Newt is hyperaware of the pain. Electricity hurts, and so does Crucio, add that to the fact that it's been almost 60 hours since the last time he slept, and, he is extremely aware of the pain. But that doesn't matter, He can't allow it to take up space in his mind. Between dealing with Credence and saying goodbye to Frank, he had had no time to pay attention to his pain, adrenaline numbing him until the president leaves.

However, not even a minute after President Picquery and the aurors disappear, a new, sharper wave of pain engulfs Newt's head and chest and legs. He drops his case to the ground perhaps a bit too fast... he'll apologize to his creatures as soon as he regains any sense other than pain. He leans against the wall, knowing it's the only reason he's not on the ground.

The others turn around when they hear the case of creatures half fall to half put on the ground and the small groan its owner can't stop from passing between his lips. Almost immediately, Tina is by his side with the others not far behind.

"Newt, are you okay? What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing…" He pauses, biting back a scream as Tina rests a hand on his shoulder to steady him, unknowingly touching one of his worst burns. "Nothing's wrong, I'm quite fine," he says again. He attempts to push himself off the wall, only for the pain to worsen so that he has to lean back against it. Lesser of the two evils, he thinks wryly, but his thought is interrupted by another burst of pain as he rubs a burn running up his side against the brick and he loses focus for a moment.

"Newt," Tina begins again. "What happened?"

"Graves er… Grindelwald," The rest of his explanation is halted by a wave of pain, new, worse than any of its predecessors. Newt is unable to stop the cry of pain that escapes his lips, interrupting his explanation, but he presses through. "he, lightning, unforgivable - the Cruciatus. I'm - I'm- sorry… I'm fine, I promise. No need to worry," he says between gasps.

"Newt," Tina says, pulling his arm over her shoulders and allowing him to lean on her instead of the wall.

"I promise, I'm fin…" he mumbles the last word cut off by him losing his grip on consciousness.

Jacob is on his other side immediately, taking some of the magizoologist's weight as he and Tina lower him to the ground. Tina cradles his head not dareing to set it on the ground.

"Teenie, we need to get him out of here, I'll apparate with Jacob, you with Newt, to the apartment." Queenie's voice breaks through, too calm, too steady, for Tina's liking, but she nods, not looking up from Newt's now screwed shut eyes.

"Yeah, yeah I've got him," she answers, forcing her voice to be steady. Come on, Tina, you're an Auror, calm down, he'll be fine. He has to be. he can't not be okay Newt'll be okay. Her thoughts are running at a hundred miles per hour through her head, as she puts a hand on Newt's arm.

Her sister squeezes her shoulder with a small smile."Yes, he will," she says before she turns to Jacob quickly, explaining apparation quickly as Tina concentrates on the apartment. Sheknows she can't splinch him on top of everything else. He's already hurt badly enough.

A pair of loud pops echo through the train tunnel and then the tunnel is empty.


Two loud cracks snap through the living room, followed by a thud as everyone apparates into the apartment. Queenie rights Jacob and he turns to help Tina get Newt on the couch. She moves into the other room, grabbing the old box they use for medical potion storage - woefully undersupplied but looking it over, she thinks they'll have enough. She will need to restock it soon, though she adds it to her to-do list.

"Queenie, please, hurry," Tina yells from the other room. Normally, Queenie would be annoyed about being yelled at, but the worry in her sister's thoughts and voice is completely founded and she lets it go as she walks quickly back to the living room with needed supplied.

Handing Tina a magenta potion in a small round flask, she tells her sister "We need him up for him to take most of this stuff."

He wasn't really awake, but he wasn't near as unresponsive as he had been a few minutes beforehand. He was dreaming, or hallucinating, maybe, shifting around and mumbling.

"I'm sorry- I didn't mean to- they didn't do anything! she didn't... wasn't involved... stop - stop!" Queenie hears him think, his mind filling with images of Leta Lestrange and a man with auburn hair, which slowly change into images of Tina and Graves. "Let her go, it's all me - please!" he begs out loud. Jacob looks worried, glancing between the sisters, wanting to know what to do, he's really out of his depth with magic and potions, now more so than any other time these last few days.

Tina frowns, worried. "Newt, Newt, drink this, please." Just a few drops into his mouth will bring him back to conscious. But before she gets him to drink anything, his eyes fly open, his chest heaving -

"I'm" sorry, I didn't- don't! Don't do that… please!" he half screams as he tries to push himself up into a sitting position.

Tina puts her hand on the center of his chest, gently pushing him back down with one hand as she places the potion she hadn't needed to use back amongst the others.

"Newt, Newt, you're okay, you were hurt, but you're safe," she says, gently running a soothing hand down his arm. She feels his muscles relax somewhat, but he's still breathing very heavily.

"T-Tina?" he asks, seeming a bit calmer but still seeming dazed as he turns towards her voice. His blue eyes seem to be glazed over as he looks around frantically, always remaining close to Tina's face but never actually focusing on her.

"Yeah." Yeah, Newt, it's me, and Queenie and Jacob are here too." She says as she runs her hand through his hair softly, like she did when Queenie would get sick when they were younger

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. This wasn't- wasn't supposed to happen. I'm sorry," he apologizes again this time clearly to Tina, only to be interuppted by her

"Mr. Scamander, what-" she pauses, frowning, curious about what he's apologizing for, but she shakes her head. Whatever it was, itprobably wasn't worth being apologized for to begin with, and nowhere near as urgent as his rapid speech would have thembelieve. It has to be the pain talking - it's probably nothing, she decides. She then reaches back into the box to grab a azure bottle of calming draught.

