This is my first story that I translate, I hope and you like it, in addition to apologizing for any mistake in writing

The day was coming to an end in the small town of Royal Woods, Michigan, one day less than the extravagant year of 1986, and proof of that extravagance was the Loud house, an enclosure that housed a large family on which we will focus today.

Lincoln Loud, a thirteen-year-old boy was getting ready to go to bed, today he had a somewhat busy day and he was really exhausted, that is why he did not attend the meeting of brothers that Lori invoked, not without first calling his friend because of his Walkie Talkie, I needed to talk to him about something important ...

However, at the meeting the girls discussed Lincoln's behavior, for three weeks ago, the Loud sisters noticed that Lincoln was quite changed, he used to spend a lot of time away from home and every time he arrived or was at home he was He looked in a better mood, happier and with a smile that was not erased even by Lori threats, but at the same time it was noticeable that Lincoln was distant, since he hardly spent time with his sisters, nor did he help them with their things This meant that each one had to take charge of their activities on their own.

At first the girls did not take importance, but little by little curiosity was catching each one, and many theories arose in their meeting of sisters.

Younger girls theorized that Lincoln was spending more time with his friends, no wonder Lincoln used to drop by at the Arcades after school, but he never took that long there.

The older ones came up with the crazy idea that Lincoln was possibly trying certain ... Substances to brighten the day, maybe he met someone who could get him and his friends beers, cigars or maybe something else ... Strong .. .

But all those theories were easily dismissed, starting with Lincoln hardly spending time with his friends from three weeks ago, this was corroborated with Lynn Jr. One day she asked the African-American boy to accompany her to the Royal Woods Coliseum to get a Diego Armando Maradona's autograph.

That day Clyde seemed somewhat down, and that's where he told him that Lincoln no longer spent so much time with him or with Rusty, Liam and Zach, and the times he spoke with him, he seemed distracted, even distant at the boy's very words. dark.

Although Clyde could not complain much, because he was also somewhat distant with Zach, Rusty and Liam, all to spend more time with Lynn Jr. How curious life is, since he stopped deluding himself with Lori, he discovered that Lynn, the Lincoln's tough, sports fanatic sister wasn't a heartless bully after all, deep down she was very caring and sweet.

But of all the sisters there was one who had a very concise and secluded theory of the follies of her sisters, and who would be willing to get to the bottom of it all.

Lucy Loud witnessed the meeting of sisters in silence as always, although her expression showed disinterest, inside her was made a sea of doubts, what could be causing such calm behavior in her brother? Not that it was a bad thing, it was merely curiosity.

She thought of more logical things, perhaps Lincoln was attending therapy with a psychologist, or perhaps he was involved in a hobby that generated that happiness. Or maybe (And just maybe) it was that her brother had gotten a soul mate.

The goth girl formed an imperceptible, but beautiful smile. Wouldn't it be funny if your brother really got someone to love? The pale-skinned girl was about to tell her sisters about her new and adorable idea, but on second thought, perhaps it was not the best thing she could do, because her sisters would not leave Lincoln alone until they got the truth out of him. good or bad.

So she assumed she had to get to the bottom of that matter on her own, luckily she's great at stealth, although maybe she should talk to Lincoln first, maybe even tell her everything and thus save herself the hassle.

-Lucy! - Exclaimed the girl with blond hair.- Is something wrong? You literally seemed to be lost in the nebula.

-Sigh ... I'm sorry Lori, it's that I'm thinking about how fragile the thread of life is.- The girl answered to try to evade any suspicions.

-Um ... Okay?- The girl said with a confused expression.-Well then, changing the subject, the holidays are getting closer so we literally have to choose where to go. Any ideas?

-How about we go on a trip to Florida? - Asked Luan.- I always wanted to know what the beaches of Miami were like.

-It's a good idea, but I don't think the budget isn't enough to go there.- Lisa answered.- So we have to choose a cheaper option, or tell our parental units to get jobs where they give better pay.

