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This is chapter 13, I Don't Care Much. If you've only seen the movie, Cabaret, the story from this point on will confuse you. Also, this is going to be the second to last chapter. It was going to be named Cabaret, but there are two songs in this chapter. And Cabaret was the less touching in my opinion. If you think otherwise, search "I Don't Care Much cabaret" and listen to it. It's emotional.

To all KH fans who've never heard of Cabaret before this story, well, prepare to be shocked and amazed at the fail plot pairings from this point on.

Xion didn't respond to Zexion's question. "You did it, didn't you?" Zexion accused, but he didn't sound angry. Was that a good thing? "Did what, Zexion?" Xion sighed, as if she didn't know. "Don't play games with me, damn it! You know what I'm talking about!" Zexion sounded almost... in pain. "I'm sorry." Xion muttered, unable to meet Zexion's eyes.

"Why?" Zexion demanded. Xion laughed a little bit, "Oh you know... just... one of my whims." That made Zexion angry, "One of your whims? Your whims!" He wanted to hit Xion, but he also didn't want to. He settled for kicking the side-table and punching Xion's pillow, refusing to let himself cry over it. Marriage, what a joke. "Go on and hit me, Zexion. You know I deserve it." Xion sniffled.

Zexion stood up and started to walk around the room in frustration. "Why did you do it? Just why, Xion?" Zexion stopped pacing. "Pfft, that's an easy one!" Xion snorted, wiping away tears. "You've said it in one way or the other, Zexion! I'm, I'm inconsiderate, self-absorbed... Oh! And I have this delusion that I'll amount to something in life!" Xion listed off of her fingers.

"Amount to something? Was what I asked just not something to you?" Zexion scoffed, unable to believe at what Xion was saying. "How long, Zexion?" Xion snapped, more tears in her eyes. "How long before we started to hate each other! Or I ran off to some club? How long, before you realized that I'm nothing more than a party-loving, bumsening, delusional idiot?"

"Then... I guess none of it matters, now, does it?" Zexion could have laughed at the irony of the situation. Xion wasn't saying anything, so Zexion was starting to walk out. "Ze-Zexion! I... I really do love you!" Xion shouted in pain.

Zexion only shrugged, "Maybe you did. I'm... I don't have any reason to stay here anymore. I'd like it if you still came with me, Xion. I'm leaving... tomorrow night." Zexion sighed and left the room.

Xion sniffled some more, and waited another ten minutes before she allowed herself to wail into her pillow. She wasn't going to leave Berlin. She'd spent a long time in Berlin. She'd be leaving too much behind for a life she was sure she wouldn't love. She was marvelous, but... "Oh god why?" Xion cried into her pillow. She was a stupid party girl. She was... she was international sensation, fraulein, Xion Bowles. Star of the numerous Cabaret Girls.

If she could not have the quiet family life with Zexion, or the lively life of an actress, she would go do what she was good at. Where she was appreciated always. By the chattering Girls, the orchestra members, the annoyingly homosexual Cabaret Boys, the Master of Ceremonies... They'd always appreciated her, one way or the other. The minor insults, the moves made on her, and the fun of it all... The fun of the Cabaret...

Without a second thought, Xion went to sleep. Tonight she would go back. Back to the life of Xion, the international sensation.

(that night)

Xion was not going to take no for an answer, when she got there. She was going to work at the KitKatKlub again. She had to. She had no other place she could feel both happy and belonging at the same time. "What are you doing here?" Nuxel asked, blowing smoke out of her nose. "I'm here to work at the cabaret again, duh." Xion sighed. "What? Didn't you get fired?" Nuxel laughed, flicking her cigarette into an ash tray.

"You think I care what that damned Marl-" "Seriously, if you keep trying to say his name then we'll have to hear about it." Nuxel muttered, rolling her eyes. "Well I don't give a damn what he told me. I'm here now and I can't go anywhere..." Xion said in distress.

"...Alright, don't look at me like that, god." Nuxel died out her cigarette and went to the backstage entrance. She made her way towards the Master of Ceremonies, who was having a conversation with one of the Boys. "You know that Xion's in the club looking for her spotlight again, right?" Nuxel explained shortly, cranky that she couldn't finish her cigarette.

