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Thunder and Lightning

Off in the distance a faint rumble came to her subconscious. She'd been asleep for a few hours at this point, but upon feeling the house around her shake and sensing a quick flash of light from behind her closed eyes Kathleen Harvey was pulled from sleep to find a storm was brewing.

She heard the heavy fall of rain but not wind, the massive and ancient houses tending to groan if the wind was strong. The rain continued, pelting down onto the roof above her as another flash of lightning came and then an angry rumble of thunder.

Her heart leapt with excitement and slowly she sat up, her eyes falling to the little white spirit at the foot of her bed. He slept on, no doubt immune to the sounds of a storm as he'd slept in this room since well before he died and was used to how thin the roof really was.

Being careful not to wake him, Kat got out of bed, grabbing her camera bag, and her jacket as she slipped away out the door and down the dark hall. She wouldn't have minded the little ghosts company but honestly, she wanted to catch the storm before it ended and though Casper meant well, he tended to hinder her focus.

She crept through the house, looking around as the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled, the sound of the rain growing fainter as she moved down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. Upon entering she swiftly aimed for the back door, unlocking it and pushing open the screen door as she looked through the darkness of the night and her eyes locked onto the gazebo off in the distance.

She didn't bother with shoes as the amount of rain falling would only soak whatever pair she put on. She'd been in too much of a hurry to change and thanked her stars that the Ghostly Trio was out on a holiday.

Over the last few years she had noticed some strange and unknown tension between herself and the Ghostly Trio's gangly leader. While they fought often and could barely be in the same room for longer than a few minutes, there had been a shift in the way he looked at her. A shift that had caught her off guard at first but that now made her all too curious.

It had started when she had turned sixteen, and for the last three years it had continued. She'd catch him staring at her, or be walking through the house only to feel like she was being watched. And when they did butt heads, she found herself hating it less and less and enjoying it more and more. He challenged her, she challenged him right back, quick insults and witty words exchanged and heaven help anyone who was caught in the cross-fire.

Kat's dad had all but given up trying to stop it, and while Stretch never seemed to show any real affection, his eyes spoke volumes. She'd catch him staring and sometimes, she was so sure, she swore she saw emotions behind the violet eyes, ones that were so out of place and unfamiliar to her it scared her.

Something had definitely changed between them, but as the pair were highly unlikely to ever sit down and talk about it, Kat simply let it go and put it down to having fought with the angry ghost so long, she'd simply grown accustomed to his face and was reading far more into it then she should.

Kat sighed at the sudden thoughts of the Trio's ghostly leader, shaking them from her mind as she had nothing to worry about in regards to being seen in her sleep wear and so, she bravely rushed through the rain, feeling it pelt down on her and soak her to the bone, her light jacket doing nothing in the way of protecting her.

Thankfully it was summer time and despite the rain and being on the coast, there was a warm humidity in the air and when she reached the gazebo she did her best to dry her hands before she bent down to fumble with her much too expensive camera. She'd saved up over the course of a year to buy it, and hoped to take it with her when she left for college next semester.

Once the camera was together she removed the cap and adjusted the lens before moving to the far side of her shelter and waiting. She had to be patient, as this was going to be the cream of the crop in her entrance portfolio for the photojournalist scholarship she coveted so much.

Soaking wet and clad only in a jacket and her nightgown, she waited, staring off into the dark horizon, trying to anticipate the picture she wanted. Raising the camera to her eye, a flash came, thunder rumbling close behind it. She snapped a picture before looking down, seeing nothing but a black screen staring back.

"Damn." she tried again, the lightning striking often though each time she'd find herself with nothing but a black screen or a sort of bright blurry spot in a corner.

For the next hour Kat waited, silent and motionless, her muscles protesting but her determination winning out. The storm showed no sign of stopping though the rain had let up and had become nothing but a gentle shower.

Glimpses of the full moon made it through some of the thinner clouds only to be swallowed again by another wave of thick water soaked clouds as the thunder and lightning continued to battle in the sky. One calling to the other and the other responding, in brilliant displays of light and melodious cracks of thunder.

"I just need one, come on, just get one, Kat." she whispered as she continued to wait, her finger on the button and arms still steady despite how her muscles ached. So focused was she that Kat had not noticed the slight chill in the air, nor the warning that ran up her spine when she had entered the structure.

