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D-FIB's blue eyes blinked into view on her screen as her system rebooted after a long shutdown. Slowly, she levitated into the air. She turned to see her husband, the cleaner-bot M-O, still cubed into a sleeping position. Smiling in amusement, she reached out and pressed his restart button.

M-O uncurled, his yellow squares focusing on her. "Good morning," he greeted.

"Good morning to you, too." D-FIB said.

M-O looked out of a window to find that the other robots were already hard at work. "Did we end up oversleeping again?!" He asked, eyes wide with realization.

"I'm afraid so. It's not like we have a certain time we need to be at work, though." D-FIB pointed out.

"But it's been almost a year since our marriage and we've always been later than the others since!"

"Fair point. But I know how much you love late-night cuddles." D-FIB brushed against his side for emphasis.

M-O sighed. "Okay, I'll admit I am to blame for this. We need to get an alarm or something!"

D-FIB giggled. "Maybe we can ask the Captain later today."

M-O smiled, and held out his brush. "Sure."

The defibrillator-bot took it, and together they went bounding out of their home.

Their home was small, but roomy enough for both them and their charging station, which had been installed shortly after they moved. Like the other buildings, the place was covered in dirt and grime, trash was found everywhere they looked, and was barely holding together. With the help of other bots, the house was cleaned, repaired, and refurbished. A colorful sunset was even painted on one of the walls, courtesy of their friend VN-GO.

Flourishing, lucious, green plants dotted the once infertile dirt, flower buds starting to reveal their vibrant petals. A few grasshoppers chirped in chorus as a soothing breeze blew across the land.

M-O fired up his brush and began to scrub the filth off of a building, having gotten used to the fact that he had to put on a smock in order to protect his cassette player.

D-FIB headed inside a building to find a circuit waiting for her. She gathered up some electricity, then brought it down on the battery, kick-starting a series of lights. Soon, the whole room was illuminated.

Giving a satisfied bleep, D-FIB gazed outside, a deep ache in her chest that had been there for a while made itself known.

It wasn't there at first. In the first few months since her marriage with M-O, life had been nothing but blissful. Then, what started out as a dull twinge manifested into a painful throb.

At first, she didn't know where the source came from, but then realized it was because she somehow felt her life was incomplete.

Incomplete? Why was that? D-FIB was perfectly content with M-O and her friends. Why should she feel that way?

Her train of thought was interrupted when WALL-E and EVE, the other married couple, greeted her. She shook her head to rid herself of her thoughts, then waved.

D-FIB then went out of the building to go to another one. She could focus on her inner struggles later.

When the ten-minute break was announced, M-O and his wife met up, as usual. "Remember the alarm?" He asked.

"Yes. Let's go," she said rather quickly.

M-O cocked his head, curious and a little concerned, but decided not to say anything for the time being.

The two robots headed to the great Axiom, where Captain B. McCrea was during the day, getting as much useful information as he could from the computer.

But when they got to his office, they found themselves immediately being ushered in another direction by McCrea.

"M-O, D-FIB, so glad you two came! There's someone I want you to meet!" He stated enthusiastically.

The couple looked at each other, both wondering the same thing.

They stopped in a small room. At a glance, they could tell someone had sloppily scribbled the walls with crayons and paint, all sorts of small colorful items on the ground, and a book lying on the floor, its pages vandalized, crumpled, and ripped. M-O's siren would've started going off if he still had it on.

"Sorry for the mess, he really likes creating them!" McCrea apologized.

"Who?" M-O inquired.

"Oh, right. Benny! You've got visitors!"

A high-pitched shriek made M-O jump back in surprise. The Captain maneuvered his way throughout the room and opened a door that connected the area to another. When the door swung open, the first thing D-FIB noticed were the pair of eyes that peered curiously at her.