Chapter 3:

The Plan

The rain had begun to pick up again. The soft tapping on the window filled the void of silence that Tina and Queenie sat in. A heavy burden was placed on both of their heads, but it was an everyday occurrence for Credence.

Credence left in a hurry to make sure he got back home at the right time. If he came back too early his mother would think that he didn't pass all the leaflets out. And if he came back late she would suspect something was up. He had to come back at the perfect time in order to not create any suspicion.

"Is there any way to prove that Credence has magical powers?" Tina asked. She was sitting in a burgundy colored chair while her sister sat in a dark purple velvet arm chair. The fire roared behind her.

Queenie bit her lip. "I'm thinking, but I can't come up with anything."

The rain continued to tap against the window. They knew more new salem children would be standing outside handing out those leaflets. But they hoped Credence had already come inside and escaped the rain.

"What if…" Queenie trailed on.

"What?" Tina asked impatient. She wanted to find a way to help Credence no matter what.

"When you touch a wand that is meant for you sparks fly. Literally. And if you touch and use a want not meant for you, stuff breaks and falls out. If we can get him to use a want, meant for him or not, it will prove that he at least has some magical ability."

Tina nodded her head and slunk back into her chair. "But he must be suppressing the power. If it is true. If you really did hear him thinking about being a wizard. What if nothing happens?"

"That's impossible. No one has been known to suppress their magical powers for that long. All he has to do is use it. He doesn't have to know that it is a wand. And I know what I heard. Have I ever been wrong?" Queen gave her sister an intense look.

Tina looked out the window at the grey sky. She didn't know if anything they were going to do was going to work. She didn't know if they could ever possibly get him to hold a wand. All she knew was that somewhere out there, away from the warmth of a fire and a loving family was a boy who held a heart full of hurt.

"We can try. How do you suggest we go about it?" Tina asked.

Queenie bit her lip. "I don't know yet. But i'll think of something soon." Queenie stood up from her chair without saying another word. The tension in the room was escalating exponentially and Queenie never liked intense situations. She walked out of the living room and into the kitchen.

Tina took her hat off and placed it in her hands. She fiddled with the ends of the dark grey hat. What ever she was going to do was going to be a risk. She could risk exposing magic to a no maj. She could lose her job, her reputation, and Queenie would be dragged into it as well.. But she knew in her heart that there is a distinct difference between right and wrong. And it would be wrong of her to let Credence suffer alone forever. Magical or not.

"Do you want any tea?" Queenie asked as she exited the kitchen. She used her wand to bring out two cups and a boiling teapot.

Tina sighed. "Yes please, thank you Queenie. You always know what I want."

Queenie smiled and poured the water into the cups with a flick of her wand. She sat down in the large purple chair. She brought one of the cups over to Tina who grabbed it from the air.

"That's because I can read your thoughts." Queenie smiled again. "And a little bit of tea warms the soul."

The aroma from the tea and the heat of the cup brought warm feelings into Tina's world. Ever since she met Credence, her mind was weighed down. But the slight nostalgia that comes from drinking a hot cup of tea of a cold rainy day next to a fire place changed her mood greatly.

"He really liked the calzone didn't he?" Queenie asked. She held her cup of tea in her lap.

"Yes he did. I wonder what he normally eats."

Queenie raised an eyebrow. "Probably nothing. That retch would never waste her time on them. You said it yourself right?" Queenie took a sip of tea.

"Queenie!" Tina shouted. She never knew her sister to be so harsh. She normally loved the no maj and would look past their flaws.

"I'm merely saying the truth." Queenie took another sip.

Tina sighed. "They probably eat soup. It's not that hard to make a lot of. Actually I think I remember that last time I was there. Queenie…" Tina trailed on. She wondered her next words.

"Yes?" Queenie looked at Tina skeptically. She already knew what her sister wanted to say, but whether or not her sister had the guts to say it was the question.

"Do you think we have enough from for another person?" Tina asked meekly.

Queenie quietly spit out her tea. She held her lips together in a firm embrace as she looked at her sister. "What are you suggesting Tina?"

"If Credence can't live with his mother-"

"Adoptive mother," Queenie interjected.

"Then where else will he go? Where else can he go? A magic orphanage? At his age he probably won't be adopted." Tina took a sop of the tea, but it was too hot so she spit it out. She set the mug down on a wooden side table and let her mouth cool down.

"I want to help him as much as you do Tina, but we simply don't have enough room for another person. We only have our two beds. And it wouldn't be comfortable to sleep in chairs every night." Queenie leaned back in the chair.

"But it's better than an orphanage. We can get another bed and put it in the living room. Or use magic and extend the apartment a little." Tina looked outside after saying this. She didn't have enough confidence in her words to look at her sister.

Queenie breathed a heavy sigh. "We can't extend the apartment and it would be weird to sleep out here." Queenie watched her sister's neck tense and eyes blink. "I know it's better than an orphanage."

"How much different are we from Credence? Our parents died and left us this place to live in. His parents died and he got nothing. We have to help him Queenie," Tina pleaded, yet continued to look out the window.

Queenie bowed her head in thought as she stared down at her tea. The warmth coming off of the top of the cup made the sharp pain of her parents death more bearable.

