**okay. It's the sequel to the sequel! This idea hit me suddenly a few days ago and I HAD to write it… but not all credit is mine. Many thanks go out to iNvIsIbLe GiRl 12 who gave me an idea for both the title and a name (which you've probably read in the summary) and my 7 year old sister for influencing the idea (she's really weird btw). This chapter is a little jumpy, but I wanna get into details, so please forgive me for that. Please review**

Diana wanted to cry. She had to cry. It was the trend that would never end. A couple of months after Gabe died, she got pregnant with Natalie. Now it was a year since the day Natalie died, and she was pregnant again. However, she was also alone. She had left Dan about a month earlier to deal with her grief in her own way, but she could tell now that she had to go back… but would Dan allow it? "Probably not," she decided.

A couple of months later, fate brought her other plans. She went to the mall one day, when she heard a familiar voice call, "Di!" Diana turned and saw Dan running towards her. "Diana, thank God you're alive! Why have you been gone this long time? Why won't you come home?"

"Dan," Diana tried to say, but she started crying.

"Diana, it's okay. Come home. I miss you. I've been so lonely all this long time. Come on. Everything'll be alright."

"No it won't. Dan, nothing will ever be alright. I…"

"You're what? It's okay. You can tell me anything."

Diana sighed. I can't tell him, she thought. He can't know that… "I'm pregnant," Diana blurted out. "I know you probably want nothing to do with it, even though it is our 3rd, so that is why nothing is okay, okay?"

"No. Di, you're wrong. Who said I don't want anything to do with it. Even if it wasn't mine, I'd still want to be there. A child deserves both a mother and a father. I know things have been nuts since Nat died, but we can't give up all hope."

"You're right. I'm sorry. Dan, life just hasn't been going right for any of us. We can't risk messing up this one."

"We won't. It'll be fine. Don't worry. Think about it this way: it wasn't our fault Gabe died, Natalie died cuz people teased her for her dead brother… all we have to do is keep Gabe and Nat a secret. Nobody will ever have to know."

Diana thought for a moment. "That sounds great. Dan, I'm really sorry for leaving you."

"It's okay. All you have to do is come home."

So the next months flew past rather quickly and then the day came when the baby was born. And it was a girl. "What shall we name her?" Diana asked.

Dan did not know what to say. "I think I'm the crazy one now," he said, not bearing to look at the little girl. "She reminds me so much of Nat, like Nat reminded you of Gabe." Dan thought a moment longer. "How about Jessica?"

Diana nodded in agreement. "I like it."

So time went by, and by the time Jessica was 3, she knew something was up. "Daddy," she said to Dan one day. "Why don't I have a sister?"

"Well, technically, you…" Dan began, but then he coughed. "I mean, uh, it's cuz we love you so much, we don't want more."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am. I love you, Jess, and so does your mom. Now go on."


She left, and Dan sighed. "That could've gotten bad."

Jessica walked upstairs and noticed a room that she had never been in. She opened the door and saw an old bed, piles of clothes and, truthfully, a big mess. "Why is this room messy?" she wondered out loud.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Diana yelled. She shut the door. "Jessica, do NOT go in there!"


"Because that's where ghosts live."

Jessica's eyes grew wide. "Ghosts?"

"Yes, ghosts."

Jessica screamed and ran downstairs. "GHOSTS!"

A couple minutes later, Dan approached Diana and hit her. "Seriously?" he whispered sharply. "You told our daughter that ghosts live in Natalie's old bedroom?"

"It's possible…" Diana tried to say.

"Look, the point of this is to not kill her. This isn't the most orthodox thing in the world, but, until she's old enough to understand, we have to lie to her."

"Lie? Dan, I don't know…"

"Well, she can never know about Gabe and Nat. Do I make that clear? And tell her that there are no such things as ghosts. The only ghosts that live here are your hallucinations."

Dan left and Diana reluctantly went to tell Jessica that there were no such things as ghosts.