Hello! This is my first full length fanfiction story. Enjoy!

The Baltic sisters, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, were excited to learn that they won a trip on Australia's Pacific cruise ship. Actually, Latvia was the one who won, but since she could take two other friends along, Estonia and Lithuania came along as well.

Estonia, sitting at a food table on the sky deck, was stuffing her mouth with appetizers the cruise prepared, while Latvia and Lithuania were playing shuffleboard near said food table. Latvia was kicking Lithuania's ass in the game.

"A perfert ten!" Latvia yelled, while clenched her hands in the air in victory. "Lithuania, you know you have to actually try if you want to win." Latvia gloated.

"If this was basketball, I would be wiping the floor with your face!" Lithuania retorted. She really didn't like being taunted at.

"Well, this isn't basketball, it's shuffleboarding, and it's not like I can beat your ass at that too." Latvia reminded.

Lithuania was now pissed. She smacked one of the shuffleboarding weighed discs, which sent it flying in Estonia's direction. It crashed into a bowl near Estonia, which caused her to nearly choke on one of the taquitos she was eating.


"Sorry, Estonia." Lithuania apologized. "Latvia was mocking my basketball skills again."

"Well next time, DON'T hurl heavy discs!" Estonia bellowed, as she went back to her taquito eating. A confused Australia came out of the captain's deck.

"What the 'ell happened out here?" Australia questioned.

"Lithuania hit one of the heavy Shuffleboarding discs and it almost hit Estonia." Latvia replied.

"Jeez Lithuania, you can't be-" Australia started, but Lithuania cut him off. "You don't have to tell me about safety; Estonia already did that for you."

"Well, speaking o' safety, there's a huge storm coming." Australia piped, while Estonia sat up straight and turned to listen to Australia.

Australia kept talking. "Unfortunately, I can't steer away from it, so you'll have to get into yer cabins."

Latvia looked in the direction where the ship was going. She saw clear skies, with only a few clouds, none of them storm-capable.

"I don't see any storm." Latvia responded. "Besides, it's not like a storm could damage a cruise ship this size." Estonia immediately stood up from her chair and stared at Latvia in worried shock. Estonia has dealt with sinking ships before.

"Latvia, haven't you ever been on any boat?!" Estonia stammered. "The freaking Titanic was sunk by an iceburg!" Estonia kneeled down, and began to hyperventilate in panic. She liked being on boats, but not if they were in danger of sinking.

Latvia rushed to Estonia's side, putting her arms around a worried Estonia.

"Estonia, it's going to be okay!" Latvia assured. "We just need to bunker down in our cabins and wait out-"

"I DON'T WANT TO DROWN IN MY CCABINNN!" Estonia interrupted. Estonia began crying and whimpering. "I DON'T WANNA DDIIEEE!"

"Listen, Estonia, would you feel better if Lithuania and I stayed in your cabin with you?" Latvia asked. Estonia looked at Latvia with confused melancholy.

"HOW IS THAT GOING TO STOP US FROM DROWING?!" Estonia cried in response. Latvia just kept on hugging a weeping Estonia.

Latvia isn't a fan of hugging or most forms of human contact, but when her sisters were gloomy, upset, or in danger, she made an exception. Australia was baffled by the commotion.

"Does she do that every time when she's on a ship?" Australia asked.

"Only when someone mentions that some disaster could happen to the ship." Lithuania replied.

"Well I get why someone would worry about that, but it's not like we can't prevent 'en accident from happening." Australia declared.

Lithuania sighed. It was time for a story.

"She had an incident involving one of her ferries." Lithuania began sadly, "Estonia's brother was the captain, and Estonia invited us, along with Sweden and his sister, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Russia. The ship was sailing in bad weather, and in the middle of the night, the ship tilted, and water flooded the decks."

Lithuania shuddered. "Sweden, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia nearly drowned. Sister Finland was able to save all four of them, but Sweden was unconsicous from hypothermia. He had to be hospitalized for a week." Lithuania grimaced.

"Both Sweden and Sister Sweden are still shocked about the sinking, and Estonia can't be on any ship in bad weather without panicking." Lithuania finished.

By this point, Estonia was only lightly whimpering, while Latvia was still hugging Estonia tightly.

"Wow, um, I'm sorry to 'ear that." Australia sympathically said. He piped up, "Well, luckily, you got one o' the most well-trained captains to sail this ship!"

Estonia wasn't convinced, however she couldn't do anything about it, so she got up from Latvia's grip and walked up to Australia.

"Thank you for bringing me on this death trap!" Estonia hissed. She walked away and was heading to her cabin. Latvia followed behind. Australia was even more baffled.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Australia asked.

"To be honest, I have no clue." Lithuania flatly said.

Estonia bolted into her cabin, upset about the storm situation. She jumped on to the bed, and planted her face on her pillow, and sobbed. Latvia walked in after a couple of seconds. She sat on Estonia's bed and rubbed Estonia's back to confort her.

"Estonia," Latvia started, "We're going to be fine. The storm is probably a dinky tropical rain shower. I highly doubt Australia would sail us through an actual life-threatening storm."

"Pmmvf mmmph mpf mmmphff mmvphf." Estonia mmphed.

"Umm... what?" Latvia replied.

Estonia tilted her head to face Latvia. Her eyes were red and bloodshot from crying and her lips were quivering.

"I-I said, w-why did y-you bring me?" Estonia whimpered.

Latvia was dumbfounded by Estonia's question.

"Well, um, I thought you would enjoy being on a tropical cruise ship." Latvia guessed.

"D-does it look like I'm e-enjoying this?" Estonia stammered.

Latvia couldn't think of a reply. She knew she couldn't convince Estonia into believing that the ship wasn't going to be in any danger. Latvia just kept on rubbing Estonia's back.

Unfortunately for them, this wasn't a "dinky tropical rain shower" like Latvia thinks. It's actually a tropical cyclone, which for those living inland (like me), is a storm that has one minute sustained winds of over 39 mph, or 63 km/h.

Australia himself underestimated this storm. What he saw on the radar in the captain's deck was a tropical depression (which is basically the "dinky tropical rain shower" of the hurricane world) instead of a tropical cyclone. However, the storm was quickly gaining strength, and by the time Australia realizes the strength of the storm, he won't be able to steer the ship out.

Like Latvia said, Australia wouldn't sail a ship if the storm was dangerous.

Well, I should end this chapter here. It toke me a few hours in a span of two days to complete this. I'm planning on around ten chapters, and I'm just got done with this chapter as of typing this. Also, more characters will be introduced in later chapters.

It also should be noted that the main Scandinavian characters, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, will only make small appearences. This story will mainly focus on Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and a later subplot will have some recurring characters from the story, like Finland, America, and Russia, amongst others.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!