It was a nice sunny day over at Chuckie and Kimi's house. In the backyard, the babies were playing with the ball while Angelica sat on the grass brushing Cynthia's hair and humming to herself.

"I can't believe I'm turning twos in one whole week!" Tommy said, happily, throwing the ball to Lil.

"Yeah! It's gonna be fun when you're two Tommy! You'll be practically a grownup." Lil added, throwing the ball to Phil.

"Does that mean he won't be the same Tommy?" Chuckie asked nervously.

"Aw, don't worry Chuckie, I'll still be the same no matter what." Tommy assured, smiling, catching the ball.

"So, even when you're twos, we'll still be bestest friends, right?"

"Of course we will Chuckie!"

"Whew! That's a relief. I don't know what I'd do without my bestest pal."

"You and Tommy sure have known each other for a long time." Kimi chimed in.

"Yeah. They've been bestest friends for as long as me and Phil can remember."

"How long eggxactly is that, Lllian?" Phil asked, curiously, turning to his twin.

"I dunno." Lil replied, shrugging.

Tommy threw the ball over to Kimi who then threw it high and it landed on Angelica's head who looked over at the babies with an angry glare.

"Lookie here babies, if I have to stay for a playdate with you diaper heads for the whole afternoon, then you play over on the other side of the yard while me and Cynthia get our hair done for Tommy's birthday tomorrow. Hmph!" Angelica said, turning away, going back to brushing Cynthia's hair.

"I wonder what it was like when she was two." Phil mumbled to Lil who giggled.

The babies went over to the other side of the yard to play with the ball, Fifi watched from her doghouse and went to join them along with Kimi and Chuckie's new puppy Pepper. Pepper went over to Dil and laid beside him who babbled while Fifi sat beside Tommy and licked his cheek who giggled.

"I guess you're excited about my party too huh, Fifi?"

Fifi barked and then grabbed the ball and ran off.

"Hey Fifi! Come back! That's our ball!" Chuckie called out.

The babies got up and chased after Fifi who kept running off with the ball in her mouth till she found a hole near the fence and got under it. The babies gave Tommy a boost and he used his screwdriver to open up the fence door and the babies kept going after Fifi while Angelica watched, rolling her eyes.

"Those babies are always gonna get in trouble, Cynthia, always deja who." Angelica said to her doll, sighing exsperatingly.

Tommy and the babies saw Fifi with the ball go out on the road and then run to the other side.

"Come on, you guys, we're almost there. We just gots to cross the street." Tommy said, moving ahead.

Chuckie quickly stopped Tommy and pointed to the road.

"Tommy, we're not opposed to cross the street without a grownup holding our hands first and we've gots to look both ways and listen and..."

"We don't have time for that Chuckie or Fifi's gonna get away." Tommy said, impatiently.

"Maybe Chuckie's right. We should try the other way around." Kimi said, backing away fearfully.

"Phil? Lil?" Tommy asked, hopefully.

"We wanna Tommy but it does look pretty spooky." Lil said, standing beside Kimi.

"I'll go with ya, Tommy." Phil said, raising his hand.

Lil put Phil's hand down and he sighed and stood beside Lil.

"Well, I'm gonna go after Fifi this a-way."

Tommy stepped out on the road while the babies watched fearfully. Lil and Phil kept looking at Tommy walking over to Fifi while Kimi and Chuckie held onto each other.

"I-I think he's gonna make it." Kimi said, noticing how close to the end of the road Tommy now was.

"You're right, Kimi, he's gonna get to Fifi!" Chuckie said, giggling.

Tommy was almost to Fifi who stood there cocking her head still holding the ball till she saw a car coming up the road and whimpered and ran off.

"Fifi, wait!" Tommy called out.

The babies saw the car and gasped out loud.

"Tommy, look out!" Chuckie cried, pointing.

Tommy turned in the direction of the car but it was too late. The car slammed right into Timmy as the babies screamed and cried. Angelica was brushing Cynthia's hair till she heard the loud wailing and groaned in frustration and opened up the fence door to see what the problem was.

"Okay! What are you dumb babies blabbering on about now?!"

