(I added some halo features into this one….cause I thought it would be cool that's why :P this is a continuation of the story "What Pepper Wants")

The months went by but they weren't easy, few days after Aiden was born Tony went back to work. Pepper stayed at home to watch over him. Tony was sitting in his office bored, he had done all his papers and now he was just waited for his dad to come in like he usually does. He was resting his head on his hand and played with the picture of Aiden he had on his desk. Howard finally came in. "Tony how's it been?" he asked. "It's going great dad" he said sarcastically. "What's up why the pouty face" Howard asked.

"I wanna go home" Tony said. "Did you finish all your work?" Howard asked. "Yep" Tony answered. Howard looked at him playing with the picture. "You'll get to see him soon" he said. "I want it to be now" Tony said. Tony put his head down. "This day is excruciating" he said. Howard had an idea he walked out of the room and he called up someone. Thirty minutes later someone knocked. "Come in" Tony said with his head down all this time.

Pepper came in holding Aiden. "Tony?" she said. Tony recognized that voice and his head flew up with his eyes flashing bright and a big smile. He got up and jogged over to them, he picked up Aiden and hugged him. "Ohhh I missed you so much little guy!" he said. Pepper smiled at them. Tony walked to his chair and bounced him on his knee, Aiden giggled. "Alright Tony give your dad a turn" Pepper said. "Naw its alright I know how much he missed him" he said. But Tony just walked over to him and gave him Aiden.

"Oh alright" Howard said. Howard looked at his big brown eyes as Aiden was smiling at him. "He's cute" he said. Aiden reached his hands out for the floor. "What do you wanna do little fella" he said. The little boy crawled to Tony and reached out his arms to him. Tony picked him up and sat him on the desk where Aiden turned to the computer and started pressing letters on the keys. Howard and Pepper stood there in astonishment. Tony just smiled at him. "I knew he would have the Stark brains….this is just the start of it" Tony said.

Tony clicked on the program notepad and watched him type. He almost spelled certain words right! Howard and Pepper watched him too. He almost spelled cable but it came out as cablr. He tried to spell out many things but there was only one thing he knew how to spell. He typed "Stark" Everyone's jaw dropped. "That's his first typed word ohh!" Pepper said. It was the end of the work day, Pepper buckled in Aiden and Tony went home in his car. Right when they got home Tony took Aiden to the armory down stairs.

He punched in the numbers on the glass pad, opened the door and walked over to the Iron Man armor. "One day you will take my place" he said. "You will be able to make so many things that aren't possible right now" he said. Aiden touched the armor. Five years later it was Aiden's Fifth birthday. He came running downstairs and almost tumbled on the last step. "Be careful" Pepper said. Tony came up to him and ruffled his black hair. "Happy birthday" he said. He crouched down to his eye level. "Have anything in mind that you want today?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Aiden said. "Shoot" Tony said. "Well I um…..I want parts" Aiden said with is arms behind his back. "Parts? What kind of parts?" Tony asked. "Oh wait you have some in your cave!" he said. Tony spent so much time in his armory that Aiden calls it his man cave. He ran down the stairs and put in the code. "Since when did you know the code?" Tony said as he was still up the stairs looking at him. "Don't worry about it" Aiden said. Tony went down the stairs to catch the door when Aiden ran inside. He grabbed a box that was full of computer parts. "Perfect" he said. "Mind if I use some of these?" he asked. "Not at all I don't use those anymore" Tony said. "Thanks dad!" he said running to his room. "Wait Aiden your breakfast!" Pepper said. "Put it in the microwave mom!" he yelled before the door to his room slammed.

Aiden was in there for five hours until Tony came up to check on him. Tony open the door and peeked in. "Hey kiddo how's it….going" Tony said. "Oh hey dad" he said not looking up. Two computers where hooked to this little chip. "And…done" he said. Tony came in and sat on the floor facing him. "What's that?" he asked. Aiden had created a mini chip. "Something special" he said. "Follow me" he said. Tony followed him down to the armory. He went to Tony's desk and pressed a button under it and something raised up. "When was that there?!" Tony asked. "Well I um installed that for this project" he said rubbing the back of his neck.

It was a terminal, he inserted the chip and it was being analyzed. Tony stood there looking at it without a clue of what's going on. The huge holographic screen Tony had on the wall turned on and said. "Successfully accepted AI" the screen said. "AI? You made an artificial intelligence?!" Tony said. "Yup I've been up for days making blue prints" Aiden said excitedly. He pressed a button on the terminal and up appeared what looked very human like (Think of cortana's look from halo 2) sitting. "She won't last long because of the old parts but her intelligence is far out. "Hello" said the AI. "Hi" Aiden answered.

"Do you know your name?"He asked. "Yes, SISA 1.0-A"she answered. "Interesting name" Tony said. "It stands for Super Intelligent Software Assistant" Aiden said looking up at him smiling. "Aiden…..this is amazing" Tony said. "She will be amazing once I replace those parts" Aiden said. "Old or new to create something like this at your age is amazing I'm really proud of you" Tony said. He hugged him. "Thanks dad….that's what I was hoping for" He said. "There is a disturbance near 67th street" SISA said. She displayed the route on the holographic screen. "I'm jealous…..she might be my new operating system" Tony said rubbing the back of his head. Aiden laughed.

He armored up and flew to the site.

(Ahhhh Aiden you boy genius x3 making chapter 2 because writing this boy is so much fun)