A voice of one calling: "In the wilderness prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. ~ Isaiah 40:3, New International Version

Table of Contents

"Two Worlds." Krolia crashes on a planet where a Voltron Lion is located, and has to decide whether to trust the native who saves her.

"Strangers Like Me." Krolia gets used to living on Earth and grows closer to her host.

"Son of Man." Krolia and John begin their shared life together and get used to parenthood.

"You'll Be In My Heart." Krolia makes a difficult decision to ensure her family's safety.

"A Real Hero." Keith grapples with his father's death and his mother's absence when he needs her most.

"Star Student." Shiro brings Keith and his classmates on a field trip to the Galaxy Garrison.

"Paying It Forward." Keith and Shiro build a friendship over the years, support each other's goals, and take pride in each other's achievements.

"Fellow Failures." The world is shocked by the disappearance of the Kerberos crew, which has a great negative effect on Keith.

"Alone Again." After leaving the Garrison, Keith adjusts to living in the desert, and discovers a mysterious landmark.

"Expecting the Unexpected." Keith prepares for the foretold arrival, and finds an opportunity to take revenge on the Garrison.

"Old Friends and New Teammates." Keith welcomes Shiro home and reluctantly works with other former Garrison students to complete his investigation.

"Reclaiming a Legacy." The team meet some aliens who reveal the magnitude of their mission, and they search for more mechanical lions.

"Brothers in Arms." As the paladins get to know each other, Keith suspects Pidge is hiding something.

"The Only Left." Keith's budding trust in his teammates is tested when Pidge wants to leave the group.

"A Bonding Moment." Pidge and Keith spar on the training deck and talk about their experiences at the Galaxy Garrison.