-Well, what if we go to Crystal Lake? - Asked the Rocker girl.- It's very nice, just think about it, fresh air, a nice view, all along with a plate full of roast meat with Greek salad while we listen to some songs of Billie Ocean, Human League and AlphaVille.

-Well, I like that idea.- Lana said.- Also, I take advantage of getting a new friend for Brinquitos.

-Ush, are you really planning to bring another disgusting frog into the house? - Lola exclaimed with total disgust. "That's a good chance for you to get rid of that thing."

-Hey! For your information, this "Thing" has more brain than you.- Lana retorted in anger.

Lana's comment triggered a brawl between her and Lola, a discussion that quickly turned into a hand-to-hand fight. Luckily, Lori stepped in and separated them by grabbing both of their clothing collars and lifting them to her height.

-I'm literally not in the mood to endure their arguments!- Exclaimed the golden haired girl. "So they calm down or I'll literally turn them into a human pretzel!"

Both girls snort and go back to sitting on Leni's bed.

-Well, then, do we all agree with Luna's idea? - Asked Lori as she took the shoe she used as a makeshift hammer.

All the sisters except Lucy nod, to which Lori slaps her shoe on the table.

-Well then it is decided, this vacation we will go to Crystal Lake.- Said the girl with blond hair.- With this I proclaim this session as finished, you can withdraw.

All the girls leave Lori's room, when Lucy was about to leave the room, Lori calls her out.

-Lucy, can you come over for a moment?- Lori asked.

The pale-skinned girl silently approaches her older sister.

-Little sister, is something wrong?- Asked the older sister. -You were literally very reserved in today's meeting... Well, more than usual.

-It's okay, Lori.- Lucy said as she lowered her gaze.- It's just that I didn't have anything to say today, apart from the fact that you never take my ideas into account.

"Is it because they are so disturbing?" He was about to say, but Lori decided to swallow that comment.

-Come on, Lucy.- replied the girl with golden hair.- I thought we had already talked about that, we all apologize for ignoring you.

-I know, but I still have that splinter stuck in my dark soul.- The black-haired girl replied.

-Lucy ... How many times will we have to apologize to you? - I ask.

-You don't need to keep doing it.- Lucy answered. "I just ... I need some time to regain confidence.


-Completely.- Lucy answered and then let out a sigh.- Now, if you don't mind, I'll retire to my room, I want to continue reading my Princes comic ... What do I say, I want to continue reading my book about Toni Montana, Mr. of Talc.

-Okay, see you tomorrow, Lucy.- Lori said.- When you leave, close the door, I literally have to prepare my bottle of hairspray for tomorrow.

Lucy leaves the room and closes the door, her gaze focuses on the door at the end of the hall, the old closet that was remodeled to be Lincoln's room, she wanted to go to talk to her older brother, and apparently they were all there. Distracted, she could clearly hear music from Luna and Luan's room, it was a song by Wang Chung, Lucy knew it very well as it was her favorite.

The room she shared with Lynn was dark, probably Lynn went to bed to sleep.

An argument could be heard from the twins' room, so the goth assumed they would both be busy for quite a while.

And the room of the prodigy and the baby was also dark, Lucy was surprised because it is the first time that Lisa goes to bed early.

The whitish-skinned goth approaches the door of that old closet, Lincoln was not sleeping yet, as you could see that the light was on. Apparently he was talking to someone.

She puts her ear to the door to try to listen to the conversation, but it sounded very clouded, so she decided to open the door slightly, her brother was talking to Clyde through his Walkie Talkie.

-... Then I wanted to apologize for having been so distant from you and the other boys, is that ... I never thought this was so wonderful.- His brother said through the device while looking out the small window.

-Don't worry, Linc.- The dark-skinned boy answered through the device.- I completely understand you friend.

-Oh yeah?

-Yeah, let's say I know how you feel.

-Wow, and who is the lucky one?

-Your sister.

-Come on Clyde, I'm not in the mood for jokes.

-But it's serious, I've been dating Lynn for two weeks.

-Ah ... I didn't expect that.

