The crossover story of Iron Man Armored Adventures and Deltora Quest

Disclamier:I don't own Iron Man Armored Adventures or Deltora Quest

Chapter 1 Mysterious Rings

At Gene Khan's house in China...

"I'm the Mandarin the most powerful."Said Mandarin to Ultimo that send by the Makluans to get the rings back.

The Ultimo shoot the laser to him and he's fell on the ground. The five Sunturions fly to him and capture him.

"No the rings!"Said Mandarin and he's use his teleport ring and teleport him and the robots to the other side

of planet Maklu-4 in the Shadowland but the other 9 rings had teleport into land of Deltora.

"Where am I?and where the rings!"Asked Mandarin

"We're on the other side of planet Maklu-4."Said Sunturion

"What!you can talk?!"Asked Mandarin

"Yes why?"Asked Sunturion

"But I never heard you or you talk before."Said Mandarin

"Every of robots of Makluans can talk like us except the Ultimos and Grey Gargoyles. And now back to business."Said Sunturion and they're put they swords out to fight him.

"Before we will fight I want to ask one question?"Said Mandarin

"Yes."Said Sunturion

"Where am I?"Asked Mandarin

"We're on the other side of planet Maklu-4 the Shadowland."Said Sunturion


"The Ak-Baba. RUN!"Said Sunturion

"The Ak what?"Asked Mandarin

"Ak-Baba the monsters of Shadowland."Said Sunturion

"Run to the light side of land!they won't follow us!"Said Sunturion

"I need my rings back!"Said Mandarin

"I don't know maybe it fall on the light side called Deltora."Said Sunturion

At the Forest of The Silence...

"Ahh a beautiful forest hmm what is this?"Asked Jasmine

"A ring?and what's strange language."Said Jasmine

Later at the palace...

"I never see anything like this before."Said Barda

"How did you found it?"Asked Lief

"In the forest."Said Jasmine

"I don't know what is it but it's look like a weapon."Said Barda

"Maybe it's magic ring."Said Jasmine and she's wear it and become the Mandarin.

"What's happened to me?"Asked Jasmine

"I don't know it's somekind of armor like-dragon."Said Barda

Back to the Sunturions...

"We did it!"Said Sunturion

"Wait!where's Gene Khan?"Asked Sunturion

"He's go to the city of Del. It's a nearest place."Said Sunturion

"Okay Ultimo you go to Del and capture Gene Khan and I need him alive."Said Sunturion

At the city of Del the Mandarin arrive and get the ring out from his finger and return to be Gene Khan.

"Okay this is Deltora."Said Gene

"I'm starving but I don't have a money."Said Gene


"What's that!?"Asked Doom

"A metal-giant!?"Asked Jasmine

"Ultimo."Said Gene and he's wear his ring and become the Mandarin.

"Look that's guy have a ring too!"Said Jasmine

"Maybe this is his ring."Said Barda

"Are you need me and my ring?come and get it!"Said Mandarin and he's fly to Ultimo's head and create Vacuum Explosions to it head and

he's go inside it mouth and create Vacuum Explosions again and destroy it.
"Wow that's amazing!"Said Jasmine

"Who are you?"Asked Doom

"I'm the Mandarin or the other name."Said Mandarin he get the helmet out and show his face.

"Is Gene Khan."Said Gene

"You're a wizard?"Asked Barda

"No I'm a human like you but have a dragonseed."Said Gene

"Dragonseed?"Asked Lief

"Are you don't know?"Asked Gene

"Know what?"Asked Doom

"Deltora and Shadowland are not only kingdom at here. It's have another called Makluan Empire it's on other side of this planet."Said Gene

And Gene explain everything about the Makluan Empire,Makluan Rings,Iron Man and the other to them.

"Wow you defeat all gaurdians of those rings with them!"Said Jasmine

"Yes and can you give that ring back to me?"Asked Gene

"Oh yes."Said Jasmine

"Ahh 2 down 8 to go."Said Gene