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Epilogue: All's Well

In the office of Cardinal Richelieu, delight soon turned to anger, as Richelieu realised the device he had didn't work. "Milady, you failed again! How could you have let the Fifth Musketeer trick you again?"

"Madeline! Where did you go?" Miss Clavel was exclaiming, fright in her tone, but then the girl reappeared before her very eyes. "Madeline!"

"Oui, Miss Clavel?"

"What happened? You were gone for a second and then you came back!"

"Oh, this is a time travel device. I was visiting my great-great-great grandfather Albert de Parmagnan," Madeline replied with a smile.

"Your ancestor? Is he really your ancestor?"

"Oui, I'll show you the family tree later."

In his workshop, Albert saw Gertrude poke her head out of her mouse hole. He smiled and approached the rodent, kneeling down and holding out his hand for her to sit in. "Shall we dance, Gertrude?" He saw the mouse nod and started to sing the same song Madeline had taught him.