-You're not upset. Truth?

-No man, I know you and I know you will treat her well ... Anyway it's not like she can't defend herself.

-He, you're right ... Then tomorrow we'll talk another time?

-Sure, but around two in the afternoon I have to meet her.

-Oh that sounds great, well, I'm going to sleep. Lucky friend.

Lincoln leaves his radio on the nightstand.

-I know you're at the door, Lucy. Come in. - Said the white-haired man as he sat down on the bed.

The goth girl walks into the room and her brother looks at her.

-What are you doing here, Lucy? Did you and Lynn argue again?

-Sigh ... No, Lynn and I haven't had a fight in a long time.- The goth girl replied.- I wanted to ask you something.

-It would?

-Well ... Why have you been distant from everyone?

-What do you mean? - Asked the white-haired man.

-Well, you hardly spend time at home and you hardly even help us.

-Sorry, little sister. It's that I've been something ... Busy. - The white-haired man answered.

-Busy? With what?

-Ehm ... I can't tell you, Lucy, I'm sorry.

-Sigh ... It doesn't matter.- Lucy said.- I figured you wouldn't tell me anything.

At that Lincoln gets out of bed and hugs her.

-Lucy, if you want, tomorrow when I arrive I'll help you write your poems, what do you say?

The goth girl smiles slightly.

-Sounds good to me.- Lucy said.- Well, I'm going to sleep, I hope you rest in peace, Linc.

-Sweet dreams to you too.- Lincoln said.

When Lucy lay down on her bed she made it her goal to follow Lincoln the next day, she had to discover the reason for Lincoln's elusive and distant behavior.

It was approximately two in the afternoon, Lucy was among the bushes at the entrance of the Royal Woods Shopping Center, ready to discover the reason why Lincoln was distant, she was with an attentive gaze waiting like a predator for her prey.

That morning the Goth Girl had discovered that her brother was going to meet someone on the Mall at two in the afternoon, this she discovered when she checked her brother's school locker.

How could you open it if it was padlocked? That was easy, Lana had taught her to pick locks and padlocks, since Lucy used to lose her locker keys a lot.

When I checked Lincoln's locker, apart from finding the note that had the place and time of the meeting written on it, I found a photo where his brother posed with a very particular girl.

Lucy, who was not very surprised, was impressed when she saw that girl's hair color, she never thought she would live long enough to see another human with albinism.

In the photo, Lincoln and that mysterious girl were posing in the fountain in the National Square, the girl seemed very comfortable being in Lincoln's arms.

This not only corroborated that the theory of the possible soul mate was true, but also fueled the curiosity of the Goth more, why had Lincoln not mentioned it?

And that brings us back to the present, Lucy did not take her eyes off the entrance, she was attentive and vigilant in the face of any indication of her brother or that mysterious Whitehead.

- "How strange" - Lucy thought as she looked at her wristwatch.- "It's already two fifteen, I should have arrived"

Lucy began to hesitate, what if the note was a decoy and had actually met elsewhere? What if they were in the mall, but in another area?

-"Damn, Linc." Lucy said in a low voice. "They haven't told you that being late is a sign of irresponsibility?"

-And haven't they told you that spying on people is rude?

The goth girl is startled by her brother's voice, she had been discovered red-handed and had also tried some of her own medicine, to the shock of her little sister, Lincoln laughed out loud.

-Damn, Lincoln!.- Lucy exclaimed as she recovered from her shock.- You almost killed me with a heart attack!

-Now isn't it funny when it happens to you?- Lincoln said with a smile.

The goth girl just sighed.

-Okay, you got me.- Lucy said.- But how did you find me out?

-Well, to begin with, you left one of your bracelets in my locker.- The white-haired man said as he handed her the accessory.

-Oh, So that's where I had left it ...- The goth said as she took the bracelet and put it on.

-And second, when you plan to hide in a bush, do not wear black clothes, it stands out a lot with the green.- The white-haired man continued speaking.

