"Juliet, do you need any help?" Juliet heard the bright voice call from her bedroom. She walked out of her large bathroom to see her stylist and best friend, Harry sitting on her bed, swinging his feet as he looked at her with a smile as bright as the sun. Juliet couldn't help but smile back, as irritated as she was with having to get ready for this party her father was holding.

"Well Harry, I think you know the answer to that one." Juliet went and sat beside him just as he hopped up off the bed, his chestnut brown hair bouncing lightly as he scurried into her closet to pick out a dress for the evening.

"Which one?" He said, holding out two dresses. She scrunched up her nose in consideration before pointing to the one on her left, "I think I prefer that one."

Harry sighed, "I knew you would say that," and put the more revealing dress back into the closet.

She laughed, "You know I don't like those kinds Harry."

He sighed, shaking his head, "But you would look so good in it!" She shook her head right back at him, coming forward to take the gown that offered slightly more coverage and went into her closet to change.

Juliet came out, wearing the floor length, A line, off the shoulders, blood red gown and Harry smiled brightly at her, "It's beautiful." She stared at the ground uncertainly, shuffling her feet before muttering a small thank you and moving to sit at her vanity so he could fix her hair and make-up.

Harry had been Juliet's stylist for the past five years, as well as her childhood friend. When she turned 15 her parents insisted that she have a stylist so she didn't go around embarrassing them and she had agreed, as long as it could be her best friend. Harry had been happy to accept and lived with her and her parents at her home, acting almost like a brother to her as well as helping her with her public appearance.

Harry ran his hands through her hair, humming quietly to himself as he pondered how to style it for the night. "Do you think Pearce is going to be there?" She asked, already knowing the answer. Pearce was another childhood friend, but recently their parents had been dropping hints that they thought the two should be a couple. Pearce was great, but the two of them were more like siblings than anything else. Harry chuckled, "Yeah, probably. Why?"

Juliet sighed, "I just don't want us to be cornered by our parents again."

He ended up curling her hair and pinning a twist of it back off-centered, letting most of it fall across her shoulders. She watched his naturally beautiful face as he lightly applied her make-up, claiming all the while that she didn't need very much.

There was a knock at the door and he jumped, turning to look at it, giving her a clear view of his profile. "One second," he called, turning back and dabbing at her bottom lip for a moment more before hurrying over to the door and throwing it open. "Oh, Tyler, we were almost done getting ready," Harry gestured vaguely behind him and Juliet saw her fiercely protective cousin's tall form peer into her room.

"Hi Ty, is everything okay?" She asked, standing and moving towards the door. Tyler gave her a bright grin, his oh so endearing dimples showing up on his cheeks, "Everything's fine Jules, your mom just wanted me to see when you two would be coming down."

"Well, like I said, we're just finishing up," Harry said, sounding slightly impatient. Tyler narrowed his eyes at the shorter brunette in front of him. "Alright, I'll see you down there then." He spun on his heel and walked back down the hallway.

Harry turned back to Juliet, "Ok, let me see." She straightened her back and lifted her chin, turning around so he could see his work. He clapped happily, his sunshine smile back in its rightful place, "You're so pretty," he squealed before picking up the black lace mask from the duvet and moving to carefully fasten it behind her head. "You don't have to keep this on the whole time, just for a bit in the beginning, cause it's supposed to be a masquerade or whatever."

He looked at her one last time, and she could see tears shining in his eyes. Juliet laughed and went to give him a hug, "Harry, you do this every time."

He laughed too, wiping his eyes, "I'm sorry, it just seems like you've grown up so fast." She shook her head, "You're only a few years older than me you know."

He wrinkled his nose at her, "Whatever. Ok, I'm gonna go get ready. Do you want to go down and I'll see you later?"

She shook her head again, "I'll just go down with you if that's ok."

He smiled and nodded at her, "Of course, I'll only be a minute." He left and she sat down on her bed.

In a moment he was back, "You ready?"

Juliet nodded sullenly, "Yeah, let's just go." The two of them made their way downstairs, hearing the crowd far before seeing them.

Juliet sighed heavily as she stepped into the oversized ballroom, her arm resting lightly on Harry's. This was going to be such a drag, she thought to herself. What she didn't know, was that everything she thought she knew was about to change.