One day Princess Kagome was getting ready for her daughter's birthday. But Princess Serena was nowhere to be seen. Kagome frantically searches for her. She decides to ask her friend Sango and her husband if they saw her. They tell Kagome no they haven't seen the princess. Kagome grows worried as she hadn't told her that the world is full of dangerous demons.

Meanwhile Serena was outside enjoying the nice breeze when a handsome man walked up to her. What are you doing out here? Serena turned around oh I am just trying to get away from people at my home. My name is Serena. The man said my name is Lord Sesshomaru. Nice to meet you Serena. Serena smiled. She thought to herself how handsome he is. Serena and Sesshomaru talked for a while until she heard Sango call for her.

Princess Serena where are you? Serena looked sad knowing that she had to leave him. I better go but I really hope to see you again. Sesshomaru smiled as he walked away. Serena ran back to Sango. Sango looked at her. Your mother is looking for you. Oh! I hope she isn't mad at me for wondering off. Sango no she is just worried about you. Serena went home with Sango and she couldn't stop thinking about Sesshomaru.

After the party that night she went to bed. But before she went to bed she heard yelling in the castle. Sango came running in. Princess we are under attack we need to get you somewhere safe. Serena what about my mother? Sango looked at her. She is fighting them.

We need to go now. Serena nodded. Then they both ran from the castle. Serena cried as she was supposed to meet up with the man of her dreams that night. She ran to the spot where they first met. Serena fell to the ground in tears. Suddenly she felt arms around her. Huh? Serena looked up to see Sesshomaru smiling at her.

What's wrong Serena? My home was attacked and I had to escape. I am really worried about my mother. She is fighting with the guards. Sesshomaru notices how scared and afraid she is for her mother. I'll help your mother. He then called Jaken over. Take Serena to my palace. I will be there shortly.

Jaken did what sesshomaru asked of him. Serena quietly follows Jaken. Jaken looked at Serena. We are here now my lady. Serena looked at Jaken. Why did you just call me my lady? Jaken smiled because my lord Sesshomaru wouldn't just help anyone. I think he is in love with you. Serena smiled big as she too was in love with Sesshomaru.

Few hours of waiting for him he returned with a sad look on his face. I am sorry to inform you Serena but your mother didn't make it. Serena started to cry. No! I am all alone now. Sesshomaru pulled her close. You're not alone. I am here with you. I love you Serena. Serena buried her face into him. I love you too Sesshomaru. I want to be with you forever. With that they kissed. But it didn't last for long because the demons were looking for Serena. It took them about 2 months to find her.

They found her in the arms of a sesshomaru sound asleep on top of him. Sesshomaru sensed something was wrong with Serena. Then he saw the demons. If you dare try to touch her I will kill you. The demons made her disappear. Sesshomaru no give her back to me. No not now that she's with someone. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed as he realized she was pregnant. Sesshomaru tried to find her.

Meanwhile Serena tried to find a way to get free. She suddenly feels a kick. Her eyes widened. I hope my love Sesshomaru will find us in time. I don't want these demons to have you or to even hurt you sweetie as she rubs her stomach.

Sesshomaru finally found her sent and attacked the demons hiding place. The fight lasted for three months. Every night while the fight was going on she would cry because she was afraid of not being able to see the one she loves again in time. That night she was about to cry when suddenly someone picked her up. She weakly looked up and saw sesshomaru.

Love, is it really you? Sesshomaru smiled. Yes love. I am here. She smiled and threw her arms around his neck. My love, we are about to have a baby. I was so scared that you wouldn't find us in time. Sesshomaru smiled. I know. I have been looking for you. I am so sorry for worrying you. Serena smiled. It's ok. I am just glad you're here now. Please take us home. Sesshomaru smiled and rushed her home.

Jaken's eyes widened when he saw Serena's stomach. What you got her pregnant my lord? Sesshomaru smiled. Yes she's carrying my child. I will do anything to protect them. Serena smiles. Sesshomaru laid her down in their bed. He then got down on one knee.

Princess Serena, Will you marry me and become my lady? Serena smiled big. Sesshomaru then asked is that a yes or a no? Serena smiled even more and then answered that is a big fat yes. Sesshomaru smiled and put a diamond ring on her figure. It took them four months to get everything ready for the wedding. The night of the wedding Serena started to feel very fast movement. No! Not now! She fell to the ground breathing heavily.

Sesshomaru sensed Serena was in trouble. He ran to their room. Serena? Serena looked at him. I think the baby wants to come love. Sesshomaru picked Serena up and carried her to their bed. Two hours of pushing suddenly a baby cry could be heard in the palace. Jaken knocked on the door. Is everything alright Lord Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru smiled and handed their new daughter to Serena. Serena teared up with happiness as she took their new daughter from him. Sesshomaru what do you want to name her love? Serena that about it. Let's call her Emma.

Sesshomaru smiled. I love that name. He then walked over and laid down and pulled Emma and Serena towards him. I love you and your mother Emma. He leaned down and kissed Emma's head. Serena smiled at them. I love you both too. I am so glad she looks like you. Two weeks later everything was ready again for them to get married.

As Serena was walking down the aisle to sesshomaru. When she got there she realized Sesshomaru was staring at her. She blushed and they finally got to say their vows to each other. They lived happily ever after with Emma and they taught her everything she needed to know.