Chapter 1: Backstory

Carter Haywood grew up in a small apartment in San Myshuno. He was raised by a single father after his mother abandoned Carter and his dad when Carter was 5. Growing up was rough with just his dad, money was always tight. Carter was always creative growing up and dreamed of becoming an actor. When Carter was 15 his dad walked in on him in bed with his best friend Ben and freaked out and kicked Carter out. Carter then spent the next 3 years working the street saving up as much money as he could so he could afford to go to Britchester University to study acting but it still wasn't enough he needs to get a scholarship to help him pay for it. Carter's love life isn't much better, he's bisexual but he got ostracized by everyone including Ben after he was kicked out. Carter has no friends, no money, and no home. Will he be able to fulfill his dream of attending Britchester University and then finally move to Del Sol Valley and make it big…?