By His Command

It's so quite in the room with no windows, a single door, a desk with a chair and columns and columns of books but what stood out the most was a man pacing back and forth, from the door to the desk back and forth this continued for seemly and age until "those FUCKING BRATS!" boomed the figure "they would damn the laws that I fought for, BLED FOR to ensure existence's survival and for what?!" cried the being "fun? no for giggles? no but because they COULD!" shouted the being as turned and slammed a fist into a nearby wall and in an instant cracked seemly three quarter of the wall.

The figure stilled for a moment then slowly walked to his desk and as the being approached said desk a computer fades into place, a moment later a screen appears displaying a title HOMEWORLD: Deserts of Kharak, "perhaps a plan will come to me after a few games or replaying the story again" mused the figure.

'Man it's a slow day today' I thought as blew up another carrier 'and this dude not even trying it's almost sad' as said dude was being a toxic dushbag in the chat "yea yea keep talking that's all your good at" I typed as he rages in the chatroom. 'Is anyone up for a FAIR one on one today?': Siegebreaker42 I typed then went to grab some food 'wonder if I got any bacon in the fridge?' I pondered, I live alone in a one bedroom flat, not much furniture as just moved house and it felt great to be on my own without my sister knocking my door at ungodly hours with my nephew playing his tablet stupidly loud next to my bedroom wall, ' I love them but really who knocks at one in the morning?' I groaned.

After fixing up a bacon and brown sauce sandwich, I returned to my desktop to see if there was anyone looking for a match it was a few minutes later that I got a message in chat 'fancy a match?': Deathcrawler99, 'well at least he's asking nicely' I thought 'I'm game any preference?': Siegebreaker42 I typed 'standard annihilation match no relic you choose the map?': Deathcrawler99 replied, 'hmm which map to pick?' I pondered 'I know the perfect map' I set the match and select the Torin Crater map simply because why not.

Third Person POV

"Well aren't you interesting" spoke the figure "never have I been so pressed, tho I admit I'm limiting myself to the confines of the game space but still" mused the figure then about half an hour later a pop-up appeared onscreen 'DEFEAT' 'Hmm maybe...maybe...hmm one more just to be sure' pondered the figure.

Siegebreaker42 POV

"Damn that was hard but fun...weirdly?" panting slightly I look at the time and it is 11:30pm better think about bed as tomorrow I start job hunting 'joy' I groaned, I look at chat to see if deathcrawler sent me a message and low and behold 'GG heard you were looking for a job?: Deathcrawler99'. 'Ok that's weird' I thought 'where did you hear that from?': Siegebreaker42 I don't remember typing in chat or mentioning it to anyone before 'I have my ways but here's the deal: Deathcrawler99' 'Ok not creep at all but go on: Siegebreaker42' 'fair enough the deal is one more match I beat you nothing if you beat me I give you a job: Deathcrawler99' 'this is slightly unnerving but tempting' I wondered before typing 'Same as before or different conditions?: Siegebreaker42' 'same as before different map my choice and I will use my preferred faction same as you if you wish: Deathcrawler99.' 'well shit he wasn't using his main faction how much harder will it be?' pondering on that piece of info 'well might as well got nothing to lose' 'sure what map?: Siegebreaker42' 'The Boneyard oh and I main Khaaneph faction: Deathcrawler99' 'fuck the faction I suck at fighting against shit' I groaned 'well I might as well use the faction I best with, the Coalition' I selected before I ready up.

Third Person POV

"Well well well I'm impressed" mused the figure "You got the job Mr Breaker" he spoke looking at the screen seeing 'DEFEAT' displayed in front of a fireball appearing from his carrier "I look forward to meeting you" spoke the figure before gesturing with a hand, dismissing the computer and summoning a chair.

Siegebreaker42 POV

'GG I be in touch: Deathcrawler99' 'What? seriously!' "DAMN IT!" I shouted as I saw Deathcrawler99 leave the chat before I could respond, "damn it I can't believe it" I fumed I glanced over the time and it's just gone 1:40am 'fuck it I'm going to bed and worry about it later' I moaned as shutdown my PC before collapsing onto my bed and slowly drift of to sleep.

"Good morning mr breaker" spoke a voice waking from my sleep with a start "what..what...whaaat the hell?" as I look around and realise I'm not in my room but in a chair in front of a desk "you are in my office mr breaker" the voice spoke again I turned to the desk seeing none other then Julian Richings sitting opposite 'well shit that's not good' I thought as I remember seeing him on supernatural as Death, "So you know of me? curious" 'no offence to Lise Berry but Julian always suited the role better' "your reputation is well know Mr Death" I replied "I bet it does but we are not here for my accolades, rather we are here for your job interview" Death spoke "wait YOU got a job...for me?" I replied "if you want it yes" said Death with a smirk on his face 'well...shit.'

"So...what's the job?" I spoke after a period of silence "I will be blunt with you...I need a General" stated Death "a general? then why me I'm not military or have experience with the military" I replied "not JUST a general, MY general, an avatar of judgement, of consequence and of punishment you will be a terror among mortals and the fact you are NOT military is an added bonus as you need to be so much more" intoned Death "Wow layering a bit thick there Death" I replied wide eyed in surprise "well you're taking it better than most" chuckled Death "I bet" I dryly respond 'wait be more than a general?' "what do you mean by more?...more what?" I inquire "keeping things blunt there are a bunch of uppity brats who are barely out of their diapers claiming to know better and impose a list of demands to ME a being whose is as old as existence possible older on how to conduct myself and how my domain should be run AND what laws that I've fought for, bled for to enforce or ignore because THEY are the so called chosen guardians of their play-dens by their forebears...this is where you come in the picture" growled Death 'Well...shit just...shit' "so...I'm to fight gods? or am I to do something else?" I asked a little unnerved by the sudden loss of warm leaving a cold vacuum of dread and despair and as quickly as the cold appears it departs the room filling with warm breeze almost if nothing had transpired "I'm glad you have a minor grasp on the issue but the so called gods are mine to deal with as they have exhausted their last ounce of my patience" im Death "so I'm playing janitor by cleaning up their mess?" I ask "pretty much" replied Death "I see" I responded 'Well it's an opportunity not gonna lie but I may NEVER come home' I though"I take it there's no going back" I ask "Sadly you be declared dead back at your home BUT I am willing to permit you to return home after a couple of assignments...for a time you are MY general after all" Death answered "I see...I need to think on this Death" I spoke "I can give you four hours to decide but I need an answer at that time" replied Death

I sat in the chair for a couple of minutes weighting the pros and cons of what I was offered, on one hand I will be able to travel anywhere I wish within reason, serve Death himself and stay in touch with friends and family to a degree but I will be by all respects dead and I can only contact or hangout with my friends and family at Death's discretion meaning months or years apart missing out on moments in their life or worst. But it's an opportunity, a RARE opportunity from Death himself can I really walk away from this? As I look back up towards Death seeing the knowing smirk on his face he knew my answer and deep down? So did I "Where do I start?".