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It was lunchtime at Hollywood Arts. André threw his lunch on the table in an act of annoyance. "Have any of you seen Beck today?" he said.

"He's at the hospital, probably," Cat replied.

"What makes you say that?" André paused. "Wait a minute… is Jade having the baby?" Before anyone could answer, Tori's phone went off. "Hey, who texted?"

Tori took her phone out of her purse and gasped. "Beck did. It's a picture message!" she said excitedly. She opened the message. "Aww! Guys, look! Jade had the baby!"

She showed André, Robbie and Cat the picture of little Evan with his parents. "Aww, he's adorable!" Cat squealed. "He's like a little Beck crossed with a bit of Jade!"

"He looks like a demon," Rex commented.

"No he doesn't! He looks sweet!" She grabbed Tori's phone and stared at the picture. "Guys, we have to go visit them!"

"Wait, right now?" Robbie asked her.

"Well, why not?" André said, chiming in with Cat. "It's not like we're gonna be missed. It IS finals week."

"I agree," Tori said.

"Then let's go!"

The friends made their way to Cat's car (which Robbie and André were reluctant to enter) when they saw Helen in the car next to it. "Where do you guys think you're going?" she demanded.

"We're going to the hospital," Cat said brightly.

Helen crinkled her eyebrows. "For what?"

Immediately, everyone looked at Tori, who sighed. "Jade had the baby last night," she said. "We're going to visit them."

Helen smiled. "As I said before, I DO love babies. Always wanted to have one of my own. The closest I ever got was Drake Parker, who was like a son to me…"

"So we can go?" André asked.

Helen's smile remained. "Nope. You may stay and go visit after school."

"Dang it!" Robbie whined. "I was hoping that I could skip Theatrical Art today."

At that moment, Helen's smile faded. "You aren't skipping anything, Mr. Shapiro."

"But I'm bad at art…"

"Stop complaining," Rex muttered. "Before the whole world starts tuning you out."

2:45 came and the friends piled in Cat's car and made the half-hour drive to the hospital. Tori and Cat led the boys to the room Jade was in and were greeted by Beck. "Hey guys," he whispered, a huge grin on his face. "Come on in. I'd like you to meet someone."

Beck led the group inside and saw Jade holding a tiny, yellow bundle. "Hi," Jade said, looking abnormally happy. "Guys, this is Evan. Evan Julius Oliver-West."

"Aww, he's taking both your last names?" Cat said happily.

"Well, he has to. He's gonna be living with both of us. Me on the weekdays, Beck on the weekends, until he gets older."

Cat nodded, pretending to understand, while André put his arm around Beck. "Hey, congratulations, man!" he said, a smile on his face. "You're a daddy!"

Beck smiled. "I know," he said. "I can't wait for you to experience this, man… minus the fainting part."

"Trust me, that's won't be for awhile… and what fainting?"

Beck looked embarrassed as he told the story to André as Tori and Cat went up to Jade's bedside. "Jade, he really is adorable," Cat said. "He has your pout…"

Jade put on an evil smile. "He lived inside me for 39 weeks. I'd be surprised if he didn't," she replied. She put her finger in Evan's palm, and Evan grasped it. "He also inherited my grasp." She sighed. "Guys, thank you so much for your support throughout the school year." She looked at Tori. "Especially you."

Tori pointed at herself. "Why me?" she wanted to know. "What did I do?"

"You convinced me to hang on to this little guy, and you kept your word for keeping your mouth shut about my pregnancy, even though the whole school found out. And that baby shower you and Cat threw for me was amazing." Jade closed her eyes. "And I absolutely mean my thank you."

Tori smiled. "Come on, give Tori a hug!"

"I kind of can't. My arm is a little full…"

"Then one arm hug!" Tori gave Jade a one arm hug and Jade wore a sarcastic smile. "Congratulations, mother."

"Thanks, Aunt Tori."

Soon, the friends left and Beck and Jade were alone with Evan. "What do we do now?" Beck asked her.

"I have no idea," Jade muttered, her eyes closing. "It's been a really long 24 hours. I say we sleep."

Beck nodded. "Sleep sounds good, actually."

Beck put Evan in the portable crib and fell asleep in the chair next to Jade's bed. After awhile, Jade murmured, "Hey, Beck, you can sleep in the bed with me if you want."

Beck yawned. "Alright," he said drowsily, climbing onto the bed. "But we're not having sex."

"Why not?"

Beck was surprised. "Do you not know of the situation we just went through?"

Jade giggled. "Yeah, I know." She put her arm over Beck. "We're going to be great parents, aren't we?"

Beck nodded. "Indeed we are." He rolled over so he was facing Jade. "The best little Evan could ever get."

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