"Well, you took your sweetass time didn't you." A gruff voice came from in the dark.

Abel tensed as the door slid shut behind him, but relaxed when he realised it was just Cain, whose voice had become rough from alcohol and lack of sleep.

"I was working." He replied, changing his clothes before sitting down on the makeshift bed beside the other guy. "Which I never see you doing. What do you fighters actually do? Other than fight of course."

Cain rolled over to face Abel.

"I save your pretty ass don't I?" He speaks cockily.

"Since when?" Abel replied, frustrated. Work had been stressful.

"Since always. Now lay down ." Cain replied, pulling the male down by his wrist.

Abel shifted to get comfortable "Why? Its not like you're going to let me sleep anyway. I have to get up early in the morning."

"What? How come?" He asked

"I work Cain." Abel replied bluntly

"but you came back late? How many hours are you taking?" He furrowed his eyebrows

"That's beside the point. The point is, I won't get to sleep anyway." Abel sighed

"C'mere." He opened his arms, and pulled Abel into a hug

"What? Since when do you actually want me near you other than for sex?" He asked, confused

"Oh, would you rather me like Praxis? 'Oooh Abel you should stop hanging around you're fighter who is totally not trying to help you' Yeah, I'll just stay how I am thank you." He spoke with a stupid impersonation

"Jesus Christ, you always bring him up. What are you, jealous?" Abel joked

"… No"

"Oh my god, Cain? Are you really jealous?" He laughed

"No, why would I need to be jealous of that Cyclops pervert?" He spoke, kissing Abel next to his lips. "I have my princess right where I want him" He moved the kiss to Abels mouth, keeping it innocent for once. Abel pressed his lips against Cains, but blinked in shocked when Cain pulled back.

"That was the least sexual kiss you have given me in a month. What gives?" Abel asked in shock.

"Nothing. Okay fine, I'm drunk, but that's beside the fucking point." Cain growled

"Where do you even get all the alcohol from?"

"Encke. When you're fucking someone like Keeler, you get privileges."

"What? They're… together?" Abel blushed

"Yeah, its fucking obvious." He answered

"Is it really necessary to swear all the time?" He lectured

"Yes." Blunt. As always.

Cain shifted from where he was laying, to turn to face Abel. Abel looked up and saw Cain smiling softly at him. Abel almost thought he looked cute. If it wasn't for the amount of douchebaggery he usually went around with, Abel would want to spend all his time with this man.

"But, I'll actually let you get some sleep. God knows I need it."

"Actually, where have you been the past few nights?" He inquired

"Doing my job."

"So you mean almost killing every fighter out there?" Abel asked jokingly

"Yes." Cain replied with a serious tone

Abel let out a sigh and tried to get some sleep.

He was almost asleep when he felt Cain get up from next to him.

"Where are you going?" Abel asked in a mumbled tone, that sounded like "..mwere you gonmeg?" to Cain

"Just out." Cain answered as he tied the laces to his boots.

Abel sat up, ruffling his own hair before looking up to Cain

"Go back to sleep. You can kill someone tomorrow."

"Oh, so I have your permission to kill?" Cain grinned wolfishly, taking his shoes off and moving towards the bed

"No, don't. I don't want you kicked out." Abel sighed

"Yeah cause I'm the best fighter you've ever had." He said, pulling himself under the covers

Abel moved towards him, almost snuggling into Cains chest.

"Because you're the best person I've ever had."

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