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for All the Million Hours

11/17/2012 c1 4Lady Murdock
Love the play- loving your fic...
10/15/2011 c1 1Araminta18
Oh, that was really well-done. I love the music, saw the show twice and was wondering if there'd been any fanfic for the show; imagine my surprise when not only is there fanfic, but good fanfic. You captured Leo's character really well-and I love how you showed Lucille's doubts. I hope you continue!
5/24/2011 c1 1Bleughqu The-human-robot
I agree with you that Parade is an amazing play that deserves more attention from the public. Not only because if it's realistic displays of human nature displayed in a beautiful art-form but because it's based on real events that triggered off much horror and racism in the world again.(passionate speech over)

I loved how you stayed true to Leo's character in both his speech and inner emotions. Everything he said, I could completely hear in his voice because it would be something that he would say. I've never seen the film (my drama group performed the play) and I was wondering if it differs from the play much.

I think it's a shame that this was never continued, but I understand that the lack of viewers is not a driving force and the chapter ended so nicely that it doesn't desperately call for more. I'v always admired a writer who can end well.

Keep writing beautiful prose and appreciating beautiful plays. Best wishes in all future endeavors.


5/1/2011 c1 Steve
I've seen the show twice. I listen to the Broadway soundtrack often. intelligent lyrics and unique music and yes, one of the best musicals in the past couple decades.

I think your descritions are brief and I like that. You write dialogue very well, and I can tell you are familiar with the trial, the era, the musical. I'm sure Lucille had to do a lot of ruminating on the past to be certain how well she knew her husband. I like that you have caught her at a moment when she dares to express some doubt. Surely there must have been those moments before she was able to say with any certainty, "you don't know this man, etc." I look forward with interest to see where you will be taking this.
8/4/2010 c1 SheSingsBroadway
Having been in this show, I find it amazing that someone can capture the voice of a man who went through so much pain and embarrassment over a crime that he did not commit. As he is, the character of Leo Frank always seemed to be incredibly skeptical and frantic, difficult to portray in words or even actions. Through-out the piece, I could not help but realize how well the character was rounded and given such great voice. Although I wish there had been more shown of Lucille's character, I was glad to see so much from Leo, explaining his situation and his feelings toward the events that lead up to his (eventual) death. In general, it was nice to even see a story based on this musical. I absolutely love the show, and I believe that the story was not only realistic toward the events but written in a gorgeous style. Thank you for writing this.

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