15 words of love and hate

Saiyuki, Saiyuki Gaiden, Loveless, and Kyo Kara Maoh

For the 15 word meme on LJ.

First Time, 4 and 6 (Conrad, Yuri)
Was it wrong for them to give in so easily? Trembling lips…breaths, breathed no.

Angst, 7 (Kenren)
Their entwined limbs and secret glances wasn't doing a damn thing to him at all.

AU, 1 and 8 (Hakkai, Ritsuka)
Students like him made teaching a joy. Too bad that blond kept him so close.

Threesome, 3, 6, 9 (Tenpou, Yuri, Soubi) ***BTW, this is just WRONG!***
Dark rooms, transfer students and TAs made the most interesting photographic models to practice with.

Hurt/Comfort, 5 and 10 (Sanzo, Konzen)
Sometimes he thought he was going crazy…skulk away and lick one's own wounds. Please.

Crack, 1 (Hakkai)
He wondered, briefly, if the Gods ever peeped when they were 'being fruitful and multiplying'.

Horror, 10 (Konzen)
Mirror images, half remembered dreams; soulless eyes burning Hell's fire, wrapped in chubby fingers bleeding.

Baby Fic, 5 and 9 (Sanzo, Soubi)
Ritsuka stifled a giggle at the two blondes diapers sagging. Neither willing to cry first.

Dark, 2 and 8 (Gojyo, Ritsuka)
He knew that look, dead, soulless, struggling to live, searching. He was like that once.

Romance, 4 and 7 (Conrad, Kenren)
The flowers were a nice touch, though he really could have done without the sake.

Death Fic, 2 and 3 (Gojyo, Tenpou)

It was wrong that he had to see it again…red fading to black…then to nothing.