The Life of Naxx Septix

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Chapter 1: Moving

A couple days before

I'm Naxx Septix and I'm a half-vampire/half-human hybrid. I have an extremely pale face, big night black eyes, long silky hair all the way to half of my back, elven-like ears, blush pink lips, a cute pointy nose, and I'm about 5'2; pretty short, I know.

I am 14 years old and almost starting high school-I say almost starting because it's summer right now. My parents are.. um.. dead.

I live with my uncle Otis. He's a full vampire.

We always move around from place to place because of vampire hunters and because Otis doesn't like staying at one place for too long. We've been to Paris, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, etc... Over the times we've been to these many places, I've studied millions of different languages including this weird vampire language Otis teaches me from time to time...

This time, we are moving to a town called 'Bathory' in some place I don't know or recognize. Otis told me that we're moving there because they offered him a substitute job there and that he wanted to check on one of his friend's families... I wonder who?

"Night', Otis!," I said softly from my window seat on the slow moving airplane.

"Goodnight, Naxx. Remember to put a mind block," He replied.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," I sleepily replied. I was out in seconds.

The dream

I appeared at a small, quiet, and empty field. I looked around and saw a ton of colorful flowers. If I looked beyond the flowers, I could see the sun shining and coming slowly down for the moon to take it's place in the warm night air.

"Ahem," I heard a cough from someone behind me. The voice sounded like a boy around my age. Without another breath to spare, I swiftly turned around to meet this mysterious boy...

He had a pale, slightly a bit tanned face, big black eyes that you could've stared into all day or night, dark black hair that was in a cute messy style like he just got out of bed, pale and regular face features, and he was like, 5'4.

While I was sorta checking him out, he seemed to do the same as well... I'm guessing he kinda knew I was looking at him, so he met my eyes and we just stood there for a moment, staring at each others' eyes and not breaking contact. He seemed so familiar to me, but I wasn't sure how I would have met him.

Needing to know who he was, I asked him, "Who are you?"

He replied by cautiously saying, "I'm Vlad, Vladimir Tod. Who are you?"

"I'm Naxx Septix."

"Are you... A vampire..." he whispered slowly. Vlad whispered something after, but I couldn't make out what it was.

Obviously, my answer was, "No, why would I be?" Rule one of vampirism: don't talk about being a vampire in front of some stranger.

This was getting weird. My usual conversations with people didn't start with "Are you a vampire," but this was definitely a dream.

Always one for cautiousness, I tried to fake a little chuckle.

"I don't know... You just seem like one I guess..." Vlad said trailing off.

"How would you know if someone looked like a vampire... What are you one?" I said, trying to throw him off my trail by sounding a little cocky-ish.

"No, but I'm half..." Wait, what? He's definitely messing with me.

"How's that possible? . ."

"I don't know, I guess one of my parents was a vampire and one was human." Uh, yeah, there's no other way I can think of making a vamp-human hybrid, but if there was any chance he was telling the truth...

"Well, we half-vamps gotta stick together," I said.

"Wait, you're one too?" He sounded surprised, but why would he ask me if I was a vampire earlier?

"Yeah, sorry about being so skeptical earlier. We should be friends or members of some half-vampire support group."

"That sounds great!"

"Do you have a lot of friends wherever you're at?"

"Sadly, no... Everyone just calls me a freak because I usually only wear black. They think I'm really into goth or something.." He sounded pretty bummed out.

"I know how you feel; that's the same for me at every school I go to."

"What school do you go to now?," Vlad asked.

"I'm actually on an airplane right now. I'm moving to a town called Bathory. I think they only have one high school there."

"Really, I live there!" This dream is getting more and more coincidental..

"Wow, … doesn't that seem weird... both of us are half-vampires, the same age, and we're meeting in this dream at some random field?"

"Yeah, this seems bizarre... But this isn't some random field, it's by the high school."

"No kidding! I'm definitely checking this out then."

"Do you want to meet somewhere so both of us know this isn't just a dream?" My imagination is going haywire or this is some weird half-vampire thing we've just discovered, but I need to get to the bottom of this.

"Sure, where?"

"What about the front of the high school before the first day of school?"

"That sounds fantastic!" New friend at the new school-check!

Before both of us knew it, we started drifting farther apart. Until eventually, poof... Back to a dark, dreamless state of being.

Back on the plane

"Naxx, Naxx!" Otis yelled-whispered in my ear.

"Whaaaat?" I wiped my drowsy eyes, getting ready for a lecture.

"Who was in your dream?"

"It was, like a random half-vampire like me, why?"

"I thought I told you to put your mind block up!" He sounded angry, but there wasn't much I could do now about the situation.

"You told me that when I was half-asleep, so I didn't even have time to do the mind block thingy."

"Just be careful, it's not safe," Otis snapped. Hopefully he'd be in a better mood later.

A while afterwards...

"We are beginning to land; you can take your seat belts off now," A lady from the airplane staff said, her monotone voice dripping with boredom.

Otis and I then, as the lady said we could do, took off our seat belts.

"Hey, Otis, what kinda place are we gonna live at?" I asked, hoping it wouldn't be an old apartment.

"We might live at my friend's house if he's okay with it, or we might move to a nearby house."

"Sounds great!" Yay, no old apartments this time!

The same bored lady on the intercom: "Please take all of your belongings and go to the exit nearest to you."

We picked up all of our things and headed down the stairs to the hot summer sun. I got some drinks from a nearby vending machine while Otis hailed a cab for us.

Eventually, we got into the cab and started our drive to Bathory. . .

Arriving at Bathory:

Otis payed the cab driver while I started getting our stuff out of the back trunk. He grabbed some of our heavier luggage and we walked to the front door. Ding, Dong!

After a couple of seconds, a woman opened the door. She looked like she was in her mid-30' she saw Otis, her mood seemed to drop.

"Hello, how are you Otis?" It felt like she was trying to keep her composure for whatever reason.

"I'm fine, but Nelly, where's Tomas?" I'm guessing Otis was expecting this Tomas person at the door, not Nelly.

"He and Mellina died... about 5-8 years ago from a fire that destroyed the house," Nelly said. That explains her expression earlier.

"Then... what happened to Vlad?," Otis said looking baffled that Tomas and Mellina died.I'd be surprised that Otis didn't know that his friend died, but I've seen Otis catching up with too many people to be surprised anymore. Vampires lived so long that it was only a matter of time before someone you knew kicked the bucket.

"He's with his friend Henry."

"Okay, so are you his guardian now then?" Otis said, he was still shocked.


Otis seemed like he was ready to leave now.

"Thank you for letting me know. W-we'll be leaving because we need to get a place..." With that, we started walking back to the curb to grab another cab.


Otis and I turned around.

"Why are you back here Otis?" He laughed, sounding like he was trying to pull himself together.

"I got a new teaching job at the high school here and I wanted to see how Tomas and his family was..."

"You're more than welcome visit again, we have some catching up to do." I guess they were mutual friends of Tomas and Mellina.

"Will do."

After that interesting encounter, Otis called a cab and we were driven off to a lakeside hotel that was a couple of minutes away from Nelly's.

Otis got us 2 rooms that were right next to each other. Thankfully, each room had 2 black dressers, one big screened TV, a blood red desk, and a bathroom with a big hot tub. If I had to take a guess, we'd be staying here until our living situation was sorted out.

This whole day was tiring me out physically and mentally. I had so many questions, but now was not the time to ask questions.

When I went to my room, I immediately opened up my bags and put all of my items on the floor or desk.

I jump/slammed down on the plushy, soft king bed and fell asleep dreaming about what would happen on the day me and Vladimir Tod would meet. . .

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