My creepypasta romance

By TidalWaveKitty (or sandstormer)

It started out as a pretty average day, wake up, go to work, come home, have lunch, animate a little bit, but thats when the phone rang. People don't call me very often so I figured it was important or something. As I bolted from my study to the kitchen, I nearly tripped over something but I didn't look to see what it was. I quickly picked up the phone "Hello?" I panted "Hey, you wanna go out drinkin', you know has a girls night out, oh by the way this is Jay." thank god, I thought it was some crazy person calling, "Sure Jay, I'd love that, we haven't done it in awhile either so it will be good for us to talk, right?" "Yea, that's kinda why I thought it'd be nice to go out," Jay said "anyway I'll come and pick you up at 6:30, 'kay?" it was only 5 o' clock "Sure thang, I'll be ready." I thought it was a wonderful idea. "Great I'll see you th- *beeeeeep*" the phone rang out, alerting me that she had hung up. Weird, call must have been dropped or something.

I put the phone back in it's place and walked back to my study, thats when I stopped to look at the thing I had tripped on. It was my little Elegy of Emptiness statue. "Silly Ben, how did you get off your shelf?" I questioned mostly to myself rubbing the black and red paint on put on his eyes to make it look like the real Ben. I put it back in the spot it belonged and continued to my study.

~Time skip to 7:00~

Jay and I laughed loudly not really caring who heard our loud out burst. Jay grabbed the edge of the table as she nearly slipped of her chair. "Oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in ages *hehe* anyway, Sam I've thinking," "Oh, that's dangerous." I snickered "Sam, I'm being serious. We should look for boyfriends, I mean look at us. Two 18 who don't have boyfriends, like people will think there's something wrong with us." she was always way too over dramatic when she tries to be serious. "Yea, well look around you then, we're in a bar for goodness sake."

-Jake's P.O.V.-

Ben snickered as I grudgedly drank the shot. Alcohol was always so sour and nasty tasting to me, maybe from eatting people :/ who knows? As I sat the glass down Ben jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow "Hey Jack, I think I just found the perfect girls for us." as I turned to look where he was pointing I was glad I wore my mask, 'cause I'm sure I turned 3 shades of red, the girls were both pretty cute, but the one girl stood out more, don't ask why or how, it just felt weird. I ahd to go and talk to her, but with Ben it would be hard. " You see somethin' you like over there buddy?" he jabbed me in the ribs again. "Maybe." I mumbled. He snickered again, "M'kay, you can I the burnette if you want." I frowned. She was obviously an aubrey, but you can always trust Ben to never care about that stuff. Ben then grabbed my arm and dragged me over with him stopping in front on the table.

dun dun DUNN!

total cliffhanger, im such a jerk XD anyways i hope you enjoy and stick around for the next parts thank you so much,

AN: i do not own any creeypasta people..i wish i did -3- but i do own sam and jay :D