-Sigh... You're right.- The girl said feeling defeated.- It's just that I wanted to find out why you're so far away from us... That white-haired girl is the reason, right?"

Lincoln sighs and directs his gaze to the ground, they had discovered him...

-Well, you can say yes.- The white-haired man replied.

-Lincoln.- Lucy said.- Do you know how many times I need you to help me with my poems? Everyone in the house has noticed your absence and we are already beginning to miss you.

-I know Lucy, and I apologize for it.- Lincoln said.- But put yourself in my shoes; I'm always helping them with their things and giving them support at their events. Don't I deserve a break? Don't I also deserve to have my moments of peace and quiet?

Lucy was about to answer Lincoln, until she began to think that Lincoln was right, that is, he was always so helpful to everyone, always so attentive and responsible with everything, didn't he deserve to have a break?

-Well, if you put it that way, I can't refute anything.- Lucy said. "But can I at least meet your new friend?

-Of course not!- Lincoln exclaimed.

-Well then I'll tell the girls what I find out.- Lucy said as she turned around, only to be stopped by Lincoln.

-Wait! - Said the white-haired man, feeling defeated.

Lucy smiled, Lola really wasn't lying when she told her that Lincoln was easy to manipulate.

Lincoln guides Lucy through the Mall, they were on their way to the food court which is where the white-haired man would meet his friend... No, correction, he was going to meet his girlfriend, he couldn't keep saying that they were just friends, they had already kissed on more than one occasion.

When he got to the food court, Lincoln did not take long to find his girlfriend, in the distance, sitting on a bench was that white-haired girl, she was reading a book while drinking a soda.

The first thing Lucy noticed was the undoubted beauty of the girl, it was not strange why her brother had been attracted to that girl, that together with her white hair made her look very exotic, something that is not seen every day.

When the white-haired girl sees Lincoln, she smiles, puts her book in her backpack and goes to Lincoln to hug him, Lucy could be oblivious to the feeling of love, but she couldn't deny it, they looked very cute.

-Naty, my little cloud, how are you?- Lincoln asked while gently holding the girl's cheeks.

The smile that the girl gave to the white-haired man, along with the blush on her cheeks, was the answer that Lincoln needed to know that she is fine.

-Hey, come on, I want you to meet someone.- Lincoln said as he held the girl by the hand.- Look, this is Lucy, one of my sisters.

The goth girl approaches the girl.

-Hi, it's a pleasure to meet the person who enchanted my Brother's heart.- Lucy said in her classic monotony.- And you are?

The girl stares at Lucy, then turns to see Lincoln, he stares at her for a few seconds until he realizes what was happening.

-Lucy, don't expect her to answer you.- Lincoln said.

-Why? - Asked Lucy.- Is she very shy or of few words?

-Well, something like that.- Lincoln said.- Lucy, this is Natusha and she is legally mute.

Lucy's astonished expression was evident even though she is someone expressionless. Now she understood why she hadn't spoken about what she had been through.

-I see ... - Said Lucy.- I'm sorry, Natusha, I didn't know.

Natusha smiles at her and makes a sign to Lucy, as if trying to tell her not to worry about it.

-Well, I don't know about you, but my hunger is hitting me hard.- Lincoln said.- What do you want?

-I would like a Chocolate Yogurt right now.- Lucy said.

-Well, what do you want, sweetness? - This time the white-haired man asked his little white-haired girlfriend.

The girl puts a hand to her chin and then snaps her fingers and through sign language tells Lincoln that she also wants a Strawberry Yogurt.

-Strawberry yogurt?- Asked the white-haired man.- As you like, I suppose I'll buy one too.

The goth girl did not stop being surprised, at what point had her brother learned sign language? If he himself recognizes that he speaks Spanish about something, Lincoln definitely had many questions to answer...

The three young people were sitting at one of the many tables in the place tasting their dessert, in the opinion of the goth, that place prepared the best yogurts in the city, the creamy texture together with the melted white chocolate and the chocolate chips made that derived from lactose a delicacy of gods.