Stretch often came out on nights like this, content to sit in the gazebo and watch the storms rolling in from the ocean, feeling the electricity in the air move through his ghostly form and for a moment, giving him a small taste of life.

He'd not expected to be joined by anyone, his brother's still down in Florida spooking it up with the old farts who dominated the state and spent most of their time on the golf courses. He'd grown bored quickly and left his brother's to it, choosing instead to come back home but remain unnoticed by the two fleshies and his nephew. Choosing to either wonder Friendship or the neighboring towns or stay in his room until his brothers returned.

When the storms had rolled in he'd come out to enjoy them, the rumbling of the thunder creating such turbulent ripples in his being while the lightning sent shocks and thrills up his non-existent spine as the air grew static and energy flowed around him.

He loved storms for this very reason, and while he seemed to be the only ghost in Whipstaff so affected he never missed one when it came, coming to the gazebo to enjoy the feelings it created in his ghostly body.

Kat had ran through the dark, arriving soaking wet and without shoes and clad only in her silk nightgown and a jacket. He'd turned invisible swiftly, wanting to growl and chase her away so he could enjoy one of the few pleasures his afterlife gave him.

Thinking to scare her and hopefully make her drop her precious camera he thought of the best way to do it as she waited for the perfect moment. However, Stretch seemed to think better of it when he realized what she was trying to do. She cursed over the next hour, trying in vain to catch a picture of the lightning, fumbling with the camera over and over, seemingly adjusting it and trying again.

Aside from the expliatives and mumbling to herself she didn't speak, and knelt so still she could have passed for a statue.

Well, if she's going to be quiet, I suppose I can share my storm with her… he mused with mild annoyance as he crossed his invisible arms over his chest and leaned back, remaining invisible so she'd be none the wiser of his presence.

As time passed Stretch's violet eyes turned back to her when Kat missed yet another shot and swore. She set the camera down, unzipped her jacket and took it off, folding it to place on the ground under her knee.

Stretch glanced away and then back, then away again only to look back and find himself unable to look away. Kat returned to the same frozen pose, her jacket now softening the strain on her knee as she waited still and silent.

One leg was bent out before her, Kat's silk nightgown riding high up her thigh as she raised her arms again and straightened her back. His eyes followed the roundness of her thigh up towards her hips, spying the barest hint of an asscheek clad in black panties. They roamed up slowly, noticing Kat was not wearing a bra and as her nightgown was soaked it clung to her breasts, her nipples hard from the cold pour of rain which had doused her.

Brown locks, wet and wild cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, thick wet strands sticking to her skin as she waited without movement. Soft arms led to delicate wrists which led to slender fingers and well kept nails.

He studied her for a long time, another hour nearly passing as she continued to wait, taking pictures as the lightning flashed but continuing to miss her opportunity. Her frustration finally peaked just as Stretch had found himself moving closer and reaching out a hand towards her.

He jerked back a little, arm still out and fingers giving the slightest twitch as his eyes scanned up to her face which was filled with frustration. She paced a moment, her nightgown still clinging to her womanly frame, the camera being pressed to her head carefully as she looked down and closed her eyes.

"Okay, you can do this, just snap one single picture, it's not that hard, just anticipate and-" but she stopped, her shoulders sagging a little as she glanced towards the ocean, a light breeze coming to barely press wet locks away from her face.

"Not tonight." she said with regret before sinking onto her knees and preparing to put her camera away.

"You give up dat easily then you ain't much of a photographer." and Kat jumped, falling over onto her ass and looking around her. Stretch appeared then, still sitting on the bench and gazing at her, Kat's heart beating a mile a minute from the sudden scare.

Normally she would be pissed, but right now, the frustration at herself was greater and so she simply stowed her camera in the bag and shook her head, "Bastard." she said softly, unable at the moment to rise to meet him in the battle of insults as she was just too damn annoyed at herself.

"Why ya putin' it away, bone bag?" Stretch asked, not moving from his seat as he watched her.

"You know why. Probably been there the whole damn time. Right? Well, I'm tired, wet and frustrated. I spent a lot of money on this camera and am currently fighting the urge to throw it across the yard. So, it's best if I just try again later, preferably when I am alone."

"Ya want a picture of the storm, ya better get the stupid thing back out." Stretch said as he finally floated up to a "standing" position and glared at her.

