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Kodi Saves Ralph From Drowning

After getting away from the battle up the hill behind him, Kodi, a red and white wolf-husky hybrid stood before one of the wooden logs as it was already halfway in the water. The log was big enough for him and they had a gap that was big enough for at least two passengers. But he was undeciding and conflicted on the inside as he looked between the logs and the other shore. Elsewhere, Ralph, a gray and white husky, ran through the woods in order to find his friend. He pushed through a few branches and worriedly called out, "Kodi!"

He didn't hear an answer and kept running towards the river. The bigger dog was worried about his friend and letting the wizard Boris down. Though he was mostly worried about Kodi's safety more.

Mixed feelings up within Kodi's heart as he looked down at the One Ring that hung from his neck. Tears started to well up in his eyes as he thought about all that he had lost because of it. The tears rolled down his face and he lifted his gaze from the Ring. He remembered saying not too long again, "I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish that none of this had happened."

"So do all who live to see such times…" Another voice rang in his mind, making Kodi's eyes widen. He remembered Boris' encouraging words to him, "But that is not for them to decide."

Almost as if he were looking into the old goose's eyes as Boris then said, "All you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you."

Finding new resolve, Kodi's expression changed as he moved forward to the log and used his shoulder to push it into the water. Hen it was fully in the water, Kodi was quick to climb in. The log wobbled a little, but Kodi was able to pull himself into the log. Then with his paw he started to paddle away. Ralph came running through the woods and from the smell of the water he knew that he was getting closer to the river. When he broke through the treeline, he could see Kodi starting to drift along the river. Ralph then shouted after him, "Kodi, no!" Then slowing down he shouted again, "Kodi!

"Mr. Kodi!" Ralph called after him. But Kodi didn't look back as he continued to paddle away and quietly said, "No, Ralph."

Seeing how Kodi wasn't stopping, Ralph started to walk into the river after Kodi. The wolf-husky hybrid heard the sound of sloshing behind him and looked back. Seeing that Ralph was trying to follow him, Kodi said, "Go back, Ralph." Then with a firm gaze he told his friend, "I'm going to Mordor alone."

"Of course you are." Ralph agreed and kept coming. But then he added, "And I'm coming with you!"

"You can't swim." Kodi said to discourage his friend as the husky continued to try and follow him. The bottom of the river fell from underneath Ralph and he tried to swim for Kodi's log. Kodi turned and became worried for his friend when he shouted, "Ralph!"

But Ralph kept oncoming, even though he was starting to struggle the further he tried to swim. He gasped as he started to sink and fought to stay afloat. But the gray husky sank beneath the waves. A truly worried Kodi looked to the spot and fearfully shouted, "Ralph!"

Ralph tried to swim back up to the surface, be he found that he kept sinking. As his movements became still, he was left looking up at the sun as it shone down in the river. He moved one paw towards the sky as he sank. But before he went too far down, Kodi's paw reached down into the water and was able to grasp it. It took Ralph a second before he firmly grasped it. Kodi used all his might to pull Ralph out of the water. The bigger dog sputtered when his head broke the surface of the river and shook the water off his head as he was hauled onto the log. Coughing up the water that he swallowed, Ralph climbed onto the log and turned to the wolf-husky hybrid had fresh tears rolling down his face, wanting to know why his friend had done what he did. Ralph started to say, "I-" But took a deep breath before saying, "I made a promise, Mr. Kodi." Then he repeated it, "A promise: Don't you leave him, Ralph."

He sounded serious about keeping it as he said, "And I don't mean to." Kodi knew that he would honor his word as Ralph said again, "I don't mean to."

Kodi now knew that there was no dissuading him and said, "Oh, Ralph."

The two friends embraced each other as tears rolled down both their faces. They breathed heavily as they knew that the journey would be hard, but knowing that they had each other made it a little better. Ending the embrace, Kodi then said, "Come on."

Both canines then used their paws to paddle the log to the other shore. They knew that together, they could brave the wilds and reach the forbidden land of Mordor, as friends.


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