While tasting her dessert, Lucy saw how her brother admired that little girl with white hair, for her there was no doubt that they were both in love, her body language, the blush of her cheeks, the tender words that he dedicated to her and she apparently She also dedicated him (with sign language, obviously) and the short kisses they shared confirmed to Lucy that they were not only in love but had also advanced to the next step in their relationship; The relationship.

For the goth girl, the feeling of love was alien to her, the only time she could feel something similar to love was when she got excited about that boy. Rocky, but the boy had left Royal Woods to live in Idaho with his aunt.

Natusha, after finishing her yogurt, gets up from the chair to adjust her coat.

-Is something wrong, love? - Asked Lincoln.

The albino girl shows her boyfriend a sign, which pointed in the direction of the bathroom.

-Jum... Are you going to the bathroom?

The girl nods and in sign language tells Lincoln to wait for her for five minutes while she washes her hands.

-Don't worry, little cloud.- Lincoln said when he saw her eyes.- I won't move from here.

The girl approaches the white-haired man and plants a quick kiss on his lips and then leaves.


-Huh? Is something wrong, Lucy?

-It is not that I want to intrude more in your life.- Lucy said.- But, where and how did you meet Natusha? And most importantly, where did you learn sign language?

Lincoln stares at Lucy for a few moments and then smiles, remembering that day was funny, but he didn't regret anything.

-You see Lucy.- The white-haired man began.- Do you remember that four weeks ago I mentioned that Clyde and I entered the Student Movement?

-Sure.- Lucy answered.

-Well, that week they notified us that they would send us to a meeting with the Student Council of the Hazeltucky School for the Disabled, so both me and Clyde were taught sign language, just in case there was someone on the council whether he was Mute or Deaf-mute.

-I see, and what was the meeting about?

-To tell the truth, I don't quite remember what it was.- Lincoln said.- But I know it had to do with something from a government decree ... towards there, I must admit that I met quite a few people with very curious disabilities, but of all of them, one caught my attention.

-Natusha, right?

-Yes, you see, little sister, she was in that meeting, when I saw her, I simply said to myself "Heavens, that girl is beautiful" Everything about her was very attractive, the color of her hair, that whitish skin, those green eyes emerald ... Heavens.

-I see...- Lucy said.- So after the meeting you went to talk to her, right?

-Well ... Yes, but it was to ask him where the bathroom was. - Lincoln said, laughing nervously. taught Sign Language.

-Apparently you were lucky.- Lucy said.- Not only did you learn something new, but you also met a very pretty girl.

Lincoln blushed at what his nine-year-old sister said.

-Yes, of course I'm lucky, very lucky, Lucy.- Lincoln said while smiling.- Natusha is very pretty in appearance, but when you meet her ... You just adore her as much as you can, she is so affectionate with me, she has a lot love to give and lend, it is as sweet as honey, so decided, I think for sure, together with Leni. Natusha is one of the girls with the purest heart and soul that I have had the joy of meeting.

-That's very cute.- Lucy said with a slight smile.- Who would say that you also have a cheesy side?

-What are you talking about?

-Well, when you were still dating Ronnie, you always told us that she was not your girlfriend and you could tell that you did not like those things of romance.- Lucy said.

-And I don't deny it, I really thought that love was something silly and repulsive ... That was until I met Natusha.- Lincoln said.- She really made me see things in a different way.

-You are so cute that you almost make me believe in love.- Lucy said.- By the way, what happened to Ronnie? I have not seen her for a long time.

-Well, for the moment we won't see her in these parts.- Lincoln said.- She went to live in Mexico.

-Wow, why is that?

-Well, apparently Mrs. Santiago misdistributed her money and almost went bankrupt, luckily Bobby helps her with the accounts, and while they reestablish financially they sent Ronnie with his paternal family in Monterrey

-Wow ... No wonder I haven't seen her in school for a long time.- Lucy said.- And do you miss her?

-Well, a little, yes.- Lincoln answered.- After all, she's my friend, but hey, I can't complain now that I'm with my little cloud.