"I'm done!" Kat snapped, closing the bag and slinging the strap onto her shoulder, turning to go back inside only to realize she forgot her jacket. She turned back around and at the sight of Stretch holding it, the hood hanging off a single ghostly digit Kat rolled her eyes and took a step towards him, "Come on, Stretch, no games tonight. I'm tired and frustrated and-"

"Dah camera Kitty-Kat, out with it." he said, floating back out of her reach and she glared at him, "I said I'm done, I'm too angry to get a good picture now and my arms are dead from holding the damn thing up so long. Just give me my jacket!" She said as her temper flared and Stretch leaned towards her, "No, ya want a picture, take out d'ah stupid camera and I'll shows ya how ta get one!" He yelled right back.

Kat continued to glare, her jaw clenching and unclenching as her free hand fisted before she let out a growl and walked to the bench Stretch had vacated.

"Damn ghost, thinks he owns everything, everyone, bossing us all around, egotistical, lowsome, fowl, nasty, dick headed-" and she pulled out her camera and waited.

"Alright, oh great and wise ghostly leader, show me the million dollar shot." Kat barked as she placed a hand on her hip and Stretch rolled his eyes, "Ya know you're problem, Kitten, ya t'ink too highly of ya'self and not enough a others. Watch and learn, three, two, one-" and lightning flashed, followed by a rumble of thunder.

Kat's mouth parted, eyes going wide, "Three, two, one-" and another flash hit, a massive crackle of thunder resounding and Kat's feet instantly moved closer as she waited and Stretch let out a bemused sigh before he snapped his fingers and another flash struck.

"How...how the hell-"

"I can sense it, kid. I feel it inside my ghostly shell, I can tell ya when, without even batten' a eye." and he pointed out to the water, "In d'ah South." and as if summoned lightning flashed and Kat moved right up to the railing, "Holy shit." she whispered before looking at him as he tossed her jacket back and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Well? Ya want ya picture? I expect ta hear some apologies and grovlin'." and she looked up at him, slowly setting her hoodie on the railing before she reached up and gently took his wrist, pulling it away from Stretch's chest as she said softly, "I'm sorry, please, will you...help me? Please, Stretch?" and her honey brown eyes were near begging him, brows turned up and lips set in a frown.

"That's what I like to hear."he sneered only to feel his superior smirk fall away as he floated down at her gentle pull and came face to face with her, "Thank you." she said softly before turning and bringing the camera up to her eye and Stretch sighed as he leaned against the rail, arms crossed and back to the ocean, "Now." he said as his half-lidded eyes stared off and he heard her camera click just as lightning flashed. She looked down at her screen to see another black image with only a hint of light from off screen.

"Damn, fast enough but not the right spot, "Could you maybe, narrow it down a little?" Kat asked looking at him and Stretch let out a mock groan, "Crimany, you fleshies are all worthless. Up north, by d'ah lighthouse, three, two, one-"

He heard the snap of Kat's camera, saw the girl look at the picture as a massive smile came to her face, "Look!" she said with excitement and Stretch dropped his bemused eyes down to see the lightning strike was in the center of the picture but that it was still blurry and he looked at her unimpressed.

"Hey, I've been at this for two hours, my arms are shaking, and my fingers are stiff and numb. I'm not a weightless entity who doesn't get tired." Kat offered out in annoyance.

Stretch just looked away from her, trying to keep his eyes from wandering down her body, trying to keep himself from staring at her hard nipples, the short hemline of her nightgown, the way her skin looked so smooth and tan.

D'ah little kitten grew up too damn fast, to damn fast...bet she don't even realize what she's doin' ta me, dressed like d'at, soaked to d'ah bone, old Doc Harvey needs ta give her some lessons in modesty...making me want t'ings...teasin' me like a damned vixen...

Now that he was closer to her and the chill of his ghostly form reached her, he saw steam coming off her, saw the goosebumps raise across her skin and her nipples firm up again.

"When's the next-"

"Three, two, one-" Stretch said, his eyes lingering on her now that Kat's face was back in the camera and she groaned as she looked down at the screen and then glared at him, "You have to tell me where!"

