"Pull over in there! Quick!"

Natasha's eyes widened as she swiftly complied with Yelena's words, unquestioning as she expected some sort of threat was causing Yelena to give the command.

The both of them had been peacefully rolling down the road, heading home after going to the grocery store, and Yelena was just looking out the window. It was in the middle of this comfortable silence that Yelena started yelling like a madwoman.

Natasha pulled into the parking lot quickly, looking all around with her hands clenched tightly on the steering wheel.

"What is it?!" Natasha yelled in reply, and she was shocked to see a huge childlike smile spreading across Yelena's face.

"I want to go in there!" Yelena proclaimed, pointing at the building to the side of the car. Natasha leaned up a bit in her seat, her muscles still tensed, and her brow knitted tightly as she followed Yelena's finger.

Homer's House of Horrific Haunts.

Natasha groaned aloud, letting her head fall against the steering wheel so that it avoided the horn.

"Are you kidding me?! You scream at me to pull over while we're going at least fifty miles per hour down the road just to go into some haunted house?!" Natasha demanded, raising her head up to glare at the blonde, and Yelena smiled that cheese-eating grin that she always had any time that she was enjoying something that she did to aggravate Natasha.



"Come on, please? All Americans have done it at least once. I want to see what the fuss is about!" Yelena declared, and Natasha shook her head, passing a distrustful glance at the building. She could feel Yelena's gaze on her, and just as she realized that she had taken too long to answer, Yelena gasped dramatically.

"Natashka… You've never been to one, have you?" Yelena gleefully questioned, and Natasha sighed, closing her eyes as Yelena cackled.

"All the more reason to go then!"

"No, no, no. We are not going in there. It's just pointless scaring. You know how I tend to react to scaring, Yelena," Natasha explained, trying desperately to get the blonde to give the whole thing up.

"Trust me, my eye still remembers that lesson well," Yelena deadpanned, and Natasha shook her head as she remembered when Yelena had snuck up behind her and somehow managed to scare her one day. Natasha had accidentally punched her in the face, giving Yelena a black eye, and Natasha felt terrible about it for days as she gave Yelena plenty of cuddles and practically followed her around like a lost puppy until Yelena's eye was healed.

"You'll be fine, Natashka. You rarely get scared and when you're expected something to happen, you can't get scared," Yelena explained, her voice ringing with nothing but the most convincing tone that she could force into her voice. Natasha just shook her head, unconvinced.

"And for me? Well, nothing that they can throw at me in there will be any worse than the Red Room," Yelena pointed out, shrugging nonchalantly. Natasha felt a pang of guilt wash over her, and she looked down at the steering wheel.

"Besides… I was hoping to have a new experience with you. Something that you've never done before and that I've never done before. But I understand if you don't want to," Yelena pitifully spoke, and Natasha's gaze snapped to Yelena's as the guilt stabbed more sharply into her chest.

"Yelena, that's low," Natasha muttered, knowing that Yelena was just trying to guilt trip her into going in at this point. However, to Yelena's credit, she admirably kept up the act, putting on her slight pouty lip and soulful puppy dog eyes that she knew Natasha could not resist.

"I'm telling nothing but the truth," Yelena told her, and despite the immense sincerity in her voice, Natasha could hear the manipulation occurring and see just the barest hints of wickedness in Yelena's eyes. Natasha just closed her eyes for a long moment before sighing.

"Okay. We'll do it," Natasha consented finally, her voice tired as she unclenched her hands on the steering wheel.

"Thank you for your cooperation," Yelena quipped with a giant, very much evil grin spreading across her face as all hints of sadness and pitifulness disappeared. Natasha furrowed her brow, her light greens snapping to Yelena's form as she exited the vehicle. Natasha quickly got out of the car, keys in hand as she stalked around the front of the car to catch up to Yelena.

"Did you just use my catchphrase against me?" Natasha questioned incredulously, completely unimpressed and honestly a little miffed that Yelena had stolen her favorite phrase. Yelena looked over at her, smugness coating her every feature.

"Well, yeah. It's literally the only half-awesome thing that you do in your little poser gig," Yelena informed her, her eyes positively twinkling with mischief as they entered the front area of the haunted house. Natasha shoved her shoulder lightly with her own, bumping into Yelena's somewhat heavily. Yelena just overdramatically acted as if Natasha had actually shoved her to the side.

Natasha rolled her eyes in reply as they entered the place. She hesitantly stepped up to the desk and handed over the money required to get into the haunted house.

"Oh, wow! Nice Black Widow cosplay! It's spot-on!" the woman happily complimented, and Yelena snorted from her place just behind Natasha. Natasha did not bother correcting the woman and simply thanked her, figuring that things would be less complicated if she just went with it. Yelena stepped up behind Natasha, her chin brushing the redhead's shoulder as she whispered softly.

