Hello~ This is based on the strip "Not Norway" although I'm not using the same dialogues, I wanted to make it more my own way and describe what they had to go through when Norway left~

This is not supposed to be humor, tho…

After Norway had to leave to go with Sweden, Denmark found himself hiding under the blankets and refusing to talk to anyone for more than a week. That worried Iceland, as well as Faroe and Greenland who wouldn't mind if it wasn't that bad, but it was because Denmark seemed to forget he had other colonies he needed to take care of.

Now that Norway wasn't with them, the Dane was sad, and not only that, even the people was, it didn't feel right in any way and Iceland knew he needed to do something, not only for Denmark but for himself too.

"Denmark… you know, we all miss Norway, but we're also your colonies, you can't just lie over there and pretend we aren't here" Iceland told the Dane, with Greenland behind him nodding.

"Denmark please, we're counting on you, you know?" Suddenly, Denmark stood up, pointing directly to Iceland.

"You are not Norway and you will never be Norway, and your punishment for not being Norway will be cruel and unforgiving!" He screamed in rant before taking all three of them and locking them down in the basement.

Denmark was mad and they all knew that what he was saying was true, since he put collars around their necks, keeping them from moving too much and walk. It hurt them, but they couldn't do anything.

Iceland sat down, he wasn't sparkling anymore and his ropes were ragged, he also had some wounds on his skin. Greenland wasn't much better, neither was Faroe, who was standing there in awe, staring at the door, hoping Denmark would forget they were there for just that night.

Faroe sighed "I already regret not being Norway"

That's all he said, before sitting on the floor as well.

Denmark was being unfair, they all knew it, but kept themselves from saying anything to him or answer back, they already had a lot of problems thanks to Sweden and now Denmark's rage on them. They didn't want more problems.

"So… what now, guys?" Greenland asked, staring at the floor, nor daring to even lift his head.

"I want to be independent" Iceland spoke, surprising the other two islands. They all had thought about it, but Denmark was resistant and wouldn't let them go that easy, and now less after he lost Norway "I don't know how, but I will be"

"Good luck then" Answered Faroe, still staring at the door.

"Same" Greenland kept looking away from Iceland's gaze, and just smiled a little.

A feeling of freedom started to grow inside of them, since those moments they had to suffer under Denmark's rule and anger for not being Norway, because Denmark was an asshole, an unfair asshole who couldn't appreciate what he had. Because his whole world was Norway and he didn't care how his other colonies were feeling.

So that's why Iceland didn't hesitate that day, with pen in hand, during the year of 1944. Denmark signed the paper and left the room without looking at the Icelander, who hugged the paper as if protecting it with his own life, while his sparkles started to appear once again.


I was a little bored so please don't take it that seriously…