Natusha, Lincoln and Lucy enter the Arcade Room of the Mall, for both white-haired that was their "Special Place" a place where they could have fun as much as they could, eat as much junk food as their stomachs could bear, but the story changed with Lucy.

The goth girl did not like that kind of place very much, there were a lot of people there, the music was very loud, you used to hear screams of frustration, wow, you could definitely have more calm in the library, and she who was thinking of writing poems while the couple had finished playing, but with all the aforementioned it was going to be impossible for him to concentrate.

So she decided to follow Lincoln and Natusha, the three of them walked through the corridors that created the arcade machines, so many games to choose from ...

At one point Natusha sees a little machine that catches her attention, one whose name was "Bubble Bobble" that was her favorite video game, on her NES she played it and replayed it over and over again. And now it turns out that it has an Arcade version? He definitely had to play it! So gently pull the sleeve of the white-haired shirt

-Is something wrong?- Asked the White-haired man.

She points to the arcade machine.

-Bubble Bobble? Do you want to play there?

The girl nods with a big smile.

-Okay ... Ehm, Lucy, can you do me a favor?

-What do you need?

-Do you see that machine at the end of the hall? - Asked Lincoln.- It's a token vending machine, have this one dollar bill and exchange it for tokens.

-Ehm ... Sure, I totally don't have much to do.- Lucy sighed.

The goth girl obeys her brother, goes to the machine and exchanges the bill for some chips, when he returns, Lincoln takes the chips and draws two.

-Thank you sister, have this as a thank you.- Lincoln said as he gave her two chips.

-What is this?

-With them you can play in the arcade machine you want.- Lincoln answered.- Naty and I are going to be here for a while, so you better choose well.

-Sigh ... Okay, thanks brother.- Lucy said as she left.

While the albino couple is playing in that arcade machine, Lucy begins to walk around the place looking for something that catches her attention, she was not comfortable there, there were so many people who looked at her like a freak, apart from that Music was very loud, although the latter hardly bothered her because, first the songs that were playing in the place she liked and secondly she was used to the high volume thanks to Luna and her Heavy Metal sessions.

Finally he comes across a machine that catches his attention, instead of the classic controls it had a light gun, this was called "Clay Shooter" and it consisted of shooting at some flying saucers. It seemed fun, so she goes over and places a chip on it, at first her aim was not the best, but as she got used to the game mechanics, she hit more targets, reaching games with a "Perfect" score.

After two hours of playing, both Naty and Lincoln spent the chips, they had managed to advance a lot in the game, but they did not make it through phase 29. Natusha asks Lincoln what they are going to do now.

-Well, the first thing will be to look for Lucy.- The white-haired man replied as he stroked his girlfriend's head a little.- And then we'll go to the park to hang out, is that okay?

The kiss that the girl gave him on the cheek and the tender smile confirmed to Lincoln that she was more than in agreement, so he takes Natusha's hand and they start looking for Lucy around the place.

-Where has he been ...?

- The one that takes me takes me!

The scream caught Lincoln's attention, for him it was strange to hear Lucy scream so he and his Naty approach the source of the scream, there they see Lucy very focused on the game, apparently she had failed to shoot one of the dishes.

-Wow, I didn't think you'd get that far.- Lincoln said as he approached.- Look no more at that score marker!

-Don't throw me off, Linc! - Lucy answered.- I'm about to go to phase 48!

-Did you spend the two tokens?

-Yes, this is my last chance to get to phase 50.-Lucy answered without taking her eyes off the arcade.

They both watch Lucy play, she managed to pass phase 48 and 49, but she lacked a plate to complete 50, she may have lost, but now she is the first in the scoreboard of the ten best scores.

The three of them were now walking down the street toward the park.

-I was so close." Lucy said with her head lowered.

-You may not win, but look at it like that, it will be difficult for someone to snatch your position on the scoreboard.- Lincoln said.

Natusha tells him through sign language that he really had what it takes for shooting games, maybe he should try the Duck Hunt.