"You're such a poser that people think that you're posing as the thing you pose as," Yelena told her, and Natasha just turned her head a little and blew on Yelena's face. The blonde withdrew from her, chuckling the whole time.

Finally, once she had finished counting the money, the woman at the desk then pointed out the entrance to the sisters.

"You just go through there and you're in. The only rules are no hitting the monsters, ghouls, and creeps. They should not touch you, and if they do, then just report it up here. We're trying to keep away from any and all violence and just have a scary good time," the woman explained, and Yelena let out a sharp bark of laughter.

"Ha. Your warnings are unnecessary. I have never laid a hand on anyone in my life," Yelena declared winningly, and the woman just eyed Yelena skeptically. Yelena glanced at Natasha, a wicked look in her eyes and Natasha just shook her head.

"Don't worry. You won't get any trouble from us," Natasha sincerely expressed, and Yelena just grinned widely in an almost maniacal manner. Natasha put her hand on Yelena's back and escorted her through the door.

"She seemed suspicious," Yelena caressed the last word with way too much innocence, and Natasha glanced barely in Yelena's direction before choosing to take in their surroundings as they entered the place.

They were currently in a relatively small, fairly dark room that was illuminated by green lighting here and there. It was a little unsettling in a way, but it was nothing compared to what she had originally imagined. She could see Yelena out of the corner of her eye looking at everything around with considerable interest. Natasha carefully started to follow the blonde as Yelena started walking through the room.

"Ooh! Look at this thing!" Yelena declared suddenly and Natasha quickly gazed in Yelena's direction, feeling a bit of nervousness rising within her despite her knowledge that there was going to be scary things and people in the place.

Yelena was currently bent down in front of a random eyeball on the floor. Natasha winced a little at the sight of it and hesitantly ambled over to stand near Yelena. She really was not enjoying this, and she really did not appreciate how they were only in the first room, and Yelena was already trying to touch stuff.

"You think it's real?" Yelena questioned, and Natasha huffed.

"Of course not. Everything in here is fake," Natasha informed her, and she was honestly not sure if she was just stating that to soothe her own nerves or to inform Yelena. Yelena pursed her lips for a moment before reaching out a finger toward the eyeball.

"Yelena, don't you dare—" Natasha paused as soon as Yelena poked it.

"And you touched it," Natasha groaned deeply, and Yelena shrugged nonchalantly, seemingly not bothered at all.

"I'll give it to them. It's a pretty convincing eyeball. They might have overdone it on the slime, but it's impressive," Yelena admitted, wiping her finger on her pants. Natasha shook her head, crossing her arms over her middle firmly. Yelena was quiet for a moment, and then she glanced up at Natasha mischievously.

"You should touch it," Yelena told her, and Natasha shook her head.

"One of us has to be on alert for jumpscares," Natasha informed her, and just as she uttered the words, she heard a footstep behind her. She flinched a little as someone suddenly started screaming at her and making all manners of gross gurgling sounds.

Yelena turned around from her place on the floor. She took a long look at the person, and she finally laughed a little.

"I think you lost something, dude," Yelena acknowledged simply, and Natasha risked a glance at the creature just behind her, quickly noticing that it was missing an eye. Natasha immediately knew what Yelena was about to do and she clamped her lips tightly together and squinted as she watched Yelena pick up the slimy eyeball.

"Here," Yelena offered it to him and he very confusedly took it from her, just staring at the both of them. Natasha swallowed, immensely disgusted even though she knew it was fake.

"How did you lose it?" Yelena asked, and the creature just responded with grunts and groans, offering a last-ditch effort to be scary.

"Oh… I bet you sneezed, didn't you?" Yelena carried on her monologue, and the person totally stopped what they were doing, confused as could be as they remained silent. Yelena just shrugged, stuffing her hands in her pockets with a grin.

"Try to close your eyes really tight when you sneeze next time. That tends to help with eyeball trajectory," Yelena recommended and Natasha almost laughed but mostly found herself totally disgusted. Natasha shook her head, grabbing Yelena by the back of her jacket and pulling her away from the person.

"Come on. I think we're done in here," Natasha informed her, and Yelena just shrugged, turning so that she could walk in stride with the redhead.

The next room they entered was intended to resemble a creepy, run-down circus with unsettling funhouse music reverberating through the room. Natasha stiffened immediately, feeling as if she were being watched but unable to exactly pinpoint where it was coming from.

"Ooh… I always wanted to go to the circus," Yelena commented, fascinatedly looking all around the place.

"Circuses aren't really supposed to look like this," Natasha stated, and Yelena huffed with a raised eyebrow.

