Wet in the Washroom

She sighs, her girlfriend went over to visit her family, leaving her alone tonight. As she walks the streets of London she looks back at her failure. She saved herself, but at the cost of his life. As she walks a pub catches her eye, a night of drinking.

As walks in she gazes at the full seats and tables, men and women laughing, drinking, it's almost as if the real world doesn't apply here. As she walks up to the counter she sits on a stool. Bad idea to come out in tights, a thin shirt and a short coat. She sighs, enjoying the warmth.

She asks for some Pimm, winking at the cute lass behind the counter. As she waits for her drink she glances over at the person next to her, who wears a hood in a pub? "You good?" She nudges the person, they sighs, "Leave me be, ivre..." Lena becomes intrigued, a girl~

But she thinks for a moment, the voice sounds familiar. "Whatcha name? Or are you just a sexy voice~" she smirks. The woman pulls down her hood, "Amélie..." she chugs down her glass asking for more. Lena pouts, she wasn't expecting her. "Surprised? To think your found my voice sexy."

Lena sighs, the counter lady passes her her drink. "I was expecting a cutie, not a hottie..." she sips her drink. "You won't try to catch me?" Amélie asks, getting a no from Lena. "Wouldn't want to ruin everyone's night." She takes another sip, Amélie stares at her conflicted, "Then why are you here? Ruining my night."

The British babe chuckles, "My girls out of town, nothing better to do, and bothering you is making my night~" Amélie sighs, "Didnt know you swung that way." She sips her drink, Lena giggles, "Does that make you uncomfortable? Sitting next to a gal to finds you attractive~"

Amélie stares at her annoyed, "Don't tell me your so drunk your hitting on me." Lena chuckles, "Gosh love what makes you figure that? I've been lonely all week... I could use a little.. relief~" she chuckles seductively in Amélies ear, she groans, chugging down her drink.

"I'll have you know pute! I'm into men, not girls trying to play pretend." Lena scoffs, "You sayin ima man? Well... look jus cuz I'm not thick like you doesn't make me a dude! Why are you here anyway?" Amélie sighs, looking down at her drink, "Other than... killing, drinking makes me feel something... makes me feel alive. Boire me fait me sentir humain."

Lena stares confused, not getting that last bit, "Well, if you wanna feel alive~ this pubs got a pretty nice washroom~" she whispers, Amélie turns to her, "You'd seriously do this?" Lena giggles, "People come here to get away from their everyday lives. What's the problem with a hot night in a washroom stall at a pub~"

She quickly pecks Amélie on the lips, giggling at her pissed expression she walks to the washroom, swaying her hips knowing she's looking. Amélie sighs, watching her teasing performance. She stares at her glass, she's straight on all accounts... but, she sighs. Standing up she finishes her drink, walking to the washroom.

As she enters she sees a stall door closed, walking over to it she knocks, reluctantly. Lena opens the door, pulling Amélie in, "I'd knew you'd see it my way~" Lena giggles, stroking Amélies chin. "I.. never been with a girl." Lena smiles seductively, "Then you... my delicious beauty~ Are in for a treat~"

Lena sits Amélie on the toilet, she straddles her lap, kissing her. A little messy, feeling their lips connect they taste each other's mouths. The two enemies making love in the washroom stall. Lena pulls away, licking her lips, "Why haven't I done this sooner~" she giggles, unzipping and pulling off Amélies jacket.

"Aren't you a bit too hasty fille?" Amélie asks surprised, Lena, kisses her cheek, lowering to her neck. "Please love I just want to see your baps~" Amélie looks at her confused, until Lena rips open her black button up shirt, revealing her purple floral bra, "Oh Mon..." Lena chuckles, caressing her soft cool shoulders, "My aren't you as cold as a ice." Amélie snickers, Lena smiles, "What's so funny?~" Amélie smiles at the cheeky brit, gently caressing her waist, "It was just a chuckle... but I have yet to feel good."

Lena smirks, unhooking her bra. "My they're lovely~" she gently lifts them, a soft hum from Amélie. Lena kisses her collar bone, kissing downward to their perky blue tits. "How bout now~" she smirks up at Amélies flustered expression.

