Hello, this is my first fanfiction, and basically first piece of writing in general. I am open to fair criticism, and am doing this for fun. I feel like I should say, a big part of this story and its main character is references to lots of popular music so I am obligated to say, I do not own any of the music referenced in this story.

Daniel Bane was around the age of 11 when he moved to Japan from America. It was going to be a big adjustment for him, as he had moved around before but never to another country, especially a country like Japan. He walked through the immigration office with his family and they approached an agent in his office and started talking. It seemed pretty boring to his young mind, not quite grasping the enormity of his situation, being as young as he was. So he sat there, listening to the music his dad had given to him to keep him entertained.

Daniel loved music and loved listening to it even more. In a world where people had superpowers called quirks, and having a powerful quirk meant you were popular, the opposite was also true. He had always been self conscious about his quirk, deeming it too weak to even be considered power. After seeing examples of his definition of power everywhere he looked in the form of the many heroes that work around the cities, listening to his favorite bands, things like The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple, was a good way to distract him when he wasn't doing anything else.

His groove was interrupted when the agent addressed him. "What's your name kid?" He asked. "Daniel." he responded sheepishly. "And what's your quirk Daniel?" He asked. A little nervously, Daniel looked up at his father, almost hoping he would answer for him. All his father did, however, was look back at him and smile warmly, giving him a small nod, trying to reassure him that his quirk was nothing to be ashamed of. Daniel started slowly. "Rockets...I can make rockets come out of any part of my body and basically they just do what rockets do." He paused, hoping his explanation was over. The agent only looked at him to continue. Daniel sighed and continued. "They can be used for small propulsion, but not really enough to do anything. I can also fire small rockets from a few parts of my body, again not very useful for anything. " He paused again. This time, the agent looked satisfied and started talking with his father again.

Daniel sat back in relief and put his music back on. Ironically, Rocket Man by Elton John is what came on next. He'd never paid attention to lyrics before, but this time, he did. The theme of loneliness of the song struck something within him as he realized his way of thinking was leading him down the same path, and he finally decided, right there, he would train his quirk up as much as he possibly could so he could finally get away from that loneliness. He would never again be embarrassed to describe his quirk to somebody. He would become a hero so people would look at him the same way he looked at every other hero. They finished up at the office, and they started to leave.

"Wait!" The agent called after them suddenly. "I forgot one last thing, if you would like to, you can change your names to be more culturally Japanese to more easily connect with the people here and your new life that starts right now." It took some thought but Daniel's father agreed. "Very good, your new surname will be Moeru." He turned to the boy with a sympathetic look. "Daniel, your new name will be Taiyo. Please remember that." He said, and he gave the rest of the family names and saw them out. They drove to their new home and settled in. Tomorrow was the first day at his new school and it was late, so Daniel, now Taiyo, went to bed and mentally committed himself to start training his quirk tomorrow.


Taiyo kept to himself on the first day of school as he normally did at any school he was previously at. The day went by fairly quickly, as Taiyo spent most of his time planning his training and just thinking about ways his quirk could be better. It was when his P.E. period came around when something actually happened. Tai was sitting in a corner looking at his rockets and testing their output when suddenly another kid came "running" up to him. "Running" because this kid's arms and legs were entirely made of a semi solid smoke stuff. What an interesting quirk, Taiyo thought.

"Yo, whatcha doing there?" He asked. Taiyo was a little confused. This never happens, he thought, what's this guy up to. "Nothing." He responded. "That's pretty cool." The new kid responded. "I'm Kaiser Takahashi." Taiyo still didn't know what to think, but he went along with it. "The name's Da-" He started to say but then caught himself. "I'm Taiyo, Moeru." Kaiser thought about this for a second before shouting. "Well I'm gonna call you Tai!" Tai was now very confused. "Ok?" He said slowly. "So what's your quirk?" Kaiser asked. "I saw you shooting fire from your hand, that's pretty cool." Tai thought about what to say, before finally just letting it out. "I can produce rockets out of my body, they can be used for propulsion, and they can be fired as projectiles." Tai said proudly, thinking about what his quirk will be soon. "That's even cooler than I thought!" Kaiser said. "So why'd you come over here?" Tai asked finally. "Why not?" Kaiser responded. You know what, okay, Tai thought to himself. "I think I can see your quirk right now, anything else about it that I'm not seeing?" Tai asked. "Nope, this is basically it, just that I can move and shape my smoke freely." Still better than mine, at least for right now, Tai thought.

"Anyway, you seem like you don't really know what's going on, you new here?" Kaiser asked. Tai nodded, "I'm a transfer student." He told him. "That explains it." Kaiser said. He sat down and they started talking, becoming fast friends as they found they had lots in common. One of those things being Kaiser's ambition to become a great hero, just like Tai, although not exactly for the same reason. The rest of the day went by quickly for Tai, as he now had somebody to talk to. He got home and marked the first day he started his quirk training.


As years went by, Tai's quirk got stronger and stronger, as did his bond with Kaiser. They quickly became like brothers. As Tai got stronger and he got more confident in himself, and with a bit of Kaiser's outwardness rubbing off on him, Tai finally broke out of his shell. He continued to love music, even though he theoretically didn't need it anymore. Throughout the rest of middle school, he continued to work toward his goal of becoming a hero and once he finished middle school, he and Kaiser applied to U.A. high to finally start fulfilling their dreams.