"Tell her to-... Never mind, I'll do it." The Master of Ceremonies looked annoyed, which was quite a sight seeing as he usually never did anything but smile. "I can tell her for you- I mean you can't just ignore the eager guests." Nuxel said, searching her top for another cigarette. "I'm not going to ignore them, I am going to them right now, Nuxel." The Master of Ceremonies said with a smirk.

"What? Wait did I miss something?" Nuxel sighed, finally pulling a cigarette from her waist. "No, no, not a thing." The Master of Ceremonies muttered, entering the stage. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. For now you only have me, but I promise that everything will be back to the original plans for the night afterwards." He said with a smile.

Begin song, I Don't Care Much

The smile was no longer there, on the Master of Ceremonies' face. And the music playing was positively haunting compared to what the Master of Ceremonies had always sang to. He cleared his throat, running his thumb across the cold microphone, "I don't care much, go or stay... I don't care very much, either way." And the fact that there was nothing positive about his singing made it even more depressing.

"Hearts grow hard, on a windy street. Lips grow cold, with the rent to meet. So if, you, kiss me... If we touch,... Warning's fair, I don't care, very much. I don't care much. Go, or stay!" He almost sneered the last part. "I don't care very much, either way! Words sound false... When your coat's too thin. Feet don't waltz! When the roof caves in!"

"So if, you, kiss me! If, we, touch! ...Warning's fair... I don't care... Very much..." Haunting indeed. But the Master of Ceremonies flashed a smile and left before people started to leave at the pure awkwardness of what had happened. The Master of Ceremonies had always been vulgar beyond social acceptance. Singing something so dark and beautiful was just wrong. An insult almost.

"What the hell was that supposed to be?" Nuxel asked as her employer walked by. "Exactly what it sounded like; Me, not caring." The Master of Ceremonies said, leaning against a wall.

"Your vanity, and everything in it, is still there." The Master of Ceremonies said to Xion, who was behind Nuxel. Xion, still looking as distraught as ever, went by to find her mirror. Her wooden stool covered in multiple different colors of make-up. "You're not actually going to sing tonight, are you?" One of the Boys asked, laughing.

"...I love this place. More than anything." Was all Xion managed to spit out as she began applying make-up. "Yes and what was that depressing little tune about?" Kinnixk asked, brushing her hair. "I don't know, ask him. I just want to sing..." Xion whispered, staring at her reflection.

Over on the stage, the Master of Ceremonies was explaining what was happening, exactly. "Meine damen und herren, mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen... The... The KitKatKlub, is overjoyed, to welcome back... To... welcome back an old friend." For some reason, he stumbled over the words, "I give you, the international sensation... fraulein Xion Bowles!" He got the introduction out and then went back stage again, sitting on a chair and resting his head on a wall.

Begin song, Cabaret

Xion walked out to the stage, standing in front of the microphone while the music played. Her voice... "What good is sitting, alone in your room? Come hear the music play! Life is a cabaret old chum! Come to the Cabaret." Her voice cracked here and there. "Put down the knitting, the book and the broom! Time for a holiday."

The Cabaret Girls listened in horror. Any normal night, if Xion had sounded like this, the Master of Ceremonies would have moved onto the next thing. "Life is a cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret." But now the Master of Ceremonies just sat there and listened to the cracked voice of darling miss Bowles.

"Come taste the wine, come hear the band! Come blow a horn, start celebrating- right this way your table's waiting! No use, committing, some prophet of doom. To wipe every smile, away! Life is a cabaret old chum! Come to the Cabaret!" Xion's voice was full of some sickening, hint of agony. The Master of Ceremonies ignored everyone who telling him that Xion shouldn't have been on stage.

"I used to have this girlfriend known as Elsie..." Xion spoke, "With whom I shared for sordid rooms in Chelsea... She wasn't you'd call a 'blushing flower'... As a matter of fact, she rented by the hour." Xion almost laughed. "The day she died the neighbors came to snicker... 'Well that's what comes from too much pills, and liquor...'" Xion then looked up slightly, smiling, "But when I saw her, laid out like, a queen!"