"It's... okay, but I thought you said I was in for a treat? Petite fille." Lena chuckles, "Jus wanna set a mood~ Whats wrong wit havin some fun~" Amélie groans, feeling Lenas warm salivating tongue caress her nipple. "It's been so long... Ce sentiment m'a manqué"

Lena giggles, she raises her left hand gently circling her finger around her nub. Amélie's groans become more seductive, she gently holds Lenas head to her chest. Lena giggles, her right hand sliding into Amélies black jeans.

"That's a fine bum you got there~" she says gently caressing her cheek. Amélie purrs, Lenas gentle caressing soothes her, for the first time in years she feels warm. "Fais-moi l'amour~" she raises Lenas head from her chest, bringing her up to her lips for a hungry kiss.

Lena giggles, returning her passionate kiss. She pulls away slowly "Do you see me as a woman now?" Amélie groans, "Please! Vous êtes une fille excitée! Let me do you this time~" she purrs, pulling off Lenas coat, she chuckles smooching Amélies boob, giving it a gentle bite.

Lena pulls off her shirt, her small bosom perked. Amélie gently caresses her left one, getting a giggle from Lena, "It's a controller love~ just push the buttons~" Amélie gently presses her thumb into the brits nipple, pushing it in. Lena groans softly, "Yea... just like that~"

Amélie chuckles, "Your really lowering your guard? Est-ce sage?" Lena makes a kissy face, winking "Of course love~ We're having a shag~" Lena grabs her hand, mushing it against her breasts, Amélie gently feels her chest, her small breast just barely fitting her hand.

She chuckles, rolling Lenas nipple in her fingertips, "Your so cute under my fingertips~" Lena purrs, feeling Amélies rump, "Such tight jeans love, how bout we take em off~" she undoes her jeans button. Amélie groans, "Your really going too fast."

Lena chuckles, "I just really wanna get in your pants love~ such beautiful skin... I can only imagine what your lovely lips could offer~" Lena gently kisses Amélies neck, before giving it a playful bite. Amélie hums, gently caressing Lenas soft chest "But you already kissed me."

Lena giggles, "Every lady has two lips~ The easy one~ And the one that deserves special treatment~" she slides her hand in Amélies pants, gently caressing her thong. Amélie sighs nervously, "Bit to fast Chérie"

Lena stands up bringing Amélie with her, "Oh~" Lena giggles, pulling down her pants, "What? Haven't had your fiddle played with in awhile~" Amélie nods, Lena kisses her chest, gently caressing her blue thighs, "Kinda wish I found you in your suit~ would've love strippin that off this body~"

Amélie sighs, "It has been a while..." she blushes lightly, combing Lenas hair. Lena giggles wiggling her butt, "I may not have Dangly Bits... but I got quite the fingers~" Lena tugs on Amélies thong before letting it smack back against her waist.

She grunts, "Your really into this." Lena chuckles, pressing her chest against Amélies, "Love, your a hottie~ Why wouldn't I be into it~" she nibbles on her neck, grinding her knee against Amélies covered core, she gasps, humming pleasantly.

Her eyes lidded, looking down at the hot Brit as she grinds her leg against her cunt. Lena kisses her chin, reaching behind her to spread her cheeks. "So hungry... Je n'aurais jamais pensé que tu étais une mauvaise fille~"

Lena kisses her cheek, "English love~ Can't get randy if I can't understand you~" Amélie groans, she can feel her folds leak onto Lenas thighs, "Never figured you for a bad girl~" Lena giggles bitting Amélies lip, "Only when I meet someone badder~"

Amélie moans, pushing Lenas face toward hers for a kiss, as they kiss her body warms up, her core leaks profusely over Lena thigh, she purrs into the kiss, feeling love for the first time in years. Lena chuckles into the kiss, spanking Amélie firmly.

Amélie gasps, pulling away from the kiss. "Damn..." Lena giggles, pushing her onto the toilet seat. "Think it's bout that time love~Ready to feel full again~" Amélie whimpers, "You better keep quiet about tonight Ou vous le regretterez." She says sternly.

Lena purrs, speeding her legs, "Don't you ever hear whatever happens in the washroom stays in the washroom?" Amélie groans, feeling Lena caress her thighs, her heavy breathing warming her core. "Let's get these knickers off~"

Lena gently bites her thong, tugging her string down her thighs. Looking up at Amélies yellows lustful eyes she winks, kissing her way up Amélies long lovely legs, Amélie whimpers, Lenas wonderful kisses making her slit warm up, as her lower body feels infatuated with heat.

