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Exactly what it says on the label. Don't godmod, don't trust the kid with the scar and don't eat the stew.
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The Bully Role-play744
If you're a fan of the game "Bully" or "Canis Canem Edit" and you're a fan of role-playing this is the forum for you, come join today.
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Not just discussing: We're taking this to them! A demand for a second Bully with new everything! Dragonballgeek101 and I have made a rough idea of a sequel- we'd like critiques and opinions please!
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Bully Rp250
This is set after the final mission.Ocs are accepted and all characters included.
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Welcome to the beginning of a new year here at Bullworth Academy! We hope you can learn to look upon us as your new family. Boys or girls, we'll make men of you all. -Possibly T/M rated RPG. Everyone welcome!-
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Bullworth Academy RP92
A Bully RP! "So here I am, at probably the worst school in the country, whose alumni are nothing but arms dealers, serial killers, and corporate lawyers." Roleplay as a fellow Bullworth student or as your own, try to survive at Bullworth Academy. PS. Don't even think about eating Edna's cooking, or talking to that kid with that scar on his eyebrow.
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Bully Everything you need to know about the game28
Everything you need to know about the game bully.
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The Original Bully RP6
Why didn't anyone make one until now?
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Noogies And Spitballs2
Come on in for a general natter of all things Bully! There's just three rules: Don't drink from the water-cooler, don't eat the casserole and don't listen to that creepy kid with the eye scar...
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Dragon's Wing0
A place to geek out on all things nerd. Talking about your favourite nerd, fanfics, etc.
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No Love0
Shiloh, a teenager in Mountain View High School, is a victim of severe bullying by her classmates. Three boys who make her life a living hell, all because she can't even talk, which they find pathetic. Her best friends, Colin, Lee, and Mckenzie notice that she's been acting strange; hiding bruises, lies more often, refuses to let anyone help her, becoming more distant than usual. Will they be able to help her before it's too late?
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Forbidden Love0
Johnny and Pinky Love each other but can they still love each other while Johnny has Lola and Pinky has Jimmy and Johnny let's find out.
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Bully 'Canis Canem Edit' RP0
Bullworth Academy is an independent boarding school located in the town of Bullworth. It is run by Dr. Crabblesnitch however it is located within the New England region of the United States. The school is a neo-gothic design and resembles Fettes College in Edinburgh. According to some people, it has a reputation of being one of the toughest and worst schools in the country. The set will be taking after the expulsion of Gary Smith, the megalomaniac, troubled youth who tried to take over the whole school once
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