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Warning: Richard (the warlock needs his own warning), randomness and hints of Yaoi.

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A Little bit of Richale

"So this has never happened to you before?"


"Not at all?"


"So you have never been dangled over a pit of lava by tiny men with spears tied to an undead corpse wearing a blue top hat?"

"No, Richard- wait. Where did you get the top hat?"

"Our lives are in danger of perishing, via lava, and that's what you focus on? Why aren't you afraid?"

"Richard, after going on a journey with you, and falling in love with you, and your love for random killing sprees of stupidity, nothing scares me."

"... Awe, I love you too, Cale."

"Will you just kill them now and get us out of here?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

A few minutes later, the undead warlock was making puppets from the remains of the mole people, who had captured him and the blonde elf, and making said puppets dance as his exasperated lover watched shaking his head.

"Really, Richard?"


"Nothing, Dick."

-Line break-

Midnight: There is my tribute to the Richard/Cale (or Richale) fandom. Yay! Hopefully this will now motivate more Richale fans to write some Richale fanfics! Hehehehe!

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