The team was busy at work. They were busy typing away on their computers trying to draw more evidence against the killer. The killer had been a fugitive for weeks and it was about time that he got caught. This was their number one priority.

Ziva had been feeling miserable all morning. As a matter of fact, she had been feeling terrible for weeks. She didn't think much of it. She thought they were the usual monthly plague that every woman must endure for at least a week. But, it had been six and she just had not been feeling herself. After a few days, Gibbs noticed it. Then Tony, even Jimmy. She looked sad all the time. She had been snapping at her co-workers, even Abby. Abby hasn't spoken to her ever since. It took a while for McGee to figure it out but he also did. They kept it quiet because Ziva is a crazy ninja chic with impulse issues and when one of those is PMSing, it's not pretty. This day in particular was especially miserable for her. Her head was spinning, she was tired, she had one of the tightest cramps she had ever felt before and she just could not focus. All she could focus on was the pain and the overwhelming feeling to cry. She let a big sigh escape her lips and Tony noticed as did Gibbs.

"Ziva, you ok?" Tony asked out of concern.

She looked up dejectedly.

"Yes, Tony. Yes, I am alright." She answered.

"You sure? You look... " He didn't even get to finish his sentence before she snapped.

"I look what Tony? Say it! Ugly?" She snarled.

"I didn't say that. It's just, you look… Unwell."

"Oh. Sorry. I did not mean. To…" she stuttered.

Tony smiled understandingly.

"It's ok. I understand." He smiled sweetly.

'How does he understand? I have been so cold to him lately.' She thought to herself. Silently apologising to Tony in her mind.

Gibbs' phone started to ring. He picked it up from the receiver and held it to his ear.

"Yeah Gibbs. Yes, she's here. Sure. I'll send her down." He hung up.

"Ziver. Abby had something. Go see what she has." Gibbs explained. He knew Abby and Ziva were going to have a chat and he had a pretty good idea what about.

Ziva groaned slightly. Abby was the last person she wanted to see and she wasn't in the mood to walk down to her lab. She knew Abby would hate her even more than she already did if she was left waiting. So she went anyway. She walked slowly but surely. Sure enough that she didn't spill her guts all over the carpet. She waited for the elevator doors to open. When they did, she walked in. and waited for the metal box to reach Abby's floor. She waited for a few seconds but she realised that she wasn't ready to do this. She flicked the switch, pinched the bridge of her nose and sobbed. She was just, sad and she had not a clue why. She had been such a bitch to Tony. Her love. Her fiance. So cold to him with no explanation and still, he was so understanding and warm towards her. She was so grateful to have someone like Tony in her life to turn whatever darkness into light. She smiled thinking about Tony but despite those great thoughts, she was a mess. She composed herself as best she could and flicked the switch back on. The elevator finally dinged open and she walked out slowly. And stood by Abby's door. The blaring music was not helping her headache which was pounding as if it were trying to break out of her skull.

"Abby!" She yelled trying to overrule the excruciating music. Abby turned around with one swift movement and glared at Ziva. but after a couple of seconds, her frown turned into one of concern.

"Ziva. What's going on?" She asked. Abby could tell with a glance that something wasn't right.

"I do not know Abby. I have just been feeling… Horrible."

"I know. You haven't been yourself for weeks. Is it your time?"

"I do not think so Abby. It is not quite the right timing."

"Well, sometimes it comes out of nowhere." Abby smiled.

Ziva nodded but soon regretted it when her nausea burst through the roof and her weak stomach flipped.

She bolted to the women's bathroom and only just made it in time for the lunch she managed to choke down to make its second appearance. She retched into the toilet bowl. Not that there was much to let go of, but she lost what little she still had in there. By the time she was done, Abby was knelt beside her, phoning Tony, and Ziva had her head rested at the toilet seat. She didn't have much energy to do much else. Two minutes later, Gibbs, Tony and Ducky came rushing into the woman's bathroom not realising that it was the woman's bathroom. All they saw was the poor girl who was too weak to even lift her head.

"Ziva! Ziva. Oh my god, I was so worried. When Abby said you threw up I thought you were dying." Tony knelt by her and somehow maneuvered her so that she was in his lap and her head nuzzled in his chest.

As worried as Gibbs was, he admired Tony's way with his ailing fiance. While Ducky examined her and the way he comforted her and made her feel safe and happy. It was special. When they first met, who would have thought that it would turn out like this? Even Gibbs. The Senior Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs didn't see this coming.

Deep down he knew. He'd seen it once before. A lifetime ago, with his beloved that he tragically lost. He wanted Tony and Ziva to have the satisfaction of finding out for themselves. He remembered that moment with him and his wife like it was yesterday. How happy he once was, finding out that their family of two turned into a beautiful family of three. That was the happiest he would ever be and his life was complete. They say two halves make a whole but his whole was stripped down to a quarter when his family was ripped away from him in a flash. All he had left was a life stock of wood and beer.

Ducky looked over Ziva with all his instruments of different shapes and sizes. Sharp, dull, cold, metal, rubber. When he was finally done, he stood up and smiled. Tony looked up at him questionably. Ziva hadn't moved ever since she was placed in Tony's embrace.

"My dear. I know this is a personal question but when did you have your last menstruation?"

Ziva slowly looked up at Ducky. The usual shimmer that is displayed in her luscious brown eyes had disappeared and now they appeared duller than they had ever been.

Ziva pondered the question for a moment.

"Uh. Do not know. I cannot remember." Ziva stuttered.

With that, Ducky turned to Tony.

"Uhhh. well… Actually. I think about two months ago." It was at that moment that realisation washed over him.

Ducky's smile widened at what Tony just said.

"Wait… Ducky… She can't be. I mean. Can she?" Tony didn't even know what to say because there were more reasons to prove Ducky's theory was true than false.

"Well Anthony, if I am not mistaken… I would say that your fiance is with child."