-Eh... Lincoln, what did your girlfriend say?- Asked Lucy not understanding what the girl meant with her hands.

-She said you have a keen eye for shooting games, and maybe you should try the Duck Hunt," Lincoln replied.

-Duck Hunt? Isn't that that game where you have to shoot some ducks? - Asked Lucy.

-Yes, although many also wanted to shoot the dog.- Lincoln answered.

-Um ... Maybe I'll try it when I get home.- Lucy said.

-Okay, and if you can't catch the rhythm, let me know and I'll give you a quick explanation.- Said the white-haired man.

A while later they arrive at the entrance of the park.

-Well Lincoln, I think I'll go back to the house, I want to see if I start playing Duck Hunt.- Lucy said.

-Are you sure you don't want to come?" Lincoln asked. "We wouldn't mind having you a little longer."

Lucy shakes her head.

-No, brother, I really want to play Duck Hunt, besides I think you deserve some time alone with Natusha, and don't worry, I won't say anything about this to the girls.- Lucy said.- Bye.

-Okay, we talk at home.- Lincoln said as he hugged her.

-Nice to meet you, Natusha, I hope our paths meet again in the future.- Lucy said as she extended her hand to the girl.

She just smiles and hugs the goth girl, at first she seemed somewhat surprised, but then she reciprocates as she can, it was strange, because it is the first time that a hug did not bother her ... that only happened with Lincoln's hugs.

Lucy begins to walk down the street, leaving her brother and her girlfriend in the park, but when she was two blocks from the park she was bitten by the curiosity bug, will they still be just as cute being alone? Lucy knew beforehand that her brother would take good care of her, but even so her curiosity got the better of her, so she decided to return to the park and spy on them, this time she would try not to discover her.

Lucy did not take long to find the white-haired couple, they were sitting in the shade of a tree, she was lying on the ground, using Lincoln's legs as if it were a pillow, while Lincoln only looked forward while gently stroking the white hair of that girl.

Lucy was hidden in a nearby bush, luckily this was more leafy than the one in the Mall, so it was more suitable to hide. Lucy is someone with a cold personality, even Lincoln himself finds it difficult to know what his sister thinks, if he likes something and if he feels comfortable in an environment, but the girl who loves darkness could not help but be moved by that scene, They really looked very cute and excited together.

Who would say that her brother would get someone so special, and not only did he say it because of the girl's hair color, Lucy found it curious that her brother fell in love with someone who was mute, not that it bothered him or did not approve of it It just caught his eye. Well, as who says; "Love does not discriminate"

Lincoln really enjoyed Natusha's company that afternoon, also moments like this help the white-haired man to relax from the stress of living in the Loud house, after all, helping ten sisters every day is difficult, not everyone would survive what Lincoln faces every day, but not that it bothered him either, after all he loved to help and if his sisters were happy, he was too.

Although lately he had neglected them a bit, and not only to them, but also to his friends ... Maybe he owed everyone an apology, at least he already apologized to his African-American friend, but there will be time for that, for the moment the white-haired man just wants to enjoy that moment with Natusha.

As he continued to fiddle with the soft strands of his girlfriend's white hair, he met her eyes. Heavens! She had beautiful emerald green eyes, when she looked at him, she smiled, causing the boy's heart to start pounding, that sparkle in his eyes, along with his adorable little face and those pink lips and The scents were too much for the young white-haired melon heart. What did he do to deserve someone as beautiful as her?

The girl, as if she had read her boyfriend's mind, came over and kissed him on the cheek and then caressed it with her hand.

Before the kiss and caress of his girlfriend, the white-haired man reddened like a tomato, those hands were so soft, as if it were a velvet sheet, or a piece of fine porcelain.

The white-haired man just smiled and approached the girl to kiss her on the lips.

After a while, when they finished kissing, Natusha decided to ask Lincoln something, it was something that had been spinning in his head a few days ago, so she sat next to Lincoln and caught his attention by slightly pulling his shirt sleeve .

