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Rachel Berry may seem odd and a bit much to some people, but she's good at heart. Although on the outside, her life seems great because she makes it seem great and it is in many ways. But even though she hates this feeling, she feels some jealousy over her younger stepsister Quinn Fabray. Although they've had a close relationship for the past 10 years, Rachel has had jealousy over the fact that Quinn gets positive male attention while she gets treated like shit. Quinn usually brushes them off until one day, Noah Puckerman asked her out and now they're officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Although she's happy for them and is team Quick, she can't help but feel some jealousy cause since she's older, she always thought she'd get a boyfriend first.

"Hey Manhands, your sister Quinn's fine as fuck." Azimio said

"Shut up, she has a boyfriend." Rachel said

"We don't care." Dave Karofsky said

"We want her snap." Azimio said

"No." Rachel said

"I don't understand why she's with a guy who has a squirrel attached to his head when she could be with someone as hot as me." Karofsky said smugly

"I don't have time for this bye." Rachel said as she walked away

Through the next week, Rachel has to deal with Karofsky, Azimio and Jacob Ben Israel along with various other people who wanna know all about Quinn and Puck. She's also had to deal with being known as the ugly sister and hearing Quinn being talked about in a sexual way. Rachel has done her best to keep everything to herself until one day, she finds herself home alone as Quinn's cheering at a away game and her dad Russel went and her mom Shelby had to work late. Rachel is having a mental breakdown and doesn't notice Shelby standing there watching her outside her bedroom door.

"Rachel, are you ok?" Shelby asked concerned as Rachel is in shock cause she didn't notice her mom as she unsuccessfully tries to make it seem like she wasn't crying

"I'm great, why?" Rachel asked

"Rachel Barbra Berry, obviously something's wrong." Shelby said

"Fine, I'll tell you." Rachel said. So for the next few minutes, she told her mom everything that's been happening this whole week. Before Shelby knows it, Rachel's asleep and Quinn and Russell are home.

"Hey how was the game?" Shelby asked as she greeted Quinn and Russell

"We won. Fyi where's Rachel?" Quinn asked

"It's a long story." Shelby said

"What's going on?" Russel asked. So Shelby told Russel and Quinn everything Rachel told her. What they don't notice is that Quinn has already gone upstairs to talk to Rachel.

"Hey Rach." Quinn said

"Hey, how was the game?" Rachel asked

"Good. We won. How are you doing?" Quinn asked

"Let me guess, mom told you and dad everything." Rachel said

"Yeah. Look, don't listen to anything those guys are saying. I may be happy in a relationship, but you don't need a guy to be happy. No matter what happens, I'll always be your sister. I know we haven't been spending a lot of time together as before, but we need to have a girls day just you and me." Quinn said

"Have you been given a hard time also cause mom kinda hinted at it?" Rachel asked

"Yeah. I've dealt with jealous girls at cheer. But I try not to let it bother me." Quinn said

"I'm surprised Santana hasn't done shit then." Rachel said

"They say shit when her and Brittany aren't around." Quinn said

"Are you gonna tell Puck what's been happening?" Rachel asked

"Yeah. I'll tell him together after I take a shower." Quinn said before giving Rachel a hug. 5 minutes later, Rachel hears Quinn telling Puck everything and him vowing to fuck some people up. She goes to the closed bathroom door to hear more off the conversation while being silently thankful that Quinn didn't mention her jealousy. Quinn then says something that shocks her

"Also I was wondering if you wanna just see the movie on Sunday so I can have a girls day with Rachel tomorrow." Quinn said

"Quinn what are you doing? You've been looking forward to seeing that movie forever." Rachel said

"Rachel it's fine. We can go on Sunday. Plus I have to watch my sister tomorrow." Puck said

"What were you gonna do with your sister since your mom works tomorrow night?" Quinn asked

"I was gonna take her with us." Puck said causally

"To My Best Friend's Girl?" Rachel asked

"Yeah. She's already seen Bad Girls Club." Puck said

"Ok well I need to go shower now. Bye Puck." Quinn said

"Bye Quinn. Bye Rachel." Puck said as Quinn hung up

"Thanks Quinn. Can't wait for tomorrow." Rachel said before giving Quinn a hug

The End

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