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7Falling Skies » by Bluebox345 Jenna is Sam's elder sister born in 1977 to Ron and Judy Witwicky. 30 years later, Jenna is married to Captain William Lennox and works as the Archives Director at the Hoover Dam. Drama ensues when Jenna's job collides with her personal life. 1/3.
T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 4, words: 13k+, favs: 44, follows: 61, updated: 1h published: 3/6, [OC, W. Lennox] [Sam W., Mikaela B.]
167The Diego Diaries: Part Eight » by arctapus This is a continuation of Parts 1-7 because the site glitches when you post too many parts. Its the whole universal thingo. There. You can see I'm not good at summaries. :D
K, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, chapters: 265, words: 582k+, favs: 23, follows: 19, updated: 17h published: 11/5/2020, Ironhide, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe
She Walks Among Titans by sparksinger Optimus Prime is reeling from a shocking revelation, but he has one of his own to tell Cordelia. Post ROTF fic.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, words: 5k+, 22h, Optimus Prime, Galloway, OC
196Growing Pains » by Transformersfan123 Sequel to Side Effects. Silverstreak's emotional instability is a threat to humans and Cybertronians alike. To save the humans from danger, Optimus gives him more responsibility to try and help him to grow up. But Silverstreak's temper is even worse than it used to be, and he sees no reason to listen. But when he is given the ultimate responsibility, it changes everything.
T, English, Friendship & Family, chapters: 14, words: 30k+, favs: 464, follows: 405, updated: 9/30 published: 1/19/2013, Sam W., Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, OC
1Cleopawtra by LunarLacrimosa Miles is a vet and one of his clients comes in with an unusual patient for him after hitting the creature while drunk driving. The creature is a large robot cat, about the size of a cougar. He doesn't know it, but this is Ravage. A Ravage who has been separated from Soundwave and with little else to do decides he might as well stay with the human who fixed his leg.
K, English, Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 5, follows: 8, 9/30, Miles L., Ravage
1Rebooting Cybertron (REVISED) » by Isaacplayz3651 This is a story about the Insecticons trying to restore Cybertron after the war in FOC, this ties in with bayverse (AOE and before) because of Dark Spark. I am co-authoring this story with jdog4161 so we are both posting it. There are several new characters we are introducing that we own. Enjoy and please send feedback!
T, English, Sci-Fi & Mystery, chapters: 28, words: 69k+, favs: 3, follows: 2, updated: 9/30 published: 12/23/2020, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Shockwave, OC
what happeneds what two autobots meet by Edith Baker what happends to arcee and ratchet when things get trickey
T, English, Romance & Sci-Fi, words: 500, 9/29, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Arcee
2Investigate by LunarLacrimosa Sam's in a coma, an Autobot is dead, another Autobot has appeared out of thin air, and there's a handful of horrified civilians to deal with. Will's superiors are breathing down his neck and he has to get to the bottom of what happened fast.
K, English, Mystery, words: 3k+, favs: 3, follows: 6, 9/27, R. Simmons, Miles L., W. Lennox, Optimus Prime
Taking Chances » by JadeStarFish Scythe hated Megatron and if she could have killed herself to escape from him, she would have. But the slave coding prevented that. Any attempt at disobedience would engage override protocols and her frame would move without her permission. So she gave up. She lived and obeyed. Watching and waiting. Because eventually, Megatron would get careless in his quest for power and then...
T, English, chapters: 4, words: 3k+, favs: 2, follows: 5, updated: 9/27 published: 5/17
Transformers: Quando Tudo Come?ou » by Night Vulcania Sarah Nakayami, uma humana que entra para a Nasa e trabalha na agência do Distrito 51, onde conhece um rob? alienígena chamado Optimus Prime, que vinha a ser seu chefe, mas com o tempo, Optimus mostra um interesse maior na humana e come?a aprender mais sobre essa ra?a e seus costumes.
K+, Portuguese, Romance & Sci-Fi, chapters: 10, words: 15k+, updated: 9/26 published: 9/23, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Arcee
Creative Streaks: Revived » by CraftyMaelyss Creative Streaks returns in a new, completely rewritten story from 2013: Featuring an artist who moves to Jasper to work in peace, only to have that all turned upside down when they get hit by a large semi truck. Any scenes that have triggering events will always have a warning at the start of the chapter. (I know that's the wrong prime but it's cool picture that's fitting)
T, English, Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, favs: 2, follows: 5, updated: 9/23 published: 9/21
Stand By You » by TorianScriber2012 (AU) What if Jazz have a human partner to protect and still is alive? William Lennox asked his student, Esther Tseo, a graduated soldier on the NEST team to bring her Autobot guardian home. What can possibly go wrong when her family meets Jazz?
T, English, Friendship & Family, chapters: 2, words: 14k+, favs: 1, follows: 4, updated: 9/22 published: 9/19, W. Lennox, Jazz, OC
Transformers: The Story of Samantha Witwicky » by disastergrace Samantha Witwicky's dad finally buys her a beat up old Camaro as her very first car, and things only seem to be looking up from there. Until her car turns out to be an alien and she ends up dragging her crush Mikaela Banes on a wild ride. A WLW rewrite of the first movie *Cross-posted on AO3*
T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 2, words: 9k+, favs: 3, follows: 6, 9/20, [Mikaela B., Sam W.] Bumblebee, Optimus Prime
44Meeting the Neighbors » by shadowxofxdarkness What happens when Tiffani and Lexi meet the neighbor's possessed truck? Well the Autobots will never be the same again.
T, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 20, words: 21k+, favs: 83, follows: 79, updated: 9/20 published: 1/13/2020, Ironhide, Optimus Prime, OC
61Slipping Through My Digits » by Stwawbewwy Persephone Villamora is a big fan of Transformers, though not as a hard-core fan as she was back then. To her surprise, she becomes a victim from the chain-reaction of events that unfolds. Optimus/OC/Megatron
T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 11, words: 86k+, favs: 55, follows: 60, updated: 9/19 published: 6/6, Optimus Prime, OC, Megatron
54TC: Remix » by LunarLacrimosa Miles Lancaster, the ex-bestie of Sam? After finding a damaged Barricade everything changes for the young teen and he drags the growling 'con along for the ride. A Sparkling, Cons joining the Bots, and more! Mech/human later on. (Updated and changed version of TC)
T, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 23, words: 110k+, favs: 196, follows: 165, updated: 9/19 published: 2/19/2015, Bumblebee, Barricade, Sam W., Miles L.
504 The Change » by LunarLacrimosa Miles Lancaster, the ex-bestie of Sam? After finding a damaged Barricade everything changes for the young teen. Barricade learns what it means to really be alive from a fleshy of all things, gaining these horrible things called feelings. A Sparkling, Cons joining the Bots, and more. hinted mech/human, then mech/human near the end. Basically finished, sequel planned. Will be edited.
T, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 61, words: 192k+, favs: 436, follows: 271, updated: 9/19 published: 8/7/2011, Barricade, Miles L.
Ordinary Lives Turned Upside Down » by LukeSkywalker2567 Will Hawthorne, his little sister Amelia, and cousin Hailey Johnson have a normal life until it's turned upside down when they meet Optimus Prime and the Autobots. And Will's best friend and secret crush Maddie Taylor gets involved as well. Takes place in the first movie to Revenge of the Fallen to Dark of the Moon.
T, English, Sci-Fi & Romance, chapters: 4, words: 8k+, favs: 4, follows: 5, updated: 9/17 published: 6/25, [Sideswipe, OC] Bumblebee, Optimus Prime
2 A Merry Little Intermission by sunkissedvampire Captain Lennox can't stand the idea of returning home to spend the holidays with his family when the Autobots are left on base with nothing to do. With the assist of Epps and Ember, they are able to pull off the get together of the century in his very backyard. No one will ever forget the Christmas spent on the Lennox property.
T, English, words: 8k+, favs: 4, follows: 3, 9/15, Annabelle L., Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, OC
23Partners in Crime » by amaranthineus Ever since Brooke met Barricade and Frenzy, they've been together come hell or highwater. However, a sudden encounter with the Autobots threatens to destroy their bond and friendship. After all, you can't outrun a war.
T, English, Friendship, chapters: 5, words: 10k+, favs: 111, follows: 103, updated: 9/14 published: 6/1/2015, Barricade, Frenzy, OC
98This Love Will Carry » by Cairistona Prowl has nudged logic aside just enough to love a sweet Praxian femme. Yet things aren't as simple as that, and Decepticons are bound to complicate things, and he's still recovering from the damages Megatron inflicted him. Through hardship and challenge, however, he can rely of the love and support of his friends and the femme so dear to him.
T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 23, words: 116k+, favs: 58, follows: 62, updated: 9/13 published: 7/20/2018, Ironhide, Ratchet, OC
3 Transformers: A Light in The Darkness » by sunkissedvampire The Autobots partner with the United Nations to form NEST: A covert military operation response team designed to thwart the Decepticon Incursion. Optimus Prime turns his thoughts to the precarious future and enlists the help of a few select humans and Autobots in preparation for what he fears is to come. ((REWRITE OF NIGHTLIGHT))
T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 11, words: 79k+, favs: 8, follows: 7, updated: 9/13 published: 9/11, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, OC
72United At Spark » by Faith Scarred (AU) Abelia Witwicky wishes for friends and family. Then came alien robots from another planet called the Autobots, but she's not complaining. She helps the Autobots, fights alongside them against Decepticons. Abelia's inference changes the Autobot's future, in ways they never thought of. She's also one person you don't want to anger. Don't mess with her family, she's protective.
K, English, Family & Adventure, chapters: 16, words: 101k+, favs: 210, follows: 211, updated: 9/13 published: 6/27/2016, W. Lennox, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, OC
115NightLight » by sunkissedvampire Ember Willows knows all there is to know about life; it sucks. But that all changes when she is hit by a car and thrust into a situation she has no clue how to fix. Now she sees there is more to EVERYTHING than meets the eye. ((legit rewriting and posting))
T, English, Adventure & Supernatural, chapters: 17, words: 90k+, favs: 181, follows: 177, updated: 9/11 published: 5/18/2011, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe
10Darkness » by Kazgem12 Suddenly I find myself where I don't belong: a long long way from home and surrounded by metal beings who tower above me. Where in the world was I? How would I get back?
K, English, Sci-Fi & Friendship, chapters: 5, words: 12k+, favs: 18, follows: 26, updated: 9/10 published: 5/10, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, OC
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