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Tad Williams10
Taffy Sinclair3
Tailchaser's Song1
Tainted Realm Trilogy2
Tairen Soul Series11
Tale of Despereaux10
Tale of Genji/源氏物語4
Talent Chronicles1
Talent series9
Tales of Alderley2
Tales of Demons and Gods/妖神记8
Tales of Lunamorte2
Tales of Rowan Hood16
Tales of the Frog Princess32
Tales of the Ketty Jay1
Tales of the Otori13
Tales of the Ubermensch2
Talisman of Set1
Tall, Dark & Dangerous Series1
Talon Saga20
TalonFyre Chronicles1
Tangled Series5
Tanith Lee13
Tapestry, Henry H. Neff20
Tara Duncan series58
Tarzan series6
Tattoo, Jennifer Lynn Barnes1
Tears of Artamon2
Teen Idol41
Temperance Brennan Novels8
Tempest, Julie Cross1
Tenant of Wildfell Hall2
Tennis Shoes9
Terror Academy series10
Terry Brooks120
Tess of the D'Urbervilles13
Testing Trilogy6
That Summer12
That Was Then, This is Now35
The Celebutantes1
The Good Neighbors2
The Little Dancer3
The Rainmaker7
The Testament3
The Tomorrow series82
Theirs Not to Reason Why3
Theodosia Series2
They Met in a Tavern1
Thief Lord298
Thing Around Your Neck1
Things Fall Apart2
Things Not Seen4
Things They Carried14
Third Eye, Lois Duncan1
Thirsty, M. T. Anderson5
Thirteen Reasons Why237
Thirteenth Tale2
This Charming Man5
This Lullaby60
This Present Darkness/Piercing the Darkness2
This Side of Paradise2
Three Dark Crowns3
Three Doors Trilogy3
Three Investigators series17
Thrist, Christopher Pike6
Throne of Glass series736
Through the Looking Glass9
Thursday Next Novels2
Tide Lords series1
Tiger Eyes25
Tiger's Curse Series148
Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold5
Time Machine101
Time Traveler's Wife62
Time Travelers Quartet9
Timeless Series, Laura Kreitzer2
Timeless, Alexandra Monir1
TimeRiders series, Alex Scarrow27
Timmy Failure5
Timothy Wilde series2
Tipping the Velvet5
Titanic 202012
To All the Boys I've Loved Before158
To Kill a Mockingbird678
To Nick from Jan1
To Save a Life8
To Survive Divinity10
Tom Clancy104
Tom Stoppard22
Tombstone Digs Series1
Tomcat in Love3
Tomorrow and Tomorrow2
Too Young4
Top 8 series4
Tour of the Merrimack1
Tracey Beaker Trilogy13
Traitor Spy Trilogy2
Transall Saga4
Trash, Andy Mulligan1
Treasure Island73
Trebizon series3
Trials of Apollo series64
Trickster series126
Trilogy, Henryk Sienkiewicz7
Tripods series7
Triskellion series1
Trixie Belden302
Troll series, Katherine Langrish1
Troy High2
Troy, Adèle Geras2
Truancy series3
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle1
True Meaning of Smekday1
Truly Madly Yours4
Truth About Forever88
Truth series, Dawn Cook5
Trylle Trilogy32
Tuck Everlasting294
Tudor series38
Tunnels, Brian Williams and Roderick Gordon28
Turn of the Tides series3
Turtles All the Way Down6
Twelve Houses Series2
Twenty Boy Summer4
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea34
Twist, Delphine Bertholon3
Twisted, Laurie Halse Anderson2
Two Princesses of Bamarre9
Two Shadows, Kirstin and Dottie Jo Marsh1

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