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"What is your name, anyways?" Tony asked the boy with the spiky hair. They were still getting over their initial shock.

"Uhh, Jake Long." Jake answered. Tony stuck out a hand gentlemanly.

"Nice to meet you…I think." Tony muttered the last part to himself; this kid was leaving a pretty strange first impression so far. He wasn't too sure this 'Jake' kid was right in the head.

Jake took Tony's hand and shook it, eyes still wide open.

"Well I did tell you I was smart." Tony defended. Their shocked stares were getting annoying.

They got rid of their shock and moved on to more important matters.

"So, what you're telling us is you're from a different dimension, and you don't know your way back because this…AIM guy, he had the technology that you didn't ever think of inventing?" Jake asked.

"Yes." Tony answered. Jake nodded and scratched his chin with his pointer finger and thumb.

"Well, technology may have brought you here, but magic will have to bring you back." Jake explained. Tony laughed.

"Yeah, right. What, are you going to play the dimensional card trick, or pull a portal to my world out of a hat?" Tony smirked. Jake was getting irritated at this point.

"NO, because magic is real, and there's such a thing in the magical world that may just be able to help you." Jake explained.

"Fu, you know anything that can get him home?" Jake asked, looking over his shoulder to the dog sitting in the back room. Fu walked out, on two legs, holding an old, dusty and worn book.

"Your dog can walk on two legs? What, is it a robot?" Tony asked, curious.

"NO, I am not a robot! I'm a talking dog, isn't that easy to understand?" Fu defended himself.

"Yeah, right. That's got to be a robot." Tony finalized.

"Does it look like I'm made of metal? No! Just wrinkles of skin." Fu slapped his belly.

"Look, I'm going to explain this to you slowly. Magic, is real. That, is a talking dog," Jake pointed to Fu, "Me and gramps are dragons, and there's a whole magical world parallel to ours." Jake finished explaining. Tony stayed silent for a moment.

"Prove it." Tony demanded. Jake sighed. He'd just about had it with this Tony kid, but he knew it was the right thing to help him.

Jake dragoned up. Tony was surprised.

"No holograms? No technology at all?" Tony asked.

"No, none." Tony was really taken aback now. Maybe, since he was in a whole different dimension, and things were different in this world, magic could be real….

"Fine, I believe you. For now." Tony caved. He wasn't going to waste time on this, because he had to get back home, to his friends, where they were sure to be worrying.

Rhodey sat at his seat, dumbstruck. One moment, Tony had been there; the next, gone. He shook his head in disbelief.

"Tony?" He finally spoke aloud. No answer. No visuals. Maybe they'd turned him invisible, and he was unconscious. But, no, because the AIM guy had opened a black hole in the middle of the sky that Tony had disappeared into, and the AIM guy had told Tony Enjoy the trip, Iron Man. A trip, a black hole, Tony gone? It was clear, but he couldn't bring himself to believe it. He knew it was true, but he didn't want to admit it. Tony was in a whole other dimension.

He turned his head to Pepper, who was staring absently at the spot where her friend had just been fighting. She stared into the nothingness, at the empty skyline that appeared as the sun began to set. She watched as the sun set over the ocean, and remembered all the times that she watched the sun set with Tony; no matter how much he just wanted to get back to his work, or sleep, (although that was rare, for Tony to actually want to sleep,) or whatever else he wanted to do at the moment, he willingly stayed by her side. It gave her the feeling he wasn't there for the sunset, and he didn't mind standing there with him. But no, it wasn't that way, because they were only friends. At least, that's what she told herself. She wasn't so sure of it anymore. She sometimes felt a little something more, and then pushed it away because it scared her to think that they could be something more; Tony wasn't the best at committing, especially since he blew off his friends for work almost all the time.

"Is he…gone?" She spoke. Rhodey nodded. They were speechless. Then, very suddenly, Rhodey whipped out his phone and dialed Tony's cell. No answer. He dialed once more. Still no answer.

"Oh no. He's not answering his phone! He's really gone, Rhodey, what are we going to do?" Pepper worried.

"Pepper. Don't worry. I have a plan."

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