**okay, this is kind of stupid. I wrote this out of boredom after my Spanish final. I dedicate this to my Spanish buddies Mónica, Mercedes, Fe and Charlene (not their real names, of course). Please review**

Henry stared at the clock. It was Friday afternoon. The time was 2:58 pm. His math teacher was going on and on and on and on and ON about logarithms, which he really didn't give a crap about. He looked around the classroom. Everyone was taking notes, except for him, of course.

He looked at the clock again. 2:59. He sighed and drummed his fingers to the beat of Daughtry and wished that he could climb out the window. The teacher wouldn't notice. She was too busy explaining why things were what they were; "because I said so".

15 seconds til 3:00. "Weekend. Weekend. Weekend. Weekend. Weekend," Henry muttered.

"Henry, are you paying attention?" the teacher wanted to know.

Henry glanced at the clock. "5! 4! 3! 2! 1!" The bell rang and Henry jumped up. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

"Happy New Year? Henry, do you know the Change of Base formula for the quiz on Monday?"

Henry paused. "Maybe…"

"Then you'll be staying an extra half hour so you learn it."

Henry sighed and sat back down, only to look at the clock again…