Trent walks out of Starbucks, but stops when he hears screaming. He turns around to see Starbucks catching fire. He is horrified. People are running out and someone calls 9-1-1.

Trent: "Oh my god."

Meanwhile, Courtney and Gwen are in their apartment.

Courtney: "When is Trent coming?"

Gwen: "He should be leaving Starbucks, so soon.

Courtney: "You going to tell him how you feel?" Courtney jokes.

Gwen blushes.

Gwen: "When I'm ready."

Courtney gets a text from Bridgette, which shocks her.

Courtney: "Oh my god!"

Gwen: "What?" She asks worried.

Courtney: "Starbucks caught on fire."

Gwen's jaw dropped.

Gwen: "Oh my god. Trent may still be in there."

Courtney becomes scared.

Courtney: "Call him."

The fire department arrives at Starbucks to put out the fire. However, with so much noise Trent does not hear Gwen calling him. Gwen becomes scared.

Gwen: "He's not picking up. What if he?"

Courtney: "No, Gwen. Let's go right now."

They rush to Courtney's car and Courtney starts driving.

Gwen: "I don't want him to go." She says in fear.

Courtney: "He won't. He will be fine."

They run into traffic, which slows them down.

Gwen: "Come on!. HURRY UP." Gwen screams.

Courtney: "Don't worry Gwen. We will get there."

Gwen: "If we find him alive, I am going to tell him how I feel. I've been hesitant for a while, but I can't do that anymore. I will tell him how I feel."

Courtney: "You will get your chance Gwen."

Gwen calls Trent 3 more times, but he doesn't pick up, which makes her more scared.

Back at Starbucks, the fire department is putting out the fire. Trent along with many other people are standing outside.

10 minutes later Courtney and Gwen arrive and are looking for Trent. They see the fire department putting out the fire, horrifying the both of them, Gwen in particular.

Gwen: "NO!" She says as tears start to roll down her eyes.

Courtney puts her hands on Gwen's shoulders.

Courtney: "We have to believe Trent is out here."

Gwen wipes away her tears

Gwen: "Trent!

Courtney: "Trent!"

Gwen: "Trent!"

They do this for a few minutes, but their inability to find Trent is making Gwen so worried and angry.

Gwen: "I can't believe this!" She says angrily while putting her hands on her face

Courtney: "Calm down Gwen. We will keep trying."

Courtney: "Trent!"

Gwen: "Trent!"

They walk around calling his name. After some time, Trent hears some people calling him and turns to see Gwen and Courtney. He walks to them.

Trent: "Gwen?"

Gwen turns to see Trent.

Gwen: "TRENT!"

She screams and hugs him, while Courtney is relived.

Gwen: "I thought you were in there."

Trent: "Gwen, I'm ok. I'm ok."

Gwen stops hugging Trent.

Gwen: "I thought I'd never see you again."

She plants a fierce kiss on Trent's lips.

Gwen: "I've been afraid to tell you how I feel about you for almost a year. My feelings for you have returned and I want us to have a second chance.

Trent smiles. Gwen then passionately kisses Trent on the lips. After ending the kiss, she kisses him on the lips again. Gwen ends the kiss. Courtney hugs Trent.

Courtney: "Trent, we were so worried. So glad you're ok."

Trent: "Thanks Courtney."

Courtney ends the hug and moves back, while Gwen kisses Trent on the lips.

Gwen: "Stay with us tonight.

Trent: "No, that wo-

Trent is interrupted by Gwen kissing Trent on the lips.

Gwen: "Please, I Insist."

Trent: "Ok." Trent says blushing.

Gwen kisses Trent on the lips. They head to Courtney's car. Gwen sits in the back with Trent. They then leave.

Gwen: "We were so worried you were gone." She says with a serious tone and expression.

She plants a fierce kiss on Trent's lips.

Courtney: "Yea, we were."

Trent: "Thank you for your concern.

Gwen then spends the rest of the ride kissing Trent on the lips. They soon arrive at Courtney's and Gwen's apartment.

Courtney: "Trent, you can take the couch.

Trent: "Thanks Courtney."

Courtney: "Well, I'm going to be in my room."

She heads to her room.

Gwen: "You want to sit down?" She asks as she holds Trent's hand."

Trent: "Sure."

They sit down and Gwen kisses Trent on the lips.

Gwen: "You don't know how worried I was."

She passionately kisses Trent on the lips.

Trent: "I can imagine." He says with a smile and blush .

Gwen smiles and then kisses Trent on the lips.

Gwen: "So glad you're ok and that we're back together."

Trent: "I agree. This is our second chance"

Gwen spends a few hours kissing Trent on the lips. A few hours later, Gwen decides to go to bed.

Gwen: "Well, I think I'm going to go to bed.

Trent: "Goodnight and thank you Gwen."

Gwen: "Anytime Trent."

She plants a fierce kiss on Trent's lips.

Gwen heads to her room. Both Gwen and Trent blush, and are feeling happy and relieved.

Trent (in his mind): "I can't believe that. Who would have guessed me not answering my phone after Starbucks catching fire would lead to me getting back together with ex?"

Gwen (in her mind): "Never expected this to happen. I'm so happy."