"I love watching you get so heated~" Lena giggles, softly biting Amélies thigh. Amélie reaches her core, gently caressing over her clit, hearing her moisture squelch at her touch. She pants, watching as Lena licks her way closer, inhaling her sexually charged musk. "You want this don't you~" Lena teases, kissing just to the left of Amélies clit.

Amélie wines, "Taste my love~ Ma précieuse petite fleur~" Lena purrs, blowing on it softly, watching her squirm, she stares at her clit, watching it drip with need abs desire. Lena presses her nose against her folds, watching Amélie squirm with a pleased grunt. "My aren't you sensitive~ Did my performance leave you wanting~"

Just before she could say something they hear the washroom door open, Lena closes Amélies mouth, sliding fingers against her tongue. They hear a couple giggle, they sound drunk. Lena giggles quietly, sitting on Amélies thighs, rubbing her covered core against her leg.

They hear the couple walk into the stall furthest from the door, the woman giggles, the sound of a belt unbuckling and a guy groaning. His groans make Amélies mind wonder with Lenas fingers in her mouth. Loud sucking and groaning echo in the washroom, Lena holds back her moans as she grinds against Amélies leg.

"Does another couple in here turn you on~ Knowing that just a stall away a girl is on her knees sucking off some lucky bloke~" Lena whispers, nibbling on her ear, Amélie whimpers, sucking Lenas fingers, "Jus imagine me havin dangly bits~ Would you be inclined to suck then?" Amélie groans, reaching between her legs as she slides her fingers inside her.

The guy grunts loudly, hearing the woman gasp, before a loud slurping can be heard. "My~ They really goin at it~" Amélie groans, Lenas teasing and smug face bothering her to no end, yet it wouldn't be her without it. Lena grinds harder, softly moaning into her shoulder, Amélie pants, feeling Lenas juices leak teasingly down her thigh.

Amélie grabs Lenas free hand, leading her to her begging cunt. Lena giggles, sucking her neck she slips her fingers inside Amélie, pressing her thumb against her clit, moving her bulb in a circular motion as she slides her fingers in an out.

The woman grunts, hitting the stall door, the man groans, a loud squelch before a rhythmic pounding and moaning. "They have no idea we're in here~ Doesn't that just make you melt~" Amélie sucks her fingers hard, her cunt quivers as Lena presses her fingers against her inner walls looking for her favorite spot.

Lena softly bites down on her shoulder, her fluids begging to be picked up as the woman moans. She screams how big his cock is over and over as he plows her. Amélies mind goes over the edge, imagining Lena with a cock pounding her at this very moment.

Lena curls her fingers inside Amélie, hooking her entrance causing Amélie to gasp loudly, squirting on Lenas hand. As she spasms, Lena groans quietly, whimpering as she leaks profusely on her thigh.

The woman moaning loudly, begging for his cum. Lena shivers, thank god that slag is so loud. "How... you doin... gorgeous~" Lena moans quietly into Amélies ear, Amélie quivers, panting "Vous savez... comment travailler vos doigts... Je suis impressionné... votre fa?on... est meilleure que la masturbation..."Lena giggles, "Love... did I make you squirt so hard you can't speak English anymore~" Amélie turns her lustful gaze to Lena, the couple still being loud as hell. "Aime-moi juste, petite Brit~" Amélie reaches for Lenas head, gently caressing her cheek as she pulls her in for a kiss.

Their tongues slither and lap each other as they play in their mouths. The washroom door opens again, the couple still being rude, she walks to their stall door, banging on it, "DO THAT ON YOUR OWN TIME!" She yells, the counter girl. Lena giggles, hearing the couple apologies and quickly scramble out of the bathroom.

They hear the girl walk toward their stall, worried they might get caught, she lets out a little toot. Causing the woman to leave the washroom, Lena giggles, wafting it as Amélie stares at her blushing, "You seriously did not just do that on my leg."