"Circuses just wish they looked as cool as this," Yelena proclaimed, and she then proceeded to bend down to look at all the creepy toys laying around. Natasha was starting to get a not so wonderful feeling about the entire ordeal when suddenly one of the toys suddenly jumped out of the pile to reveal itself as a full-size clown that looked strangely familiar to Natasha.

Yelena backed up just a little, and Natasha jumped a bit, hating every minute of this. The creepy clown let out a chilling laugh before reaching backward and grabbing a red balloon nearby. It held it out to Yelena and Natasha immediately recognized the clown, realizing just where she had seen this creature.

"Hiya. You want a balloon?" The clown questioned, grinning wickedly, and Yelena shrugged.

"Sure," the blonde took it from him easily, and he suddenly screeched, lurching toward Yelena. The blonde sidestepped him as he charged. He stopped quickly, turning toward her and taking off again in an attempt to scare her. Natasha started to step toward Yelena, readying herself in case the blonde suddenly did something that she should not just from instinct.

However, she just remained still, and he paused just before he ran into her. Yelena looked him in the eyes, completely unaffected.

"You know, you should be terribly ashamed of yourself. Your breath smells like rotting flesh, and you look like the angsty, ignored middle child in Ronald McDonald's family," Yelena stated simply, and the person in the costume was taken off guard so terribly that he just had to laugh. He quickly started to try to mask it as maniacal clown laughter, but it was obvious that he was terribly disturbed by Yelena's words.

"Seriously. You're an obvious failure and your last resort is trying to trick people into taking balloons so you can scare them and feel power from the fear that you cause," Yelena assessed, and at that point, he just had to turn around, completely losing any semblance of acting that he had left.

Yelena shrugged, moving her head in order to cue Natasha and let her know that she was ready to keep going. She let go of the balloon, leaving it there for him to keep. Natasha just gaped at the two of them and shook her head, completely shocked as she just started following Yelena again.

"I think you broke the clown," Natasha told her quietly as they headed to the next area. Yelena scoffed before grinning wickedly.

"He's a big boy, Natashka. He can handle it," Yelena replied breezily, and Natasha chuckled under her breath despite her immense discomfort with the entire ordeal. She was honestly somewhere between weirded out by Yelena's calmness and really proud of the younger girl for handling all of these strange things so well.

The next room appeared to be a zombie apocalypse almost, and Natasha quickly froze as she realized something was grabbing her foot. She looked down, and Yelena followed her gaze. To her surprise, there was a fake hand locked around her ankle.

Natasha winced in disgust, and Yelena laughed before meeting Natasha's eyes.

"Hey… You need a hand with that?" Yelena questioned before cackling gleefully. Natasha rolled her eyes.

"You sound like Alexei," Natasha informed her, and Yelena gasped with mock outrage.

"What?! I will have you know that I have way cooler jokes than him," Yelena retorted with only the utmost offense in her voice, and Natasha smirked wickedly in reply to her younger sister.

It was then that their attentions were brought to the opposing corner of the room near to the door by the sound of gurgles and pained moans. To their surprise, there were about five zombies approaching them.

"Natashka, protect me!" Yelena dramatically cried, jumping behind the redhead, and Natasha raised an eyebrow, wondering where this was going, and Yelena rested her chin on Natasha's shoulder as she clung to Natasha's arms.

"They want brains!" Yelena cried as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Natasha looked back at her, a little confused as to what in the world Yelena was getting at.

"Take her! She doesn't have much to lose anyway!" Yelena told them, unable to hold back her loud cackles, and Natasha narrowed her eyes as she moved out of Yelena's grasp and quickly strode around the zombies and to the door. The zombies were somewhat unsettling to her, and she did not like how creepy and slow their movements were. It made her feel like they were going to go crazy at any moment.

"Yelena, if you don't come on, I'm going to leave you in here to these things," Natasha told her, and Yelena sighed dramatically before walking over to get to Natasha.

"Fine," the blonde conceded. She waved happily to the zombies, and Natasha rolled her eyes before stepping into the next room.

As soon as she turned around and actually took notice of the next room, she realized that there was what appeared to be blood all over the walls and the floor. She almost felt her stomach lurch a little, but she quickly forced it into its place.

She kept reminding herself that all of this was not real and that it was no big deal.

"Wow… They put a lot of effort into this, didn't they?" Yelena even sounded somewhat disturbed as she gazed at the walls that were illuminated by red lights that seemed to accentuate the blood. Natasha glanced at the younger girl, noting how the blonde had totally dropped any and all signs of amusement and happiness as she stared at the room.

Natasha felt her heart clench as she was reminded of the Red Room in its unforgiving red lighting in the training rooms. She knew Yelena was going to that place as well. Her face was much too blank and unresponsive as she stared at everything. Yelena brushed shoulders with Natasha as they started to walk down the rather narrow hallway.

