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150The Journey » by Pranking1O1 What happens after "Unlocked"?
K+, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 49, words: 38k+, favs: 18, follows: 19, updated: 21h published: 3/23, Sophie F., Keefe S.
2The Hole by IStillHopeForSophex The hole reveals its secrets to none. Except you, you're special. You get to know about the hole. Come on in, don't be shy.
K+, English, Fantasy & Humor, words: 753, favs: 1, follows: 1, 11/3, Sophie F.
18I'm With You » by ryn324 SPOILER ALERT: if you have not read as far as book 8.5 of KOTLC, I strongly urge you to STOP READING THIS SUMMARY! You've been warned. Anyway, this book starts around book 5 of the series, then skips to the end of book 8, and finally continues beyond book 8.5. Lady Gisela had a daughter before Keefe; one that she experimented on as well. It backfired horribly.
K, English, chapters: 27, words: 15k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, updated: 11/1 published: 9/9
3Interacting (Messing) With KOTLC Characters » by DarkkFlower This is basically just a collection of little fun stories that can/are honestly anything. Reactions, pranks, games, if prompts, ANYTHING! It can include other characters from other books, movies, etc. And you can request anything you want, along with any characters you want in it :).
K+, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 3k+, updated: 10/31 published: 10/29
Unlocked Rewitten » by Sestra896 What I think should have happened after legacy. Sophie and her friends find themselves in a hard position and Sophie finds herself battling a secret.
T, English, Adventure & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 3, words: 1k+, updated: 10/22 published: 10/20, Sophie F., Jolie R., Edaline R., Grady R.
6Trapped In A Story Of My Own Making » by Michael Ryler If there's anyone out there reading this, listen. I have been trapped in my own story, and I don't know how to escape. Threats are everywhere, and I'm stuck here. I don't know how much longer I can go on. If there's anyone out there, please help. I am trapped in a story of my own making.
K+, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 3, words: 884, favs: 2, follows: 1, updated: 10/20 published: 8/28, Sophie F., Fitz V., Keefe S.
If Sophie didn't meet Fitz in the museum but met a different elf » by WaxCrowfather What would have happened if Sophie met a different Elf first instead of Fitz? Would she still go to the Lost cities? Or would she stay in the Forbidden cities? How would it affect the story line?
T, English, Fantasy & Romance, chapters: 2, words: 539, 10/17
1The Choice Sophitz or Sokeefe? » by KOTLCfan49 The Neverseen is finally defeated and teenage problems start to skyrocket. But what happens when love is challenged? Everyone starts fighting over each-other and The Lost Cities turn into a mess. much better than the summery in my opinion. DISCLAIMERS: Although I support the LGBTQ society, This story will not have any of those ships :) I am not Shannon Messenger and therefore do
K+, English, Drama & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 2, words: 512, updated: 10/14 published: 10/3
2Kotlc human Au » by Crazykeeper Sophie is a normal girl, But what will happen when the movie star keefe sencen starts going to her school in california? Rated T just in case of minor swearing but I'll try to keep it clean. Human Au ( Sokeefe, Tiana, Lex, Marella Jesi, Chandalitz!)
T, English, Friendship & Drama, chapters: 5, words: 1k+, updated: 10/13 published: 9/25, Sophie F., Biana V., Keefe S., Dex D.
5Oddity » by Cypher0 Nigel looks like your average middle schooler, but he's anything but average. Nigel has a secret. A big one at that, but when he sees someone do something he can't explain he decides to follow them. Will Nigel find where he belongs or is, he just another oddity? (Inspired by Michael Vey)
K+, English, Adventure & Mystery, chapters: 4, words: 1k+, updated: 10/9 published: 4/6, Sophie F., Fitz V., OC
3Guess what you're and Elf! » by BookShipper13 Sophie is best friend's with Natalie and Violet. During a trip to the museum a teal eyed boy shows up. He says Sophie's an elf. Fitz only knew about one elf not three. (Is better than the summary)
K+, English, Friendship, chapters: 4, words: 8k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, updated: 9/24 published: 5/4, Sophie F., Fitz V., Keefe S., Dex D.
193 Wishes and Not Much Luck » by Dawn.justice 3 wishes get me into the lost cities. Can I make my way through the lost cities? can I help Sophie? lets see what happens when the black swan has 2 moonlarks instead of one.
K+, English, Fantasy & Friendship, chapters: 6, words: 9k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, updated: 9/18 published: 3/5, Sophie F., OC
1 The Brown-eyed Girl, and the Blue-eyed Boy (A Sokeefe Oneshot) by aash-G Sokeefe! Sophie Foster and Keefe finally get together! I am a major Sokeefe shipper, but I also ship Fitzphie because both are adorable and I can't decide between them. (COVER IMAGE NOT MINE)
K+, English, Romance & Humor, words: 384, favs: 2, follows: 1, 9/12, [Keefe S., Sophie F.] Fitz V.
