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B.A.D. Agency series4
Babe in Boyland, Jody Gehrman6
Baby Sitters Club845
Bad Boy50
Bad Girls Don't Die series9
Bad Mother's Handbook1
Bag of Bones3
Bailey School Kids series9
Bar Code Tattoo2
Barbed Coil3
Bard Academy Series1
Barnaby series1
Bartimaeus Trilogy577
Based on a True Story/D'après une histoire vraie3
Battlefield Earth8
Beacon Street Girls5
Beany Malone Series1
Beast of Noor1
Beast Quest10
Beautiful and Damned28
Beautiful Bastard4
Beautiful Dead22
Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire26
Because of Winn-Dixie7
Before I Die22
Before I Fall46
Beka Cooper series266
Bel Canto1
Belgariad/Mallorean series12
Benny Imura Series1
Best Christmas Pageant Ever4
Best Night Ever2
Best of Me, Nicholas Sparks1
Bet Me6
Between Shades of Grey6
Beyond Illusion series/Myona Moltmaker22
Beyond Series1
Beyond the Western Sea series2
Beyonders, Brandon Mull24
Big Nate13
Biggles series66
Bilangan Fu Series2
Billabong series6
Billy Budd1
Birdman, Mo Hayder1
Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks4
Birthdays for the Dead1
Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series4
Bitterbynde Trilogy2
Black Beauty24
Black House3
Black Jewels Trilogy469
Black Magician Trilogy432
Black Ships1
Black Stallion91
Black Swan Green1
Blackstar, Joshua Viola1
Blackthorn Key series2
Blackwell Pages11
Blair Mallory series1
Bleak House2
Blindness/Ensaio Sobre A Cegueira1
Bliss, Lauren Myracle2
Blood and Ash Series6
Blood And Chocolate304
Blood Books21
Blood Born6
Blood for Blood series1
Blood Ninja series9
Blood of Eden, Julie Kagawa22
Blood Red Road6
Blood Soaked series1
Blood Ties, Sophie McKenzie1
Bloodhound Files1
Bloodletter's Daughter2
Bloodline series, Kate Cary6
Bloodlines Series, Richelle Mead569
Bloodsucking Friends3
Bloody Jack Adventures42
Bloom, Elizabeth Scott1
Blossom Culp series4
Blue Bloods279
Blue Castle22
Blue is For Nightmares13
Blue Nowhere2
Blue Plague series1
Blue Sword1
Bluford High Series2
Bob Lee Swagger novels3
Bobbsey Twins3
Body Finder series2
Bolo series10
Bone Season series10
Bonechiller, Graham McNamee1
Bones of Faerie1
Bonus Poetry/Bónus ljó?37
Book of Amber99
Book of Mormon17
Book of Terrus5
Book of the Dead Days3
Book Of Time10
Book Thief427
Books of Beginning16
Books of Elsewhere1
Books of History Chronicles8
Books of the Kingdoms21
Books of the Raksura6
Books of Umber6
Border Trilogy5
Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles1
Borrible Trilogy1
Borrowers series33
Boxcar Children29
Boy In the Striped Pajamas84
Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan5
Boy Meets Boy, Lawrence Schimel53
Boy Meets Girl110
Boy Project2
Boy Who Couldn't Die14
Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart/La mécanique du c?ur/Mecanica del corazon1
Boy/Girl Battle Series49
Boys Don't Cry, Malorie Blackman1
Boys Next Door, Jennifer Echols1
Brainships series3
Bran Hambric1
Brave New World40
Brave Story/ブレイブ·ストーリー16
Breaking Rank4
Breaking Up is Hard to Do1
Breathe: A Ghost Story1
Breathing Underwater, Alex Flinn8
Breathless, Scott Prussing1
Breeds, Lora Leigh9
Brides of the Kindred2
Brideshead Revisited18
Bridge Kingdom series1
Bridge to Terabithia466
Bridge, Karen Kingsbury1
Bridget Jones' Diary316
Brightly Woven1
Broken Empire13
Broken Sky63
Broken Soup3
Broken Wings series5
Broken: Originally Titled Know The Enemy2
Bronze Bow2
Bronze Horseman1
Brotherband Chronicles34
Bruiser, Neal Shusterman3
Bumped, Megan McCafferty1
Bunnicula series13
Burger Wuss1
Burned, Ellen Hopkins2
Burnt Corners2
But I Love Him, Amanda Grace4
By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead10
By These Ten Bones2

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