Angelica saw what the babies were staring at and also gasped. There was her cousin Tommy lying on the road with his eyes closed while the owner of the car looked down at him worriedly.

"Angelica, what's-what's that red stuff around Tommy?" Lil asked, grabbing Angelica's arm.

Angelica just kept staring in shock. Tommy got run over by a car and was not getting up. This was worse than the nightmare she suffered from when she thought she was getting a new sibling or when she had to go without cookies or she was lost in the woods without her mommy and daddy. All those times didn't compare with what she was seeing in front of her. Angelica backed away and quickly ran back over to Chuckie and Kimi's house. She opened up the door and saw Chas and Kira in the kitchen.

"Mr. and Mrs. Finster! You gotta come quick!"

"What is it, Angelica?" Kira asked, putting down her book.

"The babies wandered out of the yard and-and Tommy got runned over by-by a huge car!" Angelica explained, panting.

"What?!" Chas and Kira said in unison.

The three went out to the backyard and saw the door to the fence open and then went over to where the babies were. After checking on them, they went out on the road and over to where Tommy was still unconscious.

"I better get Stu and Didi right now. Kira, can you stay with him till I get them?" Chas asked his wife who was kneeling by Tommy's body.

"Of course I can and hurry up!" Kira said, voice raised slightly.

Chas went over to Stu and Didi's house which was only a few blocks down and rang the doorbell. He waited frantically till Didi answered the door.

"Charles, what are you doing-?"

"No time to explain! Where's Stu?" Chas asked.

"Chas? What's going on?" Stu asked, joining Didi's side.

"Something bad happened! Tommy got run over by a car!"

They both gasped and followed Chas over to the scene. By then, some neighbors heard the chaos and gathered around. They could also see Drew and Charlotte with Kira, looking down at Tommy concerned while the toddlers stayed on the road crying or still yelling. Fifi joined them and nudged Chuckie to try to make him feel better but it didn't do any good right then. Didi and Stu pushed through the small crowd and went to Tommy's side. Didi knelt down and touched Tommy's face with both her hands.

"Tommy, sweetie, can you hear Mommy? Open your eyes, Tommykina." Didi pleaded softly,

"Don't move his body around, Deed, he needs to lay like that." Stu said, touching Didi's shoulder.

Tommy's eyes were still closed and he still wasn't breathing normally and more blood kept leaking. The owner of the car finally dialed 9-1-1 and told the operator everything. While this was going on, Drew turned to Angelica.

"Angelica, care to explain why the fence door was even open?" Drew asked sharply.

"It wasn't me Daddy! They got out on their own!" Angelica said quickly, pointing over to the toddlers.

"Who was even watching them when it happened?" Didi asked, looking around, stroking Tommy's head.

"Well we were supposed to be watching them but we went inside cause the last time we checked, they were just playing, we thought they'd be okay for awhile." Chas explained.

"You let my son get run over by a deathtrap?!" Stu snapped, glowering at Chas.

"Stu honey, it was just an accident, it could've happened either..."

Stu got up and aimed to punch Chas till Drew and Lou quickly held him back and Kira protected Chas.

"You need to get a grip Stu! You're not in the frame of mind! Didi's right, accidents happen."

"If this really was an accident, why'd you let it happen, wanna explain that Chas? Stu asked, still glaring at Chas.


"Forget it! Right now, all your ties with the Pickles are over with. We're done." Stu said, angrily.

"Stu, you can't mean that." Didi said, shaking her head.

"I mean it. From now on, we want nothing to do with the people who let Tommy get run over." Stu said, going back over to Tommy s side.

The babies gasped. Didi gave Kira and Chas an apologetic glance then touched Stu's shoulder just as an ambulance pulled up. Tommy started opening his eyes then and couldn't see much. His vision was blurred but he thought he saw fuzzy pictures of his mommy and daddy and it felt like he was being put in his bed while he kept looking at his mommy and daddy. Where was Chuckie? Where was Fifi and the ball? More strange people came into Tommy's blurry view and he began whimpering.

"It's okay, Champ, we're right here." Tommy's daddy's voice assured soothingly.

Tommy stopped whimpering and his eyes closed. His head hurt a lot and all he could think about was where Chuckie was at and where were these people in white coats taking him.