Tina wondered if somewhere out there Credence was safe. She wondered if he knew what they were thinking and how they care a lot about him, even though his mother doesn't.

No one spoke for a couple minutes until Tina broke the silence. "The tea's good, what kind is it?" Tina took another sip. The tea had cooled down and had a slight spicy aftertaste to it.

Queenie jumped onto the new subject. "It's called Silent Night. I don't know what's in it, but I met this guy the other day and he said he came all the way from England to sell tea in the states. He used to make tea there, but wanted to branch out. He's a no maj, but I just love this tea. I had some this morning and it tasted so good. I wonder what he put in it? I wonder where he's gone now. I hope he's not outside. It's very cold and rainy. What do you think the weather is like in England?" Queenie continued to talk and talk as a way of forgetting the situation at hand.

"Cold and rainy. But in the summer sometimes it can get rather hot. Or at least that's what I am told." Tina paused. "Would you ever like to live somewhere else? You know, outside of the apartment. Maybe in a different city even?" She brought the conversation back to what was on her mind. No matter how much she wanted to talk about tea and forget about Credence, she couldn't.

"Tina!" Queenie slammed her cup against a side table. "Listen to yourself. This is our home. We are never going to leave. And even if we do, where would we work? Ilvermorny?"

Tina's lips tugged downwards. "I'm sorry Queenie. I shouldn't have said anything. Let's stop talking about this issue for tonight. Or at least until we know what to do."

"Yes, let's." Queenie stood up and took her and her sisters cup into the kitchen while Tina continued to sit and look out the window.

The feeling of never belonging gripped Credence right. Everywhere he went he felt like he could never be himself. If he ever dared to be himself, who he truely was, he knew no one would like him.

If his adopted mother found out about his secret, then he would be dead. Burned at the stake, beaten to death, or lynched. Either way he would be dead. He also feared of what Tina would think. Apart from his sisters, she's the only other person that he is comfortable with. And in his mind, being a wizard was the end-all-be-all worst thing possible.

He watched his mother, and the other children, from the far end of the large table they ate at. He barely touched his bowl of broth because he was already full from the calzone he ate with Tina and her interesting sister Queenie.

He felt a pit in his stomach grow deeper and deeper. The feeling that he should have never met Tina manifested itself in his heart.

"Credence! My boy, why aren't you eating your food. I spent all day laboring over it for us."

Credence look up from his bowl and made eye contact with his mother. Her glaring eyes made him feel sick.

"Surely you haven't had anything else to eat for dinner, have you?"

He instantly, and with a little too much vigor, shook his head. He feared for the worst. His mother knew something was up, and he was too afraid at this point to tell a lie.

"I-I'm feeling rather sick today. I'm not hungry." Both of these statements were true, but the reason he was sick was because of his mother staring at him with intent to kill.

"Is that so. Then even more of a reason to eat up. Eat it Credence!" The mother placed her hands on the table and leaned down towards Credence. The other kids stopped talking at watched as Credence moved away.

"Mother," Modesty spoke.

Both of them turned to her direction.

"I think it is fine. Especially if brother says he is sick. I'll eat his soup for him." Modesty reached over and took Credence's bowl.

The mother smiled and stood up straight. The other children continued with their chatter as they ate.

"You are always so kind Modesty. Unlike Credence. I will let you off the hook for now. But you can't have any soup tomorrow either. You are okay with that right?" The mother gave Credence a menacing side glance.

He nodded slowly. He would have eaten more of the calzone if he knew he wouldn't be able to eat the next day.

The mother left to talk with other children that came in to enjoy the soup. She wanted to make sure they knew about the mission of the new salemers.

Modesty scooted closer to Credence who was staring off into the distance. "I know you met that girl today. The nice one," Modesty whispered.

Credence stopped breathing and looked over at his sister with fear filled eyes.

"Don't worry, I won't tell her. What did she have to say? What did you eat?"

In a quiet voice Credence whispered "calzone. That is what they called it."

Modesty's eyes lit up and she smiled joyfully. "What did it taste like? What's in a calzone?"

He thought for a moment before responding. "Tomatoes and meat and bread. It was very hot."

"Sounds delicious." Modesty accidentally spoke too loud and caught the attention of their mother.

"What are you two talking about?" The mother shouted from the other side of the room. She gave both of them, ever her star child Modesty, a suspicious glance.

"I was telling Credence that the soup was very delicious today." Modesty lied with a straight convincing face. This slightly frightened Credence because he could barely tell a convincing lie.

The mother smiled. "Hear that boy, I hope you're hungry because you aren't getting anything." The mother went back to talking with the new children.

"What else did she say?" Modesty asked.

He thought of when Queenie mentioned the word magic. It was only used to describe the food, but the mere mention of that word made his spine crawl.

"That's it. She invited me over for food. And then I left."

"What was her house like? How many rooms does it have? Is it warm?" Modesty held an uncommon feeling of wonder in her heart as she thought about Tina's home and Credence's adventure.

"I-" Credence look at his mother with fear in his eyes. "Don't want to talk about it too much."

Modesty looked at their mother and nodded. She knew his fear because mother hated him the most out of all her children. But Modesty wanted so desperately to get out of her home and leave her mother. She wanted to hear about the real world like a child waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

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