Hello amazing readers, Kimberley here!

In Classical Studies we are currently studying how they wrote prayers in Ancient Greece/Rome and this is what I came up with. It is supposed to be a prayer from the great controversial Athenian playwright Aristophanes to the Muses in order to write his play, The Frogs. I suppose you'd have to read The Frogs to fully understand what this is about. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Enjoy!

Now, O Muses, or what it is you wish to be called.

I humbly prayer, give me inspiration

To fill this empty page in front of me.

Fill my empty mind with words that rhyme,

But still have both purpose and meaning.

You have the power to capture Athena's wisdom

And craft and to make words of influence appear on my page.

O Muses, clear my mind of unnecessary thought

And give me a rush of enlightenment,

So I can write these poems with wit and clarity.

With this, I promise to write poems

Worthy of first place at every festival this year

That celebrates the god of wine and of our great city.

If not, I will not get my message across

To the people whose minds I wish to stimulate,

And forewarn them of what trouble may come

If they continue their self inflicted demise.

Tell me Muse, how to convince these people

Who pray to Dionysus

To heed my warnings,

And save their beloved city.

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