the wall. "Must have slip my mind, hehe"

With Mufasa at his side, Zazu, now has the confidence to act all tough as if he wasn't the one getting cat chode in his poultry turd cavern a minute ago, retorted, "Well, as slippery as your mind is, as the king's brother, you should've been first in line!"

"Well, I was first in line until that little hairball was born!" enlightened the pissed Scar.

"That hairball came from my potent furballs... so he's your future king" Mufasa informed his ill-informed brother.

Scar dismisses the two by turning the other way, exposing his scrumptious asscheeks out in the wild for the visiting couple to gaze upon. The two thick glutenous balls of pure meat that populate the rear side swayed in response to each exaggerated step of the thin lion. "Then I shall practice my curtsy..."

"DONT TURN YOUR BACK ON ME, SCAR!" roared the King "Especially when you have such delicate butter melons!"

"Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me..." Scar insulted his king.

Mufasa was taken aback by Scar's sassy retort. Roaring, he ran towards Scar, grabbing him by the narrow hips and using his retard strength to prop him against the wall, holding both his brother's hands still while placing his entire weight on Scar's back.

"I have tolerated your impudence long enough, Scar!" Mufasa declared, wagging his head in disappointment. a single line of tear ran passed his cheek "I guess my sympathy for you has reached it's expiration"

Mufasa then took off his pants and revealed his twelve-inch lion dink. It was already stiff as his stronghold castle, the Pride rock.

"You want to be king so bad?!" Mufasa shouted into Scar's ear. "Well that's too bad cuz the waiting line gonna get a tad bit longer, Brother"

"What do you mean by that!" asked the victimized Scar

Mufasa placed his precum oozing leo pole on Scar's butt blemish and lubed it with his transparent juices, painting it like Tom Sawyer.

"You're gonna bear me my offsprings, Bro! Future kings to be exact! Not 1, not 2, not 3..."

The lion king's testicles were rumored to contain extremely powerful nut juice. It was one of the reasons he was chosen king was so he could fuck as many lioness mattresses as possible and overpopulate the country. It was so potent that it could even impregnate the manliest of men.

Due to his low testosterone concentration, Scar can be easily and most certainly ready, to be fertilized.

"No! I can't wait that long, Brother! They'll out live me!" Scar shed a tear "I can only kill so much! It costs a lot to organize a Wildebeest stampede!"

"Don't worry, this stampede cost you nothing but a wrecked asshole..." assured Mufasa before ramming his angry wildebeest into Scar's shit yard.

"ROAR!' Scar bellowed for he was de-virginized by his big bro. He wasn't prepared for it. What a stampede it was he would ponder.

Mufasa's penis was a monster in and of itself. Its bulbous tip would modify the tunnel where Scar stored his bountiful manure. It moved and smashed like a press machine, bulldozing and smoothing the already fleshy, slippery rectum surface while Scar's gripping anal rim holding it in place.

"Fuck, Scar... It's been years since our last sincere bonding as siblings!" Mufasa recalled as he sank his teeth into Scar's neck, burying his long fangs beneath the balding black mane of the malnourished lion. Just as he pumped up his thrust; hitting his pelvis with much force it radiate in the cavernous cave.

"Why oh why, did you decided to become so emo!"

Scar, who lacked sheer strength, realized he would be no match if he tried to shove his opponent away from him. As he felt Mufasa's royal richard sunk deep repeatedly between his gripping aslan asscheeks, he used his sole advantage, his tremendous intelligence. As far as brains go, He got the lion's share.

"Is that all you can do, Brother!" Scar trying to play some mind games. "You call that cock, king of the jungle?"

"IS THAT A CHALLENGE!?" Mufasa inquired in a rather booming intonation, before accepting the dare and gave Scar the good old reach-around. He stroked his brother's scabby shaft concurrently with the rectal shoving of his ginger lion dick. It was a bumpy hand job for Scar's cock was dried and diseased ridden.

Mufasa afterwards extend his index claw out and inserted it into his brother's popeye cock eye, poking around the inside of the twink hole.

"OOFF OWW!" Scar reacted to the sudden invasion of the sharp talon. It was working around his slit, triggering the feline dong's sensitivity, prompting him to execute cum explosion.

"FWAHHHGH!" Scar roar-gasmed at the same time pumping his load out of his spank tank accompanied with stabbing sensations.

Mufasa continued to milk the gunk-filled cock udder, occasionally strengthening his grasp to send the cum blasting off into the distance as he gayly laughs.

While the two pride landers homosexually fucked, Zazu was present during the beginning of the molestation; his eyes now following the sway of his king Mufasa's hairballs after the large lion slammed his thrust.

"Oh, just look at you two. Little seeds of romance, blossoming in the savanna. Your parents will be thrilled"

Zazu was gay in secret. Mufasa was his man crush. The blue bird applied for the secretary position because of his king's massive bulge. He was ready to come out and release his hidden emotion after seeing the king uncontained himself from deviant behaviors.

The bird flew towards Mufasa's sack and latched on to it to which Mufasa pivoted his head to investigate. "Zazu?"

"Checking in with the morning report, sire!" Zazu explained.

Mufasa smiled and said "Fire away, Zazu!"

And with that, the bird buried his face between the salty seed-bag and wobbled it violently, motorboating as a result

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts..." Zazu sang as he playfully squeeze both of Mufasa's soft lion loin coins.

"There they are, all hanging in a row!"

Scar who's withering from the buttfuck, couldn't hold back, lightened up a bit and sang along for it was a favorite ditty of his. "Big ones, small ones... Some as big as your head!"

After that, Zazu finished off his facial wiping with Mufasa's loin cloth. He's all set to participate in the anal sex. He aimed his long, hard beak at the kingly asshole and tucked his way inside of it.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Mufasa lets out a roar that is comparable to his scream when he falls off a cliff a few scenes later from now. "Zazu! Please notify me if you want to impale me, banana beak!"

He then reinserted his dick beak and, like a woodpecker, repeatedly pecking the grandiose anus.

All of a sudden, a stranger stood in front of the cave's entrance, blocking the only light source and casting a shadow over the triple stacked lovers.