With a swift blow of the cold wind, Nestle felt his whole body shiver. It was close to freezing in this cold forest. Winter time approached and most mammals were hibernating in their warm, toasty barrens but not ol' nestle. He thirsted for action and adventure as a young deer mouse. Normally a Brown Deer mouse, his fur was painted white by the snow and freezing winds. It made it easier for him to blend in with the snow, however bigger predators would sniff him out in a jiffy. He had to be sure not to stand out too much or WHAM, right down the hot throat of a much bigger predator and death would await him.

Crunch, Nestle's ears twitched ever so slightly at the sound, and he turned his head slightly towards the woods. A white wolf with icy blue eyes, fluffy fur, and an open mouth dripping with saliva sent fear down his spine. Nestle didn't move a bit, for she would detect the slightest movement in his bones. The wolf turned her head sideways confused, quinted her eyes and her mouth turned into a sinister smile. Teeth out like the jaws of death, she rushed towards him with hungry eyes and nestle moved as far as his little legs would carry him towards the forest. There was a frazzle of leaves and crunches of sticks as the wolf's powerful muscles pushed her towards her prey. Nestle dove frantically out of her way, scampering past trees, diving into snow to avoid her attention, and even yelled for help; but the wolf stayed hot on his trail. After 2 minutes, nestle could feel his muscles start to weaken and his lungs burned for the sweet relief of air. He felt his little legs turn to jello as he stopped and was cornered against a tree. The wolf only mushed towards him slowly, eyes watching his every move waiting for him to attempt to escape.

Please don't eat me, Nestle thought as the wolf came closer, I don't want to die yet. The wolf's own breathing slowed as it gave nestle a sinister smile, belly growling that scared nestle half to death.

"You look like a good afternoon snack." The wolf said grinning ear to ear, "Not to big, but not to small either. Like a ball of meat ready to be ripped apart." She lowered her head, nose right next to nestle's tiny body and took a wiff. Nestle dared not moved a muscle. His heart was racing like crazy, but he DEMANDED his body not make a sound.

GROWL, nestle only needed to hear the sound of the wolf's stomach to know that his time was up. He looked up to find the wolf open her mouth, strands of saliva, built like bridges between the roof and bottom of it. The farther he looked, he saw a mass amount of pink followed by the uvula and the black abyss that awaited him. The wolf stuck her tongue out, and Nestle felt himself being engulfed by a wet, rough, tongue much to his dismay. Saliva covered his fur in a mess and the wolf only laughed.

"You taste so good." The wolf cooed as she relished his taste in her mouth. Nestle only blinked ,and he found himself in a dark, wet place. He was in her mouth, covered in saliva. He tried to crawl his way out but only found himself slipping farther and farther back. The wolf then tilted her head back, and nestle felt himself fall farther and farther towards her esophogus. With a shift in her muscles, the wolf swallowed and nestle felt himself fall towards the abyss only to see light one last time. Soon he would be only a distant memory in the wolf's belly and then darkness. Nestle could hear a slide rumble on the outside of the stomach as the wolf burped, as her stomach digested her fresh prey. Then he fell silent, slowly awaiting death; he heard nothing, nothing but laughter and the howls of dogs on the outside.