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Saving the Slender Brothers and falling in love » by Misty moutains 101 I meet the Slender brothers while on Patrol and saving them from a Monster but i had no idea that i would fall in love with them and becoming the mother of the Creepypasta's becoming a most respected monster hunter and my website would a sensation but trouble for me is never far away like my mum for instance wants me back because of my reputation and my website.
K, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, updated: 12/19 published: 12/11, Slender, Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, Kate
The Rant of Slender Man by Mr. Amigos After an unfortunate human comes across Slender Man, things don't go the way you may expect...
T, English, Humor & Supernatural, words: 1k+, 12/5
1The Curious Girl with a Slender Mind » by Nathaniel Rivera A girl that was having a time of her life in college. Then things turn for the worse. She's been mark but what does that mean? Is she dying? Cursed? Or selected for something? Only time will tell until her fate comes into full circle.
T, English, Horror & Mystery, chapters: 4, words: 7k+, favs: 1, follows: 4, updated: 12/1 published: 8/26
9 Blood and Venom - Book 1: Perdition's Genesis » by woodmr13 Isolated... Vulnerable... Hunted... When a teenager named Kate Milens finds herself consumed by the abyss, it'll take every ounce of strength that she has to make it out alive. -Based on Slender The Eight Pages and the Slenderverse Mythos.
T, English, Supernatural & Horror, chapters: 7, words: 17k+, favs: 12, follows: 3, updated: 11/13 published: 3/13/2014
50 Slender's Maid » by Queen Mist777 Princess Nexus Demon has been causing a ruckus in the Kingdom of Hell, which annoyed her sisters and mother. To get her out, one of her sisters goes into the mortal world to find her a job. But what will happen when Nexus is working as a maid for the Slender Brothers and the other creepypastas? Come read to find out!
T, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 26, words: 46k+, favs: 33, follows: 28, updated: 10/24 published: 5/5/2014, Slender, OC
The Black Magician by The Keyboard Poet This is a short tale of the nephew of Slender Man, the legendary demon. A creepypasta short fic.
K, English, Supernatural, words: 305, 10/20
1Jeff the Killer (rewrite story) by mafiakid this is my version of Jeff the Killer. (i do not own the character jeff the killer) (i do not own the cover art please let me know who does3)
T, English, Crime & Angst, words: 1k+, updated: 9/21 published: 9/2, Jeff the Killer
6My Fears » by CrimsonTrainer-4395 Just because they escaped, it doesn't mean that the threat is gone. A year had passed since their last meeting, and since then, tensions have built. Some want to prepare, while others do not wish to attract unwanted attention. Either way, these skeletons in Lilith's closet don't seem to keen on staying dead. Rated T for swears. Sequel to "My Shadows".
T, English, Horror & Mystery, chapters: 30, words: 131k+, favs: 9, follows: 7, updated: 9/12 published: 3/10/2018
3The Proxy » by bobatealover The beginning of a long story. Savanna was always known to be weird. Nobody knew why. Her parents abandoned her as a baby on the front step of an orphanage for girls, and as Savanna grows older, she becomes obsessed with creatures the nobody has ever lived to tell the tale of...
T, English, Romance & Horror, chapters: 2, words: 660, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 7/2 published: 6/21
The Dark Way » by Yami Cipher como bien se sabe es mejor enfrentarse a los problemas y miedos para poder vencerlos y dejarlos atrás ojala fue tan fácil como suena, la pregunta aquí seria en verdad llegarían a conocerla por completo y logar sanar esas heridas confiando en ella? la familia que había formado se rompería o seguiría unida? o esto terminaría en una completa tragedia
T, Spanish, Mystery & Drama, chapters: 5, words: 4k+, updated: 6/26 published: 6/25, Slender, OC, Jane the Killer
A Bump in the Night by Story time with Fishman It was meant to be a simple camping trip. Nothing more. Now Keiran is expected to survive in the wilderness with horrifying memories, a monster up his ass, and NOT worry? Yeah right. (Rated T for gore and swearing)
T, English, Horror & Mystery, words: 1k+, follows: 1, 6/24
110 Can't Say » by LadyMonoceros [SlendermanxReader] After murdering the school bullies and your abusive parents, you escape into a nearby forest to be caught in the freezing rain. A certain pair of black dress shoes approach you just before you fall unconscious. You later wake to find out that you're inside the fabled Creepypasta mansion! Slenderman wants you as his Proxy, but someone else has his eyes on you.
T, English, Romance & Suspense, chapters: 49, words: 180k+, favs: 118, follows: 114, updated: 4/9 published: 1/10/2015, Slender, OC, Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer
1The Price of Proxy-hood Part One: The Schism » by Saiph The Swordmaster TJ, James, and Sophia have always been good children. They were polite, smart, and obedient. No one would ever expect them to be the three Phantom Runaways. Follow our protagonists as they're plunged into an unfamiliar world of chaos, death, and brutality. A hopeless battle between the Operators and their rebelling proxies. Welcome to Creepypasta. Rated T for language and violence.
T, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 11, words: 11k+, favs: 2, follows: 3, updated: 4/1 published: 12/17/2019, Slender, OC, Jeff the Killer
20SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL The Final Escape » by seclinalunica One year after the unspeakable tragedy at the foot of the radio tower, Kate the proxy is left with nothing but her guilt. When insanity temporarily leaves her mind, she fixes a quick plan of escape and is freed from the clutches of Slenderman. It is then that she crosses paths with the improbable, and learns that her guilt has now become the impossible. KATE & CR SEQUEL
T, English, Horror & Tragedy, chapters: 15, words: 27k+, favs: 6, follows: 7, updated: 3/30 published: 11/26/2016, Slender, Kate
The Narrator by Violetrose0614 the well known artist YouTuber Jordan Persegati gets thrown Into a situation that his creepy videos didn't prepare him for.
K+, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 2k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 3/29, OC
1Rejected vs Accepted » by Goldie-Fazbear-a-Marionette A creepypasta story! Join a group of normal creepypasta characters as they fight an army of other creepypasta characters that weren't accepted in Slender Mansion. A few ocs here and there.
T, English, Supernatural & Drama, chapters: 9, words: 7k+, follows: 1, updated: 3/23 published: 6/8/2017, Slender, OC, Jeff the Killer
20 Trying to Love Like a Human » by RavenOfFrost UPDATED! When a changed Offender searches for love, fear of betraying his brothers and putting the four lives of the Slenders in danger rises.
T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 7, words: 10k+, favs: 18, follows: 9, updated: 3/22 published: 2/17/2014, Slender
Creepypasta: Rebirthing Fear » by Hewhoimagines Turns out Gamindustri is not the only digital realm, as the Gamers find out the hard way. As Nick is captured by Polybius, the others have to rescue him with a new friend, before eternal fear leaks out to the multiverse! (This story was made with Nkirby, and continues from The Four Outsiders.)
T, English, Horror & Adventure, chapters: 6, words: 25k+, updated: 2/16 published: 2/12
Hidden in Plain Sight » by ShotgunStudios Rowan Crimson has a legacy that she never knew about. Unbeknownst to her, she will have to join up with her cousins, Amber & Ruby, her best friend Aella, and some of the most weird, horrifying and strange creatures to have ever walked the earth. But as she gets dragged in, will they all be able to save the world from a much more terrifying being?
T, English, Supernatural & Horror, chapters: 4, words: 6k+, updated: 1/31 published: 1/17
3Slenderman x Reader One-shots by LadyMonoceros I'll post various one-shots of Slenderman x Reader here. These will all be their own separate universe or however you see fit. They won't be related to my series, "Can't Say".
T, English, Romance, words: 742, favs: 8, follows: 6, 12/31/2019, Slender
price of freedom by Nathan The Author a world of horrors and winders. a shadow war is unfolding.
T, English, Adventure & Horror, words: 1k+, 12/26/2019
6A Muse's Curse: Tournament of the Muse » by Storming Cipher Laila Moonstone's life is suddenly turned upside down when her best friend leaves her and she is taken to the Slender Mansion to be in their sick tournament: the Tournament of the Muse. But, along the way, she discovers there is more underneath the sick game they are playing. What does Laila find out? Will she win the tournament?
T, English, Suspense & Supernatural, chapters: 10, words: 31k+, favs: 1, follows: 3, updated: 11/26/2019 published: 2/2/2019, Slender, OC, Jeff the Killer
6OperatorX » by Tgonthefiery smile dot jpg. Amanda Reed took one look at that image, and her life was torn apart. But when a mysterious entity known as Slender Man offers to help her in exchange for her becoming his Proxy, she accepts. Now on the run from both the police and The Organisation, Amanda is forced to turn against former friends and allies, for the sake of her own survival.
T, English, Spiritual & Supernatural, chapters: 5, words: 33k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, updated: 10/31/2019 published: 9/2/2018
21Creepy World » by FlukeyThunder74 Throughout his whole life, Calvin has always tried to stray away from Creepypastas. But when he comes across a Creepypasta in real life and decides to help her, he is then brought forth into the world of Creepypastas.
T, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 15, words: 15k+, favs: 38, follows: 44, updated: 9/19/2019 published: 11/24/2015, Slender, OC, Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer
His Rose Garden by GiggiEba Chloe is troubled by the internet legend monster come to life. But she finds out his intentions are not what they seem. — Rated T for mention of murder. May be suitable for K-plus readers. — One-shot
T, English, Supernatural & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 8, follows: 2, 8/14/2019, Slender, OC
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