"She was the happiest... corpse, I'd ever seen!" She looked back to the guests, "I think of Elsie to this very day... And I remember... how she turned to me, and say..." She would have been inaudible if it weren't for the microphone, but she sounded even worse as she hissed out the next words, " 'What good, is sitting, all alone, in your room? Come hear, the music... play...'" Everyone was staring in shock.

" 'Life is a... cabaret old chum... Come to the Cabaret!" Xion began to sing again, "Put down the knitting, the book and the broom! Time for a holiday! Life is a cabaret old chum! Come to the Cabaret!" It was really horrifying, actually.

"And as for me, oh! As for me! I made my mind up, back in Chelsea!" Xion had a smile on her face, which made her look scary, "When I go...! I'M GOING LIKE ELSIE!" She practically screamed into the microphone. "Start by, admitting, from cradle to tomb! Isn't that long a stay! Life is a cabaret old chum! Only the cabaret old chum! And I love, a, Cabaret!" Xion sang , tears streaming down her face as she knocked the microphone over.

Between the Master of Ceremonies' depressing song, and Xion's demented singing about the Cabaret... the guests, the staff, and all of the performing people in the club, were in shock. Xion turned and ran backstage to her vanity mirror, and screamed at the top of her lungs. She hated the person in that mirror, she hated them so much.

"Why?" Xion screamed, taking off and throwing a shoe at the mirror, smashing it. "Hey calm down-" "What have I done?" Xion screamed louder, pounding on the broken reflection, her hands beginning to bleed. The lights on the stage were shut off; there would be no more entertainment that night.

"What the hell happened?" Uxzu asked one of the orchestra members, who only shrugged in reply. "Hey, Master of fucking Ceremonies, what's up with Xion? Why the hell did you let her sing that?" They could hear Saxuminj yelling from somewhere else in the backstage area. "Hey bastard! I'm fuckin talkin to you! Don't fucking walk away from me!"

Xion kept sobbing but stopped pounding on the mirror, sinking to the floor with desolation. "Why! Why?" Xion was shaking, crying, bleeding, and she didn't even care. "Stop crying, Xion! Why are you so-" Draxna was interrupted with Xion throwing her other shoe. It hit Draxna in the nose perfectly. "Okay fine, screw you too!" Draxna stormed off with her bloody nose.

"Why, why, why, why, why?" Xion couldn't stop asking herself that. Zexion would be on his way back to England by tomorrow night. She could still go see him, still leave with him. Oh but what a lie that was. She couldn't go. She'd ruined her chances the second she sold that fur coat.

She could only fit in the KitKatKlub. Not with Zexion in England, married and already holding bitter feelings towards each other. She couldn't do anything... She wasn't anything. Xion stared at the messed up mirror, still having her little episode. She really was a stupid, self-centered, fool. Marvelously stupid, but still, stupid. "Look just because you're having problems doesn't mean you can throw a hissy fit!" Kaxri said.

Xion didn't care though. Instead, she'd asked for a bottle of wine and a whole stack of cigarettes. Which, after some more of her tossing items and sniffling like a wet cat, she was allowed to have free of charge.

Well then... I am proud to say that this chapter turned out better than expected. So if you think it sucks then I must have really low expectations. ;3; Oh and yes, I believe that the Master of Ceremonies had feelings for Sally in the play. It's hinted in both the movie with a memory Sally has and then once more in the play where the Master of Ceremonies sings 'I Don't Care Much'. So yeah, I'm sorry, Xion ended up with every single guy from the KH games in one way or the other XD But I wouldn't say that the Master of Ceremonies was in love with Sally. No I don't think it's that intense. I do not, nor have I ever even heard of the xionXmarluxia pairing ever in my life before. it's only now I've seen the pairing exist XD AND I DO NOT SUPPORT IT! Xion's like 15 in KingdomHearts, right? I'm pretty sure Marluxia is over 18. i do not support pedophilia! only incest (WITH CONSENT) and gayness and straightness... XD

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