Lena chuckles, "My bad beautiful... had to get her off the scent~" Amélie groans, Lena smiles, kissing her cheek. "Now back to what we started~" Lena sits back on the floor between Amélies legs. Amélie whimpers, "I just came, let me rest Vous êtes une fille excitée."

Lena chuckles, wafting the air again, "Maybe I shouldn't have dropped so soon." She chuckles, waving the smell away. Amélie stares at her nervous, watching as Lena moves her face closer. "It's so pretty~ Looks hungry~"

Lena licks her lips, kissing her moist lips gently. Amélie shivers at the feeling of her warm lips, she bites her lip, watching the British beauty make love to her French cunt. Lena, slides her tongue in, pressing it against the walls of her entrance, Amélie groans pleasantly, her cunt tightens around her tongue, attempting to suck her tongue.

Lena giggles, feeling her insides suck her in she slurps the fluids from her lips. A cool divine taste of pleasure and power fill her mouth. Amélie warps her legs around Lenas head, holding her in place, squishing her face with her blue thighs. "Tu me manges si bien que tu peux faire l'amour avec ma chatte~"

Lena giggles into her sloppy folds as they salivate, she grabs Amélies hips, gently stroking them as she licks her folds clean of her delicious fluids. Amélie moans cutely, her face flushed red as she holds back her moans.

"For such a dominating girl you sure are taking this~" Lana teases, kissing Amélies thighs before returning to her cunt. Her head spins, Amélies walls close in on Lenas tongue, her toes curl and her finger grip Lenas hair.

"?a vient! Buvez tout s'il vous pla?t! " Amélie moans out, squirting into Lenas wanting mouth, as she gulps it all down. Amélie covers her mouth, her orgasm hitting all her nerves just right. Lena cleans up the remains, slurping what's left, giving Amélie an extended orgasm.

"My aren't you a delicious treat~" Lena says getting up and straddling Amélie. She caresses her hand upon her naked flesh, feeling her wide hips, thin waist and large bosom. "Your a fine snack you know~ It's not everyday you see a French beauty naked~" Lena giggles, kissing Amélies orgasmic face.

Amélie calms down, tasting her cunt fluids in Lenas mouth. She rubs Lenas back, holding her close, she's never felt this kind of love in years. "You have such a lovely mouth~ Tu sais vraiment comment faire pour qu'une femme se sente bien~" Lena winks making a kissy face.

"Appreciate the compliment~" Lena kisses her cheek, caressing her fingers across her thighs. "I'd love it if you could do me~ If not... we could just call it a night and go separate ways..." Lena makes a pouty face, Amélie sighs, "I'm... not as good..."

Lena giggles, "Everything is a learning experience~ You just havta try some things~" Lena stands up, waving for Amélie to stand up, as she does Lena bends over the toilet, sticking her butt out. "I promise... you could do anything and I'd love it~"

Amélie stares at Lenas bubbly little bum. She smirks, time for payback. She approaches Lenas butt, tugging on her orange panties, letting them wedge themselves between her cheeks before letting them slap against her. Lena groans, she wiggles her butt.

"You gotta take em off first..." Lena whimpers, Amélie smiles, poking her panties where her asshole would be, Lena shivers, "Sorry love but the back door ain't for newbies~" Amélie chuckles, she drags her finger downward, slipping it between her covered folds, feeling they soak in a warm moist fluid.

Lena bites her lip, feeling Amélie thrust her finger against her soaking vagina. "Mon... Tu es si mouillée..." She grazes her other hand against Lenas bum, giving her a good spank. Lena gasps, turning to a smirking Amélie, "What's up love? Got your knickers in a twist? I thought I pulled your off..."

Amélie chuckles, pressing her chest against Lenas back, rubbing her bum with her palm. "Tu as vraiment joué avec moi. Il est temps que je joue avec toi~" Lena giggles nervously, "W-Whats that love? I can't really understand you."

Amélie kisses Lenas back, "I said it's playtime~" she spanks Lena again, she jolts grunting. "Babe? Honey? Darling? N-No need to get so rough." Amélie chuckles, pulling Lenas panties up in a wedge as she nibbles her ear. Lena gasps, feeling her panties tightly grind against her British cunt.

Amélie flicks Lenas tits, each flick making Lena gasp. She spanks her again, leaving a red hand spanked onto her ass. "Amélie! Darling! Please... this is too much!" Lena calls out, Amélie seals her mouth, raising her knee grinding it against her wedged cunt.

