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D-List Supervillain series1
Dairy Queen4
Dalemark Quartet30
Dancer, Ann Maxwell1
Dancing on the Edge of the Roof1
Dancing Peel1
Dancing with the Lion Series1
Dangerous Days of Daniel X26
Daniel Black series1
Danielle Steel2
Danny the Champion of the World1
Dante Valentine Series1
Darby O'Gill and the Little People2
Dark Artifices218
Dark Divine8
Dark Duet Series8
Dark Elite series2
Dark Flight Down1
Dark Guardian series21
Dark Half, Stephen King1
Dark Heavens Trilogy7
Dark is Rising Sequence287
Dark Life32
Dark Lord, Jamie Thomson3
Dark Moon Chronicles, Dustin Charland1
Dark One Chronicles1
Dark Ones13
Dark Secrets, Elizabeth Chandler2
Dark Swan series, Richelle Mead14
Dark Tower and Other Stories8
Dark Tower series488
Dark Visions series68
Dark-Hunter series461
Darkangel Trilogy20
Darke Academy series2
Darkest Minds95
Darkest Powers1.6K
Darkness Chosen series2
Darkness Rising, Kelley Armstrong4
Darkside series, Tom Becker3
Darkyn series4
Darren Shan Saga/Cirque Du Freak1.9K
Daughter of Destiny series3
Daughter of Smoke and Bone60
Daughters of the Moon572
David Eddings329
Dax Praxx1
Day of the Drones1
Day of the Triffids1
Dead Girl Walking: Dead Girl3
Dead Rules1
Dead series, Marlene Perez10
Dead Zone13
Deadly Little Secrets11
Dear America series12
Dear Canada series3
Dear Dumb Diary6
Dear John, Nicholas Sparks85
Death Gate Cycle57
Death in Venice, Thomas Mann2
Death of Harold Heartline1
Define "Normal"12
Defy, Sara B. Larson4
Delirium, Lauren Oliver112
Deltora Quest505
Demon Cycle series2
Demon Headmaster98
Demon Road4
Demon Trappers series10
Demon Underground9
Demon's Lexicon39
Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series2
Den of Shadows13
Department Nineteen1
Destroyers, William Rice1
Deverry Series3
Devil Wears Prada1.9K
Devil's Arithmetic3
Devil's Kiss, Sarwat Chadda1
Devouring, Simon Holt2
Dexter series15
Diana Gabaldon48
Diana Wynne Jones423
Diary of a Chav1
Diary of a Snob3
Diary of a Teenage Girl series11
Diary of a Wimpy Kid216
Dice Man1
Different Seasons2
Dirk & Steele1
Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster2
Disney Fairies15
Dispossessed, Page Morgan1
Distance Between Us, Kasie West1
Distant Waves5
Divergent Trilogy8.4K
Doctor Proctor series1
Doctor Zhivago/До?ктор Жива?го2
Doctrine of Labyrinths series23
Dollanganger Saga361
Dom Casmurro10
Don Camillo Series2
Don Quixote16
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder/炮灰女配2
Door Within Trilogy6
Doppelganger series, Marie Brennan4
Dopple Ganger Chronicles1
Dorina Basarab Series2
Dork Diaries128
Dove Keeper.1
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde171
Dr. Seuss series559
Dragon Codex series2
Dragon Diaries6
Dragon Keepers Chronicles14
Dragon Kin series2
Dragon Knights8
Dragon Orb Series3
Dragon Rider55
Dragon Slippers Trilogy12
Dragon's Bait62
Dragonback series4
Dragoneers Saga1
Dragonkeeper Trilogy11
Dragonriders of Pern series704
Dragons in Our Midst31
Dragonsdale series2
Draka series12
Drake Chronicles168
Drake Sisters3
Drakon series, Shana Abé1
Drama High series17
Drama! series98
Dream Boy13
Dream In Color, Sarah J. Bradley1
Dreamhouse Kings Series3
Dreams of Joy5
Dreamscape, Nemeses3
Drenai Series2
Dresden Files1.2K
Dublin Murder Squad series17
DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend8
Dull Boy2
Duma Key1
Dusk, Susan Gates1
Dust of 100 Dogs2
Dustbin Baby1
Dystopian Razorland Trilogy3
Дом, в котором103

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