Hey a guys this is my first fan fiction and it's about zayn malik. I have not yet thought about an appropriate title. Hope you guys will like it xx 3


Alia Bhatt is a rich teenage girl who is the daughter of Indian director and producer. She has to move from India to Bradford for high school studies she would be staying there alone. But the malik's are here dad good friend are going to take care of alia. And an expected alia would be send as the same school as zayn. They hate each other and zayn goes to x factor. And alia returns to India and become a famous actress

But what would happen after one direction hits India and finds out that alia is now a very famous bollywood actress. And what happen they meet?


Alia Bhatt as alia Bhatt

Zayn malik as zayn malik

Siddharth malhotra as rushal

Deepika padukone as Tanya

One direction as one direction