Lena muffles, feeling Amélies hand gently caresses her spanked asscheek. Amélie chuckles in her ear "On n'est plus aussi bavard maintenant, n'est-ce pas?" Lena groans, feeling her hand rise from her asscheek, she braces herself for a spank.

She gasps, feeling a finger wiggle around in her asshole, she squirms as Amélie presses her larger body down on her. Amélie purrs, licking her earlobe "Tu as dit que ce n'était pas pour les débutants, et pourtant je suis là, à sentir ton anus serrer mon doigt. Voyons si tu dis que je suis un débutant maintenant..."

Lena quivers, trying to close her legs but Amélie just grinds her knee harder. Amélie scrapes her finger along her walls, she pushes another finger in, curling her fingers inside causing Lena to moan. "So tight~ How bout you start imagining me with a dick~"

Lena growls, picturing Amélie with a cock, she drools slightly before imagining them scissoring, her cunt quivers, dripping. Amélie pulls her fingers out, spanking Lena. "My aren't you sensitive~" Lena quivers beneath her, she's been so close to orgasm yet Amélie just seems to know when to stop.

"Tell me you want me~" she whispers in her ear, Lena pants, wiggling her butt, "Please... make me cum..." Amélie chuckles, lowering down Lenas body to come face to face with her ass. She kisses her cheek, a gentle bite as firmly grabs her other cheek.

"J'ai toujours voulu entrer dans vos collants. Je dois donner une le?on à une mauvaise fille~" Amélie giggles, caressing her sensitive pink lips with her tongue, Lena quivers, feeling Amélies tease. Lena bites her lip moaning as Amélie opens her quivering folds, causing her vaginal fluids to leak onto the ground below.

Amélie slurps Lenas fluids, tasting her succulent juices. She stands up, backing away from Lenas quivering body plopped on the toilet. Panting, she chuckles, "You've drained me... dry love~" Amélie walks behind her, lifting her chin kissing her lips passionately.

"Once we leave..." Lena groans, standing up she puts her clothes back on, feeling her soaked panties rubbing against her stimulated cunt. "I had... a wonderful night. But next time we meet..." Amélie sighs, pulling up her black jeans and buttoning her shirt.

She's never felt love like like since, "I know..." she opens the stall walking out to the sink as she washes her hands, Lena walks out with a sour expression, "Why must things be this way..." Amélie glances at her through the mirror, Lenas somber expression tearing her apart.

It was one night in the stall of a bar, why does it matter? Amélie groans, "We're just different people... Tu es trop bien pour moi..." Lena groans, "We don't have to be... if you just..." Amélie shakes her head, turning to the saddened Brit.

She walks up to her, caressing her fingers against her cheek. "We live in two different worlds... worlds that can't meet... Je ne mérite pas ton amour..." Lena nuzzles her cheek against her hand, holding her arm there. "Never though a night out drinking... would turn me like this..."

Amélie chuckles, pulling her in a final kiss, it's quick, loving, and conveys everything Amélies wanted to tell. She pulls away, staring into her brown eyes, "Maybe... once it's all over... Le ferez-vous ? Peux-tu encore m'aimer?" She says nearly sobbing, before she could shed a tear she walks out of the washroom.

'Petite fleur, je ne construirai ma toile que sur toi, tu es trop belle pour ?a. Ce qui ressemble à de l'amour... c'est juste moi qui t'utilise. Je t'aime, mais... ne m'aime jamais en retour... jamais...'

Lena walks out of the washroom, her lover vanished. She walks through the pub toward the door. As she exits, she sighs, stuffing her hands in her pockets she shivers. She stares up at the sign, a little spider web, a shriveled spider dangling from it.

"Maybe... maybe I can save you next time... Amélie"

I used to love Overwatch, but idky it just pisses me off now, but that doesn't mean I hate the characters by all means. I LOVE Tracer, I ADORE Tracer, so when I found out she was a lesbian... ;)

Widow and Tracer are so cute, the serious and fun. I just love them~ My first Overwatch story, it's kinda stupid, used a lot of French. Just put it through translate, it'll basically say I put, not to the exact word but it's basically what I'm saying.