What View? by AProudPotterhead A cute human AU oneshot about one of the many, many dates Sophie and Keefe would have definitely gone to. I Hope you enjoy it!
T, English, Romance & Humor, words: 1k+, 9/9, Sophie F., Keefe S.
Everblaze by AProudPotterhead Keefe has left the Lost Cities. And so has Sophie's will to battle against the Neverseen. For months, Sophie had been ignoring everything that had to do with that incident, hoping that she would be able to get over this. But sometimes, Sophie might just find comfort in the strangest places. A one-shot that takes place right after Unlocked. Oh, also, SPOILER ALERT!
T, English, Romance & Fantasy, words: 3k+, favs: 2, 9/9, Sophie F.
2My Moonlark » by AProudPotterhead The Neverseen has fallen. The Lost Cities are rejoicing. Sophie Foster was in need of finding out how to let go of who she was before. Keefe Sencen kept wishing for a way to turn back time. When the only way to seek solace was from each other, how far would they go to regain all that is lost? A one-shot in parts about Sophie and Keefe's first date. Hope you enjoy it!
T, English, Romance & Fantasy, chapters: 6, words: 10k+, favs: 1, 9/9, Sophie F., Keefe S.
2 Wait by AProudPotterhead Sophie Foster has not been feeling herself lately. She had been swamped with chaotic thoughts, and was in desperate need of answers. But sometimes, all it takes is a little time for the truth to unfold. A one-shot that takes place after Legacy. Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and...SPOILER ALERT:)
T, English, Romance & Fantasy, words: 4k+, favs: 2, 9/9, Sophie F., Keefe S.
Kotlc: A Musical » by aa fanfiction Kotlc characters sing songs.
K+, English, chapters: 4, words: 855, updated: 9/8 published: 8/30
4 Yours Truly by Abubble1 I was in your bathroom scrubbing teal out of my purple pocketed tunic with a paper towel. I went to toss it in the trash, and to my surprise, when I lifted up the lid, there was a letter. Addressed to me. In your curly letters. Your curly letters put my blocky ones to shame. Your everything puts my everything to shame. Sophiana because I'm trash like that
T, English, Romance, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, 9/2, [Sophie F., Biana V.]
Desire of a Soul by Ayolen Fitz is determinating to find his soulmate, no matter what it takes, and maybe have some hard words with some stupid, awful and abusive parents. In which, Keefe is Fitz's soulmate, but Fitz just can't connect the points. So yeah, maybe have some words with them will be a little problematic...
K+, English, Drama & Hurt/Comfort, words: 2k+, favs: 1, 9/2, [Fitz V., Keefe S.]
11The True Villain » by DEHCTERW Keefe is not the character you knew him to be. Look inside, if you dare.
K+, English, Mystery, chapters: 7, words: 7k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 9/1 published: 8/10, Keefe S.
14 Keeper of the Lost Cities: Discovery » by Michael Ryler When humans and elves meet... what will happen? If this plunges into conflict, there can only be one winner.
K+, English, Adventure, chapters: 12, words: 20k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 8/26 published: 6/3, Sophie F.
39Child of the Elements » by RJ Cadigan Aeron's parents disappeared ten years ago, leaving nothing behind but a picture with one clue: the word "Havenfield." And Aeron's abilities are getting out of hand - he doesn't know how much longer he can go on lying. Driven to desperation, Aeron travels to a history museum in San Diego, hoping to find answers. Little does he know, this odyssey will change his life forever...
K+, English, Mystery & Family, chapters: 16, words: 21k+, favs: 8, follows: 10, updated: 8/25 published: 1/30, OC, Marella R.
1Call of Destiny by Infinite Faith 15 Time is endless. I could be falling for minutes or hours. I have no idea. Its infinite. Adrenaline is coursing through my veins reverberating in every part of my body. I start wondering about the ground but try to forget it. All of a sudden I feel an Earth shattering impact which squeezes the breath out of me.
K, English, Fantasy & Spiritual, words: 1k+, 8/23
36SoKeefe One Shots » by Smiles1001 Short SoKeefe One-Shots: "I have to go soon, it's almost 5," he whispered. She frowned and put her own arms around his torso holding him against her. "No. I forbid it. Stay with me." His heart leaped, no matter how much she assured him that she's in love with him, every time she said something like this his heart felt more full.
K+, English, Romance, chapters: 24, words: 42k+, favs: 19, follows: 21, updated: 8/21 published: 12/28/2017, Sophie F., Keefe S.
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