Natasha had a terrible feeling about all of this, and she gently touched Yelena's hand with her own, inviting her to interlock their hands. Yelena wasted no time in lacing her fingers with Natasha's, and Yelena let out a small breath.

Natasha felt the immediate need to shield Yelena as they reached the end of the hallway where it forked into two different directions, but before she could step in front of the blonde, there was a sudden light that turned on to the right nearest to Yelena.

Yelena's gaze immediately snapped to the red-illuminated dead body of a young woman lying there on the ground, covered in blood with a gash slit across her neck. Yelena immediately almost screamed as she stumbled backward into Natasha, her arms flailing in an attempt to catch herself as her gaze locked on the disgusting sight before them.

Natasha quickly grabbed her, twisting the blonde in her embrace and hugging her tightly as Yelena released a heart-wrenching sob. Natasha kissed her head, just holding her against her as she tried to hide the girl from the horrible scene. She quickly felt an irrational anger rising within her at whoever had set up this area. The other stuff was almost unrealistic, but this was just so real that it seemed almost trauma-inducing.

She knew that the young woman dead on the ground only served to solidify the Red Room's memory in the forefront of Yelena's mind, and that the young woman was very much representing a fallen widow in Yelena's thoughts. It honestly reminded Natasha of that very thing as well, but she forced herself to try to focus on the infuriation within her at the people that created this and her love and protectiveness over her sister.

Suddenly, to her surprise, a light turned on behind her, and she heard a whip crack. She heard the footsteps quickly approaching behind her and Yelena started to shake, quieting considerably as she was almost paralyzed by fear. Natasha was almost sent back to that very place Yelena was at this moment, remembering the cruelty of the members of the Red Room. However, instead, Natasha felt the red-hot anger rising in her chest, and as soon as the footsteps were right behind her, the redhead could hold the emotion back no longer.

Natasha released Yelena for just a moment to spin on her heel and deck the living daylights out of the moron that dared to approach them when Yelena was in such a state.

His body hit the ground and he did not move. It was then to Natasha's horror that she realized she had knocked him out cold. She stiffened, knowing that was terribly against the rules and that they could very likely have a lawsuit or something on their hands. The redhead turned to Yelena quickly, realizing the blonde was curled in on herself and pressing her head into Natasha's back between her shoulder blades.

Natasha grabbed onto her, pulling her near her and shielding her head with her hand protectively. She knew they needed to get out of there quickly if they had any hope of getting out without trouble from the law.

"Come on, we've got to get out of here," Natasha told her, forcing calmness into her voice as she stared down what seemed to be the last hallway. It was the one that the man with the whip had materialized in. Natasha felt another wave of anger hit her as she realized that he would have been blocking the only exit available.

She held onto Yelena tightly, guiding her around the man in the floor and hurrying her to the end of the hall.

She quickly pushed the door open and was immensely relieved to see bright daylight on the other side. The person standing nearby wished them a good day, but Natasha did not bother replying. She was much too concerned with getting away and getting her sister to safety.

Natasha ushered her to the passenger seat, opening the door and starting to try to help Yelena in.

"Here, get in, sweet girl, let's go," Natasha murmured to her, and Yelena just tightened her grip on her. Natasha nervously looked around, hugging Yelena firmly. She then quickly pulled Yelena away from that side of the car, shutting the door.

She guided the two of them to the driver's seat, and she slid the seat backwards. She then clambered into it, pulling Yelena with her. She finally got the girl inside and she shimmied the blonde over to the passenger seat. She then sat in the driver's spot, pulling the seat up closer and keeping an arm wrapped around Yelena.

She cranked the car and quickly started to drive away. To her horror, she heard the beginnings of police sirens at a distance, but she just kept driving.

Surprisingly, Yelena pulled away from her at that sound, looking up and behind them. Her tearstained face was somewhat surprised, and her lips were trembling. Natasha started to reach out and grab her neck to pull her near, but when Yelena started to laugh, Natasha froze, confusedly glancing between the blonde and the road.

"We outran the cops," Yelena commented, and Natasha shook her head, almost chuckling in reply but too weirded out by Yelena's mood change to really find anything too humorous.

"Don't speak too soon," Natasha replied, and Yelena grinned slightly.

"No, really, look. As far as they know, a Black Widow cosplayer and her blonde friend were in there and knocked out the crown jewel of their spooky house," Yelena thickly spoke before erupting into even more laughter. Natasha slowly shook her head, honestly shocked that Yelena had come down from it all so quickly.

"You have an interesting sense of humor," Natasha deadpanned, and Yelena cackled gleefully, her emotions from earlier disappearing bit by bit. Natasha could not help but huff and roll her eyes with a grin.

They might have had the cops called on them, but Natasha did not regret a thing. No one scared her baby sister and got away with it.

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