**I AM BACK! (: So, I wrote this the other day during photography while pretending to do work (not smart of me, I know). Actually, this was influenced before Winter Vacation started when I emailed my friend 'once upon a time, Henry went to the supermarket. The end'. She didn't respond, of course, but I decided to expand the idea. Plus, today I wrote 'supermarket' randomly and laughed about it (I was high on sugar at the time). Please review**

Henry and Natalie were at school when all of a sudden Henry began to walk away. "Hey, where are you going?" Natalie shouted. When Henry didn't respond, Natalie groaned, "Oh no! He's being dragged into another one of those fanfics!"

In the actual world, the author went to go visit her friend Angela, who was sick and bored. "How about a story to cheer you up?" the author said cheerfully. Angela nodded, and the author opened what looked like a storybook, cleared her throat and began:

"It's called 'Henry Goes to the Supermarket'. Once upon a time, it was after school, so Henry decided to go to the supermarket. School always worked up an appetite for him, especially since his last class was Spanish, which he referred to as "spinach", because he doesn't like Spanish or spinach. Anyway, so he went to the supermarket to buy some food."

Henry, who heard everything that the author was saying, decided to respond. "Wait a second!" Henry shouted. "Why don't I go home to eat?"

The author heard Henry and responded back. "I'm getting to that. Anywho, Henry didn't go home to get food for three reasons. One, because his older sister Emily always brought friends over after school, and every single on of them had a crush on Henry, which frightened the living crap out of him. Plus, he didn't wanna be eating around them anyway. Two, there wasn't any good food around the house, according to him. Poor Henry had to eat Special K Cereal instead of Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts for breakfast today. The third reason is because I said so."

"'Because I said so' is a fallacy, idiot."

"I do not care. So Henry walked through the aisles of the supermarket, looking for something good to eat. He passed by Brussels sprouts, spinach and frozen peas. "These are disgraces to food," he muttered. When he got to the candy aisle, he had a party. Literally, he texted for Natalie to meet him in the candy aisle of the supermarket and they partied. They threw gumdrops in the air, danced to the music playing throughout the story, if only they liked Daughtry, and, basically, the had a jolly good time… only for the manager to approach them and ask them what the heck they were up to. "We're just in the candy aisle," Henry said innocently. The manager didn't care about that and got very angry, so he threw Henry and Natalie out of the supermarket.

"The moral of this story is NEVER go to the supermarket with Henry… and don't meet him in the candy aisle of the supermarket either." The author closed the storybook and sighed happily. "The end."

Henry and Natalie snapped back to reality. "Why are we in front of the supermarket?" Natalie wanted to know.

"I don't know," Henry replied, then he grinned. "Wanna go to the candy aisle?"


So Henry and Natalie went to the candy aisle and saw a huge gumdrop mess. "Ew! Who'd do such thing?" they shouted.

The manager came up behind them. "Not you guys again!" he shouted. "I thought I kicked you guys out after making this mess!"

"Wait, we made this mess?" Natalie asked.

"Yes. The 2 of you were acting like a bunch of Looney Tunes and were dancing and throwing these gumdrops, which, by the way, you need to pay for."

"But I don't recall us… NO!" Natalie sighed. "I hate fanfiction authors…"

"Me too," Henry agreed.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but the 2 of you are gonna clean up this mess and pay for the gumdrops," the manager shouted. He walked away and Henry and Natalie reluctantly cleaned up the mess.

The end!