"It's okay, Newt, it's okay, it's fine, there's no need to apologize." She opens the vial, and, figuring he won't be able to hold it himself without dropping it, holds it up to his mouth. "Drink"she orders he seems to look at her as if unsure to listen to her "Please, Newt, drink." she adds and he allows her to tip it into his mouth. There's an immediate result. He relaxes onto the couch, and his breathing evens out a bit, not coming out so clipped and quick and desperate.

Tina turns away from him to rummage through the box, trying to find a potion to help with the pain, and Queenie begins talking to Newt, her Puckwudgie coming out. Jacob, in the background, looks concerned - he still doesn't know what to do with himself, but at the moment it's helping just for him to be there, a calming influence over the room.

"Newt, hon, we need you to take off your jacket and shirt so we can help you," Queenie says to him. "Can you take them off, or do you want us to?"

He shakes his head quickly no, I like these people, I can't he thinks of his too scarred chest and abdomen I can't let them see, I've been proven wrong about people before, they might seem nice,but... no, you can't trust them with this, you can't trust anybody, you know that. They can't know you're any more of a freak than a man with a case full of monsters, no creatures, already is. He looks up and sees Queenie frowning at him, and suddenly remembers that she can read his thoughts.

"Newt, you can trust us, honey, please," she says with a small smile.

Jacob and Tina both look confused by the half-wordless exchange, wondering what has Newt so against removing his shirt.

"Come on, Newt, we won't judge you or whatever," says Jacob, thrilled to finally having a way to help

"We just want to help, I promise," Tina says, partially pleading. She frowns as she thinks of how he begged her to trust him enough to catch her in the death chamber but didn't trust her back. Newt catches that look, understanding what it means and he resolves to keep it off for as long as he can. Please, please, don't be lying, he thinks, and with that he slowly begins removing the coat, with more than a small bit of Jacob's help.

His shirt follows more slowly, every movement agitating the burnt skin, but every little bit reveals another angry lookng pink or red mark or burn from his most recent adventures, if that's what you could call the last few days in New York, pasted over a myriad of scars both ancient and recent. Tina can't help noticing that a large number of them don't quite look like they were claws or bite marks, but she shakes her head not letting her thoughs go down that path

Queenie bites down on her lip. His thoughts didn't do them justice. Jacob looks away, down to the ground, he hadn't expected that to be why his friend was so against removing his shirt. Newt sees both motions, of course, and turns red, refusing to even look in any their direction anymore, suddenly the fabric that makes up the couch is greatly interesting, but he doesn't pull the button-down back on.

Tina balls her hands into fists, gritting her teeth. Whoever did this well, she can think of some rather inventive uses for spells to use on the people who who did this. Now, though, now is not the time or the place, and she lets out a breath, forcing herself to calm down, at least outwardly. Her thoughts are still racing, but she needs to focus on the task at hand.

She picks up a jar of ugly green paste from the table. "Newt, I need to put this on the burns."

He doesn't look up at her "Go ahead," he says, his voice almost totally void of any emotion, only a slight edge of pain cuts into it. Frowning a bit, Tina scoops up some of the 'Brystol Boley's Bumps BurnsBruises and Cuts Cure Cream' on her three middle fingers, sowly covering the worst and most burns, from the lightning first before moving to a few of the ones that didn't happen within the last few hours. She feels him tense as she moves across his chest, but the injuries show a huge improvement within seconds of being covered, the more minor ones healing completely.

"There," she says quietly as the last of the wounds are pasted over "All done."

"Thank you," he mumbles, still refusing to look at anything but the back of the couch.

"Jacob, wanna come help me with dinner?" Queenie asks, knowing that if Newt is going to calm down and listen to anyone it'll be her sister.

"Um, yeah, yeah."

Queenie squeezes her sister's shoulder offering both her and Newt a small smile before she and Jacob go to the kitchen and start cooking, doing at least the prep work the no-maj way.

Newt looks over at Tina, almost certain she's going to leave too. "I'm not going anywhere," Tina says with a small smile, gently grabbing his hand, though she perhaps she squeezes a bit too tight, as her knuckles slowly begin turning white.

He lets himself smile a little back towards her, tough he still doesn't meet her eyes. "I do apologize for worrying you," he says, squeezing her hand back a bit.

"Don't" worry about it. She bites back a small laugh. before quickly finding a new topic, not wanting to focus too much on how injured her new found... friend was The rain has stopped, do you think the No-majs have actually forgotten?

"It's still very experimental, but optimistically I'm going to go with yes as there isn't a war going on outside between them and MACUSA."

"Yeah, I suppose," she agrees.

They sit like that for several minutes until Newt can't fight exhaustion any longer and falls asleep, Tina not all that far behind him. She falls asleep with her head leaned against his chest slightly still clinging to his hand as if she were to let go, even in sleep he'd disappear from her life

Queenie comes over a few minutes later to tell them that dinner, or breakfast she thinks looking at the time, was ready, she found them passed out like that, deciding that they looked rather peaceful, a look she hadn't seen on her sister in at least a few years and was unaware Newt could actually be compleatly calm, outside of his case, it had been far too long since either of them had gotten anything resembling proper sleep, she carefully throws a blanket over Tina's shoulders, and another over Newt.

" Perhaps it would be t for us to follow their example and get some sleep too," she tells Jacob, pointing to the still made up guest bed

The baker agrees wholeheartedly and both find themselves driffting off in minutes.