"Grah, stupid, just focus Kitty-kat!" Stretch growled out before he came up behind her and placed his icy hands over hers and raised the thing to her face. Kat looked through it, Stretch pressing his lips to her ear, "Three, two, one-" and he had guided her right to it, pressing her finger down at the exact moment needed as the lightning flashed and as she pulled the camera down to look at the screen she smiled like a fool, "Oh, it's perfect! Hurry, let's take some more! Please, can we? Help me, here, move closer, let's hurry, come on Stretch!" and Kat pulled him closer, pressing herself against the railing as she raised the camera, his hands still over hers and to Stretch's surprise, such a happy and exuberant call of his name as she pulled him closer filled him with a feeling he'd not felt in a long time.

"I...uh...alright d'en...sure….sure,sure, just...hold still and...three, two, one-" and he once again guided her position, before pressing his finger down on hers and helping her capture the image.

This one too made her smile big, her honey brown eyes looking to him over her shoulder as she said with such happiness, "More? Please, Stretch, a few more?"

And to Stretch's utter horror, he actually chuckled, smiling down at her gently as he said, "Alright, kid, calm down, gonna have a' aneurysm. Alright, over here to d'ah left, the lighthouse, hold still that's it, three, two, one-"

This continued for nearly an hour, both looking at each picture taken, talking softly about it as Stretch continued to hold her and guide her towards the perfect pictures. It was almost soothing and the often abrasive anger between them slowly faded as she continued to smile, her voice soft and kind, his eyes gentle and his hands tender.

Stretch released his hold on her hands, his mouth next to her ear as he said softly, "Alright, kid, try it on ya own...focus...feel it...to the North, by d'ahs lighthouse again-" his voice so soft as his hands slide up her arms and then down her sides, taking her waist and turning her slowly, "Alright, you're lined up, three, two, one-" and Kat snapped the shot without his hands to guide her as she looked at the image and found another beautiful shot all she could do was spin to look at him, before granting a kiss to his cheek, "These are so wonderful, thank you! It's everything I wanted and more!" she said softly, her breath misting from her mouth due to his proximity as he looked down at her with wide eyes and a stunned expression.

Kat's smile faded at his look, the reality of her last action coming to her as she blushed profusely and tucked some hair behind her ear and looked away, "Stretch...I...do we have to keep fighting?" and it was a soft question, nearly inaudible but he heard it and grew confused, "Because...I don't want to. Is there….anyway...someday...we could be..friends?"

He was in auto-pilot at the moment, still shocked from her sudden kiss and so his mouth moved without his consent, "Ghosts ain't friends with fleshies."

Kat's eyes watered a little before she moved forward and asked suddenly, "Secret friends then! We don't have to tell, I won't tell...I like you...want to spend time with you…" but she trailed off as his eyes got narrow and a frown came to his face.

"R-Right...of course...stupid of me to think…" she turned from him, tears falling as she returned her camera to its case and closed the lid. Her hand stilled as Stretch came up behind her, the cold emanating into her back and goosebumps erupted again.

A transparent hand was placed on hers, pulling it away from the bag and up towards icy lips, "A secret?" he asked softly.

"Mmhmm." Kat hummed gently as she turned, coming face to face with him before she saw the look in his violet eyes, the one she had started to see more readily as she got older.

"I can't offer ya anything Kitty-kat, no body ta keep ya warm-" he started as he pulled her close, "Don't need much, just talk to me...spend some time with me...hold me if you want to, but just don't...be angry with me anymore. It's...starting to hurt." and she whispered it out so sweetly, somewhere between a plea and a request and Stretch thought he might almost feel a pounding in his chest yet there was nothing there.

"What's hurtin' ya, Kitty-Kat?" he asked in confusion.

"You're words...your disdain everytime you look at me, seeing how much you hate me is written all over your face...and...it's hurts me when I think about how much you hate-"

"I don't," Stretch said softly and he raised her chin with a finger, looking down at her with truly soft eyes and a nervous expression, "I don't hate ya Kitten, and d'at's the damn problem-" and then he leaned down as lightning struck, their lips meeting, though the feeling was foreign to both and it took time to acclimate.

The lightning faded away, thunder only giving soft hums in the far distance as the rain continued to trickle and in the dark of a humid summer, a kiss was shared that was sweat at wine. From that moment on, when storms rolled through Friendship, Main in the darkness of the night, Kat would go to the gazebo, her secret friend always waiting for her to share a kiss and take beautiful photos.

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