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for A Young Reaper's Afterlife

8/17 c11 10PsylentFox
Lol Man, that Aizen guy sure seems swell... it would be terrible if Tanya started going through the Soul Reaper heirarchy and correcting numerous inefficiencies caused by a feudal era bearucracy not keeping pace with the changing times. Paperwork consolidated and cut, improvements to construction, recruitment, training, and retention, etc. Tanya could so some greatly horrible things to Aizen's world view... LOL
8/14 c11 TooBad69
I’m really liking this so far. Not to many Tanya fics that I’ve found. Keep up the good work.
8/12 c11 Guest
Aizen is such a nice guy :)
8/12 c10 Guest
shame you didn't use the salaryman shown in the Youjo Senki Manga to represent Tanya in the inner world. He did so much grandstanding against being X in the manga, it's very endearing. He also looked super cool.
8/12 c11 Grocamol
Knowing Tanya's track record, I'd imagine she'll get roped into many schemes than she wanted to be in.

Yes, reading many fics allows one to see many pitfalls that plenty writers fall into. It helps to read other's work and see the come tropes that occurs in fanfics that can get rather too overused.
8/12 c9 Guest
So, this takes place after Urahara Kisuke's banishment, but before Isshin meets Ichigo's mother, yes?
8/12 c11 1Keywielder
Aizen? NICE? Hah!
Best joke I've heard in a while :vv
8/12 c11 4EricFreak
Went to a theme park today and rode some roller coasters, so only now did I get a chance to read this. Another good chapter, if I do say.

I liked the portrayal of SalaryGirls inner Soul/Zanpaktu. Tanya can't properly understand others, let alone herself. I fear it shall be her largest hurdle she's ever faced.

Rather then have Tanya think she overshot her credentials, I'd have a feeling she felt the shinigami standards were too low. Oh well, the shingamai organization might need just be in need of a, well, a bit of a fixer upper. Or perhaps the ones grading the test were substandard, and need to be retrained by upper management... lol

Zangestu hated when Ichigo was sad, and it made it rain in his inner world. I bet in Tanya's inner world, when Tanya's sad, well the coffee runs out and the trains stop running on schedule. And that just make #%$#%#$ sad...
8/11 c1 luther10120111
Found this on spacebattles really like it can't wait to read more
8/11 c11 arthurpendragon1940
Oh no... 100 years... this can only mean one thing! SHE HAS THE BIGGER SHOVEL!

Jokes aside, I do indeed look forward to the development of her Zanpakutō and how the other characters in canon evaluate her, but reference to the real world and history of the humans feels a little strange in the bleach world since there normally is not a need to, or they did in the manga, I do not know.
But I do very much enjoy this so far, so keep going and have a cookie.
8/11 c11 2farcochat
Oh yes the highlight of my week, finding this fic was truly the best thing that has happened to me in a while, good work please continue with this fic its truly shaping to be one of the best fic of youjo senki
8/11 c11 David Alejandro Gmez Fernandez
oh god, the spirit would be similar to the zaraki spirit power?, with the theme of rin devil and that,
8/11 c11 japs.p9
It was a good chapter but I want to know is the second command unstable after her death that's how I read it are we going to get her point of view when you write or is it just Tanya either way good chapter
8/11 c11 1bcchamorroc
thanks for the chapter. it's always refreshing to read your story in the middle of work.
I loved the meeting of Tanya and Aizen. I can even imagine tanya helping to take down the soul king if aizen convinced tanya that defeating him is the same as defeating being x or something. even if the story doesn't go that way, this story has so much potential that anything can happen.
That's what's great about tanya. she's not a generic protagonist.
8/8 c10 10PsylentFox
It would make sense that Tanya would be able to contact her sword spirit far earlier than her fellows- she has a great amount of reiryoku compared to them, she has already experienced great hardship and plenty of life threatening situations, and she has been dumping reiryoku into her blade at an accelerated rate. I probably would have given it another six months before she established a connection, but then again this is just a simple conversation and not learning her Zankpaktou's true name, so I think it's alright. :) Glad to see Tanya and Visha!
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