-Is something wrong, Naty?- Asked Lincoln.

The white-hared girl began to use sign language to communicate with Lincoln, after all, it was the only way she could communicate ...

- "Lincoln, dear ... I wanted to ask you something" - It was what she communicated through the signs.

-Oh yeah? Well, ask me what you want, pretty. - Lincoln answered with a smile.

- "Well ... I wanted to ask you ... Do you ... Do you feel in any way ... Uncomfortable or ashamed to be with me?" - The girl asked with her characteristic language, her expression seemed somewhat concerned.

With what Natusha communicated, Lincoln laughed, apparently she was still a bit skeptical about her boyfriend's feelings, but the white-haired man decided that today he would remove all doubts.

-Natusha ... Oh my beautiful and dear Natusha.- Said the white-haired man as he hugged her.- How can you say that? If in the short time we have been together I have felt so happy with you.

- "Well..." - The girl began to communicate, her expression seemed more concerned.- "You know, I'm not like normal people, because of my speech problem it is difficult to communicate with me ... And I'm afraid that one day you get tired of me and walk away "

-Get away from you?- Lincoln asked with a smile.- How can you think of something like that?

The albino girl just turns to the side, her eyes were a little watery, at that moment. Lincoln takes her cheek.

-My love ... - Lincoln said in a soft tone of voice.- Do you really think that I will abandon the person who has given me so much happiness? I would not be able, I cannot and I do not want ... You are so unique, so adorable ... As beautiful as the flowers in the green fields in the spring.

Natusha just takes Lincoln's hand on her cheek to give him a touching look.

-... Well I told you when I confessed my feelings, sweetheart.- Lincoln continued.- I don't care if you are mute, nor would I care if you were missing an eye, an arm, a leg, whatever! .. The only thing I really want is to be with you, that you make a space for me in your heart where I can shelter myself when I feel cold and disoriented ... Don't you see it, My little white cloud?... I just want your love! I only want your kisses, your hugs, your affection... And if you think that I am going to leave because of the opinion of others, then you are wrong.

Lincoln gets closer to Natusha, making their foreheads meet, the girl just kept looking into his eyes while her delicate hand still held the boy's.

-I'm not going to make the same mistake again.- The white-haired man continued.- Let them say what they want, I know what I want and I will fight for it until the end.- And if someone says this isn't going to work or that it's weird I'll punch them myself for meddling!

Natusha felt a combination of feelings in her being, she felt joy and also some concern, she did not want her boyfriend to hold on to fight with someone and then she had to be healing him.

-"D ... Do you really think that?" - The girl communicated, now a cute smile was drawn on her face.

Lincoln was about to reply, but he came up with a better idea.

"Will this answer your question?" Lincoln said.

He slowly approaches Natusha to give her a tender kiss, The delicate and sweet lips of the white-haired girl increasingly enchanted Lincoln's heart, it was impossible for him to think that that sensation could be felt in other mouths ...

That sweetness was only exclusive to her.

When they parted ways with that magical kiss, Lincoln, remembering what he learned about sign language, said a simple but significant word to his little cloud.

- "I love you very much, Natusha"

The girl just smiles, her cheeks were bathed in a delicate red.

- "I love you very much too, My bunny" - The white-haired girl answered with signs before hugging him with all her strength.

Lucy was arriving at the Loud house, that little scene with Lincoln and Natusha left her touched and happy for her brother, he had found a new reason to smile.

When the couple hugged, Lucy decided that she had seen enough, so she opted to return home, and along the way she was able to think that perhaps the feeling of love was not how she painted it, after all if there was something magical behind all that she saw strange ...

When he gets home, he greets his mother and caresses Charles a little, then goes up to his room, apparently Lynn Jr. has not arrived from his baseball practice, so the girl who loves poems takes advantage of the moment, of His desk takes out his notebook and writes a simple phrase that I think while he saw that tender embrace between his brother and his white-haired girlfriend.

"No words are needed to love"

I hope you liked this Oneshot, see you next time!