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Baby Sitters Club37
Bad Boy3
Bad Mother's Handbook5
Bag of Bones1
Bailey School Kids series6
Barnaby series1
Bartimaeus Trilogy29
Battlefield Earth1
Beacon Street Girls1
Beast Quest2
Beautiful and Damned1
Beautiful Bastard1
Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire1
Because of Winn-Dixie1
Before I Fall2
Beka Cooper series14
Belgariad/Mallorean series6
Best Christmas Pageant Ever1
Beyond Series1
Beyonders, Brandon Mull4
Big Nate1
Biggles series4
Billabong series1
Black Beauty3
Black Jewels Trilogy39
Black Magician Trilogy5
Black Stallion3
Blackwell Pages3
Blood and Ash Series1
Blood And Chocolate14
Blood Books5
Blood Born2
Blood of Eden, Julie Kagawa1
Blood Soaked series1
Bloodline series, Kate Cary2
Bloodlines Series, Richelle Mead28
Bloody Jack Adventures2
Blue Bloods18
Blue Castle1
Blue is For Nightmares1
Blue Plague series2
Bobbsey Twins1
Bolo series23
Bonus Poetry/Bónus ljó?2
Book of Amber18
Book of Mormon1
Book Thief43
Books of Beginning1
Books of History Chronicles5
Books of Umber2
Borrowers series44
Boxcar Children7
Boy In the Striped Pajamas4
Boy Meets Boy, Lawrence Schimel1
Boy Meets Girl3
Boy/Girl Battle Series1
Boys Don't Cry, Malorie Blackman1
Brainships series4
Brave New World4
Brave Story/ブレイブ·ストーリー6
Breaking the Wall series1
Breeds, Lora Leigh1
Brideshead Revisited2
Bridge to Terabithia16
Bridget Jones' Diary6
Brightly Woven1
Broken Soup1
Broken Wings series1
Brotherband Chronicles13
Brothers Karamazov/Братья Карамазовы1
Bunnicula series5
But I Love Him, Amanda Grace1

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