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Cahill Witch Chronicles2
Cainsville series7
Cal Leandros285
California Diaries1
Call Me by Your Name38
Call of the Wild2
Callahan series, Spider Robinson4
Calypso Chronicles2
Camp Confidential series12
Can't Get There from Here, Todd Strasser3
Canadian West series5
Candle'Bre Trilogy2
Canongate Myths1
Canterbury Tales35
Canterwood Crest series49
Captain Future3
Captain Underpants65
Captive Prince Trilogy39
Caretaker Trilogy1
Carpathian Series267
Carry On685
Carve the Mark7
Cassandra Palmer Series87
Cassidy Jones Adventures4
Casson Family Series76
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series31
Casteel Saga9
Caster Chronicles204
Castings Trilogy3
Castle Glower series7
Casual Vacancy12
Cat in the Hat7
Cat Royal Adventure54
Cat Who ... series10
Catch a Falling Star, Kim Culbertson1
Catcher in the Rye239
Catherine Coulter3
Cay series1
Cedar Cove series10
Celestra Series1
Chalet School52
Chalion series16
Change of Heart, Jodi Picoult6
Changeling, Steve Feasey1
Changeover, Margaret Mahy1
Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy8
Chaos Walking series139
Charles Dickens543
Charleston Vampire1
Charley Davidson series1
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory1.3K
Charlie Bone606
Charlie Parker Mysteries9
Charlie St. Cloud6
Charlotte's Web20
Chasing Yesterday series8
Checquy Files2
Chemical Garden Trilogy33
Cherry Heaven1
Chestnut Hill series3
Chicagoland Vampires12
Child of the Hive1
Child Thief9
Children of the Lamp48
Children of the River6
Children's Continuous Series18
China Garden14
Chocolate Box Girls16
Chocolate War13
Chosen, Chaim Potok16
Chronicle of a Death Foretold6
Chronicle of the Black Company4
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness114
Chronicles of Chaos1
Chronicles of Chrestomanci15
Chronicles of Eden1
Chronicles of Egg1
Chronicles of Elantra27
Chronicles of Narnia12.7K
Chronicles of Nick47
Chronicles of Prydain13
Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica13
Chronicles of the Raven10
Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever2
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod430
Cinderella and the Sheikh5
Cindy Ella2
Circle of Magic296
Circle Opens55
City of Dreaming Books6
City of Ember96
City Of The Dead3
Claidi Journals31
Clare B. Dunkle80
Clearing, Heather Davis1
Cleopatra's Daughter, Stephanie Dray1
Cliff McNish11
Clive Barker'68
Clive Cussler16
Clockwise series3
Clockwork Century series6
Code Name Verity11
Codex Alera34
Coffeehouse Angel3
Cold As Ice, Elizabeth Levy2
Coldest Girl in Coldtown6
Coldest Winter Ever1
Coldfire Trilogy183
Collectors’ Society1
Color Purple7
Companions of the Night48
Companions Quartet94
Conan series42
Condor Trilogy/射雕三部曲6
Confessions of a Murder Suspect3
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister1
Confessions of Georgia Nicolson312
Conspiracy 36514
Conspiracy of Us16
Contact, Carl Sagan1
Copper Sun2
Coram Boy3
Corean Chronicles2
Cormoran Strike Series71
Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo5
Count of Monte Cristo72
Coup de Grace, Marguerite Yourcenar1
Courtney series, Wilbur Smith5
Cousin's War Series3
Covenant Series, Jennifer L. Armentrout20
Cradle series9
Crank series20
Crash into Me, Albert Borris1
Crazy Beautiful3
Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy11
Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky20
Cronus Chronicles4
Crossfire series, Sylvia Day25
Crown Duel/Court Duel8
Cruel Beauty4
Cryptid Hunters4
Crystal Cave18
Crystal Doors1
Crystal Singer Trilogy8
Cthulhu Mythos365
Culture, Iain M. Bank6
Cupcake Queen1
Curious George22
Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time20
Curse of an Angel1
Curse Workers14
Custodes Noctis series15
Cut & Run2
Cut, Patricia McCormick8
Cutler Family series1
Cycle of the Werewolf4

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